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Now That You Are An Author What Are You Going To Do?

by Susan Carlisle

For many years in America when a football team won the Super Bowl they would show a picture of the winning quarterback holding up the trophy and being asked, “So-in-so, now that you’ve won the Super Bowl what’re you going to do?” The guy would yell, “I’m going to Disney World!”


That is something like how I felt this past week. It all started 47 years ago for me. My grandmother, we called her O’ma, was a teacher. When my grandfather retired he wanted O’ma to do so as well, and she did, but she continued to substitute. Her sister lived in the Orlando, Florida area and kept talking about someone buying up all the land, much of it swamp. It turned out to be Mr. Disney who was developing Disney World. O’ma decided she wanted to take her grandchildren when it opened. She substituted a day per grandchild to pay for the tickets. There were seven of us. I went to Disney World the first week it opened!


When I started having grandchildren I promised them that I would take them to Disney World when they turned five. I wanted them to be able to remember the visit. So when I started writing novels I started saving. For five years I’ve been saying, “Now that you have become a romance author what’re you going to do? Take my grand kids to Disney World.”


So last week I took my first group to see Mickey Mouse. All together there were ten of us. I started planning in earnest over a year ago for the visit. I made special t-shirts for the kids and all of us wore matching shirts one day. On the front they read ‘The Marvelous Adventures of Mickey and May May.’ The Mickey part was just his head.



We spent three days in two different parks riding rides, visiting characters, having breakfast with Mickey and Minnie, taking a pirate boat ride, seeing a parade, watching fireworks, and having pictures made with princesses. I smiled a lot. I’m pretty sure O’ma would be proud of me.

Have you seen Mickey Mouse? Would you like to?

I want to add that I have a new book out in November just in time for Christmas.

Santa Daddy



9 thoughts on “Now That You Are An Author What Are You Going To Do?”

  1. Aww – this made me cry, Susan. What a lovely thing to do with and for your grandchildren! But tell me, you had other adult help with you, right?
    I have been to Disneyland and I’m very pleased to have done so – enjoyed myself thoroughly. But I’m one and done 🙂

    1. My daughter and her husband were there as well. My husband stayed at the hotel with the youngest that wasn’t old enough to go to the parks. It has been years since I had been there, but with the kids it took on a new level of fun.

  2. Love this! How fabulous that you went when it opened too… I’ll always remember my first magical time in the big Disney kingdom, I actually think that trip cemented my love of travelling. I hope the grandkids got as much from it as you did xx

  3. 2 months before we moved from Wisconsin to Tallahassee, Florida, I won a $500 gift certificate from a travel agency. We decided that once we were settled in to our new house (aka a week later) we would drive to Orlando with my mom, dad, 3 and 5 year old sons and spend 5 days there. That gift certificate covered 2 rooms for 5 nights at a Disney Village hotel, 2 days admission to Magic Kingdom, and one day at Epcot for all of us (Yay, 1987 prices) My husband and I had honeymooned there in 1980 when it was just the magic Kingdom, and we were surprised how big it grew over the 7 years since we were there. It was the beginning of December, so it was all decked out for Christmas. My kids had a blast, and it’s one of my fondest memories with my parents.
    In 1992 my husband took a job transfer to Orlando, so we moved to the land of Mickey. Back then the hospital I worked for as the official Disney Hospital, so we got super discounted annual passes for less than $99 for grown ups and way less for the kids. As the years went on, the prices would inch up, but every year they added another theme park or waterpark to the pass, along with food discounts, and included free parking, so we were there just about every weekend…15 minutes back then from door to door! Once the kids were in High School, I kept my annual pass, and everyone else was too busy to go to Disney, but I had plenty of friends and relatives visiting, so I could still go. I gave up the passes about 10 years ago, they were up to $600/person and you got less perks. The only time i go there now is to meet friends at Disney Springs Entertainment complex (free admit and parking) or if I go with my sons to one of the special ticketed events, Like Mickey’s Halloween or Christmas party.
    Gone are the days of no waiting in lines,now you buy a electronic bracelet and make ride reservations in advance. I miss the simpler, quieter Disney of old.
    My sister is coming in Novemeber for a week and bringing her kids and grandchildren for their first Disney visit, Can’t wait to see them, but my buns will probably be parked at home while they park hop, or at the bar at my sister’s hotel for our nightly Margaritas!!!!

    1. Laurie, you have years of experience with Mickey Mouse. I’ve been to Disney World a number of time but nothing like yours. $500 want even touch what it cost now but it was still fun.

  4. Hi Susan

    That is just the best woohoo and no sadly I haven’t seen Mickey Mouse but would love to one day, my youngest daughter has and she loved it,

    BTW I am really looking forward to your new book

    Have Fun


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