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I can’t believe that my 20th book released this month. It’s surreal sometimes that I get to do this amazing thing and write books. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.


I often talk about my inspirations for becoming a writer and one of my biggest supporters was my Mom.

Yeah, I’m the one crying in the white floaty thing. The lake was kind of murky and I didn’t like it one bit.

I lost my Mom this past June to cancer. She was 64 and she loved Harlequin books. In particular Presents and Historical. Though, she did love reading Medicals when I gave her mine. She was biased and I didn’t mind. 🙂

She would’ve been so proud of me hitting book #20 and I know she is, but it’s been a hard few months.

My 20th was written before I lost her and my 21st was as well. Actually, my 21st book which comes out in January 2019 was accepted two days before she died. My editor emailed me to tell me that the book was accepted and I had to email Sareeta back and tell her I was sitting at my Mom’s bedside saying good-bye. Everyone at Romance Towers was so accommodating and understanding.

There are some books that are difficult to write for whatever reason. Number 20, NY Doc Under the Northern Lights, was one of those books that was easier to write in retrospect. Book #23, which just was accepted, was my most difficult.

It was the first book I wrote after my Mom died. And I was pretty numb writing that first draft, but then I heard my Mom’s voice and things got better.

My Mom WAY before two kids caused her grey hairs. ❤

And when 20 released, I really struggled with being happy about it because she wasn’t there physically. In my heart she is.

I’m still grieving. This past Friday it’s only 4 months since I lost my rock. The one person I would always turn to when I was anxious or worried. She was my shelter in a storm and it’s been hard not picking up the phone or going to see her and tell her good news.

It’s been hard. So hard, which is why I’ve been somewhat quiet on social media and on here. It’s getting better though. 🙂

And as I tried to focus on my release and writing/revising book #23 The Surgeon’s Convenient Husband, she was there in her own way.

I know that she’ll be there in every book I write.

Like she’s been there since I drafted my first short story at the age of 9. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. So thanks for that, Mom.

I love you.


9 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Oh man, Amy. I lost my Mum 7 years ago and your post had me bawling my eyes out. She was 66, cancer also, although it was really complications from chemo.

    Hugs on trying to write through grief. My sister and I were working on our co-written book when Mum died. Niether of us could write for three months and our editors were amazing. I still get that “wish I could tell Mum that” feeling every now and then and it cuts like a knife every time. But it does get better, slowly.

    Big love from me and congrats on the big two zero xxxx

    1. Hugs, Amy to you too. It sucks. I remember when my Nanny died and my Mom struggling for so long with the loss of her mother. We all knew my mother was going to pass for some time, but still when it happens…it’s so hard. My Mom’s death, was complications that stemmed from Chemo. She was so sick on Chemo and then went on a trial medication. The trial medication caused paraneoplastic syndrome which paralyzed her and attacked her nervous system and her brain back in 2016. It’s been a slog writing since July 2016 when I got back from RWA and this all happened. So I’ve been carrying around this anticipatory grief. A lot of people tell me, oh at least she’s not suffering any more and I’ve told myself that too, but really it’s not very helpful some days. I was trying not to make this a depressing post, but this is what I’ve been juggling since June. Oh and it took me three months before I could write too. My original deadline for my next book was August 15 which was days after her internment and I knew I couldn’t, but Romance Towers and my supportive editor let me have time. Sareeta was so amazing. AND I was thrilled my 20th was part of the ASDA Breast Cancer awareness fundraiser. ❤ Even though my Mom had CLL, it was still amazing to have something be apart of cancer fundraising and awareness. ❤

  2. I lost my mom in 2006 to ovarian cancer after a very short illness,from diagnosis to her passing was less than 10 days. She had a heart attack during a test dose chemo session. I miss her every day and still find myself reaching for the phone at 4 pm some days to call her for our daily chat. It’s hard to regroup, and things are never the same. My sister has come to visit us in Florida every year for the past 20 years for mom’s birthday, and she still comes even now (I can’t wait til Sunday to see her!) We always find ourselves at Olive Garden (Mom’s favorite) for her honorary birthday dinner. Hugs, Amy!!

    1. Hugs, Laurie. What a wonderful tradition. My Mom passed about three days after her 64th birthday and a day after my youngest’s 9th birthday. It’s going to be hard balancing the my youngest’s birthday and then the passing of Mom. My youngest took it pretty hard that his Nanny passed. I’m hoping to start some kind of tradition to help lessen the blow.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Amy. Those pictures are lovely and you look so much like her. ❤ I lost my mom five years ago and still miss her every day. I'm sure your mom is looking down from heaven and is so proud of you as I hope mine is of me too! (((Hugs))) ❤

  4. HUGS to you Amy, your post had me crying too!! As Traci says, you look so like your lovely mom. She would be very proud of you and your success and of the way you’re honouring her.

  5. Big Hugs, Amy. I lost my Mum five years ago, and I too still have that stab of regret over not being able to share things with her.

    I’m sure your Mum would be so very proud of you. For all the things you’ve achieved already, and for those she knew you would achieve in the future. xxx

  6. Hi Amy

    Sending hugs to you I lost y Mum 16 years ago and I still miss her so much but like you I know she is always with me especially when I am reading I can feel her reading with me, you se she too loved Mills & Boon like me and romance big hugs


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