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One Way To Beat ‘The Shys’

Photo on 19-04-2017 at 10.29.jpgI know most people who have met me would find it difficult to believe I am actually shy. (Although – it could be that I’m an introvert and can’t tell the difference between the two, but that’s a whole other barrel of fish…next time? NB: Smiley face courtesy of the rather fabulous Louisa Heaton!)

Now. Back to being shy. I know. I know. I seem gregarious. I’m a goofball of the highest order. I have been known to perform interpretive dance…in public. There’s even more evidence against me: I think people are fabulous. I love watching them, talking with them, hearing their stories, writing their stories…but! I’m also, unbelievably and incredibly shy… too afraid to approach a group, nailed to the wall if everyone else is laughing and I don’t have an in….stuck in a blinkered tunnel of flashbacks to being picked last for the dodgeball team unless…I have a job. IMG_2033.jpg

Which is why I signed up to help organise the Romantic Novelist’s Conference here in the UK. It gave me a job. A reason to be brave enough to speak with all of the writers and agents and editors and all of the other wonderful people who bundled their way to Leeds to talk Romantic Novels for 72 glorious hours.

Turns out pointing people to the loos and their conference rooms is a wonderful way to start a conversation. I’m so glad I did it. A wee little chink in my Oh-Crikey-I’m-Too-Scared-To-Talk-To-You-Armour.

Do you have any fabulous things you do to trick yourself into doing something you know you’d be good at if only you weren’t afeard?

Throw your ideas/theories/experiences my way. Oh! By the way – my next book isn’t coming out until November. There are a raft of lovely new books by all of our fabulous Medical authors and if you’re new to the genre?  Check out the Mills & Boon Hot Single Doc collection. It’s MEGA! (Just click to go to the link)9781474085441

5 thoughts on “One Way To Beat ‘The Shys’”

  1. Hi Annie

    I am with you on being shy and I too volunteer myself to do things that will bring me into contact with people I have to talk to I helped organize the 2011 ARRA Convention that was scary at times as I was the sponsorship co-ordinator but I got there and am a lot better that I was once good on you

    Have Fun


  2. Hi, Annie! I do believe it’s important to push ourselves out of our comfort zone! In my case, it’s making a commitment to do something (such as play piano in front of a judge) that I know I’ll hate, then hate myself the days before I have to do it, then be happy with myself afterward 🙂 So, just making the initial commitment is my trick! xoxo

  3. I agree with Robin – the initial commitment is the trick! I love the idea that many organising committees can boast more than their fair share of the shy souls of this world. xxx

  4. I’m a horrible typist and almost failed it in high school. Now I do it all the time. Still poor at it but I keep trying. I’m also a bad speller. I depend on my laptop to think for me. Sometimes it is wrong too! I’ve forced myself to do both so I can tell a story.

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