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2019 Reading goals?

Happy 2019!

All of us here at the LIBM blog hope you had a smashing Christmas and very happy new year celebrations!

Hot mulled wine and book in woman hands. Relaxing in front of bu

I’m back at the desk now hoping to write up a storm as I’ve a hectic publishing schedule this year. But I’m also hoping to read more this year too.  I am a sucker for medical romances (any romances at all to be honest) but this year I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and read out of my comfort zone. Along with my weekly diet of all things love I have some other genres to try (any suggestions for any of the categories gratefully received):

Autobiography/memoir – my son bought me Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming

Science and technology – hopefully something that I can use in a medical romance!

Graphic novels/comic

History/Biography – I have a book about the Russian royal family, the Romanovs (who knows, a Russian doctor may be on the cards!)



Science Fiction

Non fiction

Young Adult – can’t possibly read anything but the Extinction Trial books by our very own Scarlet/Susan Wilson!!

Historical Fiction


What about you? Do you have any reading goals for 2019? Can I suggest a couple? (Gives a cheeky wink…)

  • Read all 6 new medical romance releases each month?
  • If you already do the (AND THANK YOU MUCHLY IF YOU DO!!) then how about: read a non-medical romance book by one of your favourite medical author/s (many of us write in other genres too. For more details look at our individual websites)

Happy reading!!

Oh, and I should probably let you know I have a new medical romance out, right now!

A Nurse to Heal His Heart by Louisa George

She makes him feel alive again. But can he heal her heart too?

Single dad GP Joe Thompson’s priorities are his daughter and his patients. It might’ve earned him a brooding reputation, but since losing his wife romance has been off-limits…until he meets locum nurse Rose McIntyre! Her warm smile and live-for-the-moment attitude soothe a pain Joe believed would never fade. But can Joe stop Rose running from her own secrets…and find comfort in his arms?

I loved writing this book and it has all the feels and a little bit of quirky ?magic? Fate?

I’m so glad my editor encouraged me to go off on my weird tangent! I hope you love it too.

Louisa George is an award winning author of books with humour and heart.
RITA finalist. Allergic to housework. Zumba addict. Visit her website for a complete list of her novels, which includes women’s fiction, contemporary romance and medical romances.

6 thoughts on “2019 Reading goals?”

  1. Hi Louisa

    Fabulous goal, I do love reading and have jumped into a few challenges this year, hopefully I will get them all done one of them is to read 210 books this year and there will be a lot of medicals on that list, I am looking forward to your new one it is on my kindle and trying to catch up on books that are on my massive TBR pile

    Have Fun


  2. I read at least a book a day if not more. One medical book I can recommend is “When Death Becomes Life”, by Joshua Mezrich, a transplant surgeon who write about the ethics and emotions of being a surgeon in that field. My cousin had a liver transplant in December for a congenital problem that was aggravated by anesthesia given to repair her broken ankle, my brother in law had a stem cell transplant (his sister was the donor) in July and is doing well today, and my husband has been in and out of the hospital and rehab since the end of September with newly diagnosed non-alcoholic liver failure. He currently has a portal vein shunt to prevent the buildup of his abdomen and legs, but eventually may need a liver transplant. I’ve been reading up on transplants a lot lately!

    1. Wow, Laurie, you’ve been through it this last year! I can understand why you’ve been reading about transplants! I might look that book up for the science and technology genre – sounds fascinating. All the very best to you and your family for the coming year xxx

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