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Falling in Love in New England

I recently went to a wedding in New England and it was just like being in a gorgeous RomCom starring Jennifer/Meg/Reese/Drew and (fill in appropriate hot guy for whatever rocks your boat). It was gorgeous and helped my little overactive imagination swan dive right into the quartet of books I was lucky enough to write with the fab Annie Claydon, Karin Baine and Susan Carlisle – Hot Single Dads!

Last week Annie Claydon put an excerpt from her book on the blog, so this week I thought I’d quiz your knowledge of New England, I know I learned a few things writing it! We’re going to select  five random winners from people who participate so make sure and leave a comment in the section below if you want to be considered so that we can get in touch with you and send you HALF of the Single Dad Docs series to enjoy.

Because I am slightly less clever than I used to be (thank you winter head cold!!)…I have only managed to figure out how to link you to the quiz rather than embed it, and as such…..

Press this baby to have some QUIZ fun and a chance to win a book!!

How gorgeous is this place? I could definitely imagine a bit of hand holding here!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying whatever season if happening where you are. See you soon! Annie O’ xx

8 thoughts on “Falling in Love in New England”

  1. WOW Annie I would love to visit I have read a lot of books set here and it sounds and looks fabulous, I did the quiz and honestly most were guesses and I got 43% not bad for an Aussie 🙂

    I do have all of these stories waiting for me on my kindle and one paperback looking forward to them

    Have Fun


    1. New England is absolutely amazing. And yes – you did brilliantly on the quiz! Well done! Enjoy reading them and perhaps have a breakfast with pancakes and maple syrup one morning to have a totally immersive experience! xx Annie O’

  2. Fun quiz. Thanks for that!
    ANY season is a good season. We are blessed to experience all of the seasons. We may complain about too much snow, or it being too hot or cold, but we’re never bored!
    Today we’re waiting to hear when to go to the hospital. Our daughter is expecting our first grandchild. While at the hospital yesterday, she had a contraction, but she’s back home again waiting for more than that. (She was due last Tuesday.) Ah, the joys of living! (Must focus on joys, as there are too many tribulations in life.)

    1. VERY good advice! Focussing on the joy is essential! Many congratulations in advance for the arrival of your first grandchild. Absolutely thrilling news! I take it you are a New Englander? Beautiful part of the world. And DELICIOUS food. xx Annie O’

  3. Wow, I’m impressed that Annie Claydon got 86% and embarrassed that American me got only 57%. I totally guessed on several, and was wrong about the first dictionary. And I was sure Massachusetts was the state most passionate about clam chowder – good to know it’s Maine! 🙂 Thanks for the quiz, Annie – everyone in the midwest (like me) and New England need to bundle up with the polar vortex heading our way! xoxo

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