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Spring /Summer/ Winter

Okay, down here in New Zealand spring began on the 1st of this month, and what did we get? Rain, wind, and cold temperatures that had me keeping the fire going. Now I love the different seasons, but after one of the wettest winters on record in our district I was really looking forward to the sun making itself felt.

Finally the clouds did back off, the wind calmed down so much the water in the sound was like a mirror, and I got to wear summer clothes. Bliss. My office door was wide open and the flies arrived! Not complaining because so did the birds. Quail, sparrows, bellbirds, tuis and the wood pigeons to name a few. Now I’m happy. The tuis are fighting all the time; squawking, diving and chasing each other over the sky and into the trees. All part of the mating ritual though not quite how I like to write it in my books. The woodies are doing their balancing act on the power lines – they’re so big and heavy it is a constant battle to stay upright  on the wires.

Then we went back to winter. Yesterday the rain was like being under the overflow in a hydro damn, and further south was blanketed in enough snow to keep the ski fields open till late October, not usual here.

Today spring has returned. For how long I have no idea so I’m making the most of it. My thermals stayed in the draw when I went for my walk and yea, I feel rejuvenated. then my daughter rings and starts talking about plans for Christmas. Christmas? Is she serious? That’s months away. Three in fact. Only three. Forget the weather, now I’ve got meals to plan and presents to sort. Bring it on. I’m not as prepared as this guy.


Surprise twins for the Surgeonblog may 2

4 thoughts on “Spring /Summer/ Winter”

  1. Hi Sue

    We could have used some of your rain over here we have just had the driest winters on record and there does not look to be much rain in the near future over here the draught is really hard on the farmers fingers crossed we get some soon, but it is warming up here as well with it being cold one day and warm the next I am not sure if the weather knows what it is doing anymore, and yes OMG Christmas is not far away and I need to start to organize myself although I have a cruise in 30 days first to look forward to and many books to read, I love that cover and look forward to reading it 🙂

    Have Fun


    1. Enjoy that cruise and leave everything else for now, Helen. I think we’re in for a long, hot summer too. You’re right, the weather is bizarre these days.

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