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So today I am juggling – stories that is.

I have a new book out next month that I need to promote.


I had a new book out last month that I’m still promoting.


I’m brain-storming a midwife series with three other medical authors, my story is due by end of May.

I have a Christmas story to write by end of June.

I have two books that I’ve just written (just sent back revisions on the second) based in Vietnam.  Copy edits will be due on these two stories in the next few weeks.

Oh, and I’m currently writing my Young Adult Space story that is due end of April/beginning of May.

Then, of course, there’s the day job…. I still work full-time as a nurse in public health.

I also agreed to do a few school talks as part of the promotion for my YA story Rebel.  I’ve already done a trip to Brighton where I got a gorgeous runner up award.  Those kids were great and I was there with four other YA authors.  The rest of the school visits?  I’m on my own and feeling a bit scared already.

What if the kids hate me?  What if I’m boring?  What if they don’t read?

What if I can’t engage them?  Can you feel the terror?Susan award


Anyway!  Add to the list above – do a powerpoint presentation about dinosaurs for teenagers!

I have six school visits, one of which is down in England.  I may be gone for sometime.

Okay, off to lie down now!

6 thoughts on “Juggling”

  1. Oh my goodness, Scarlet, that’s a massive schedule! I think I need to lie down on your behalf 🙂 Good luck with the talks, I’m sure you’ll be fabulous!!

  2. WOW Scarlet that is huge lot of things to do, I don’t think I would still be standing, but go you I am sure it will be all worthwhile and very interesting for everyone, I look forward to reading you new book I have so many books on my list but love reading them and I know I will love them

    have Fun


  3. Oh my word… Having a lie-down on your behalf, lovely girl! And I think I’m hard done by because I have to do revisions this week and our house is on the market and people want to view it!!! I need to man up. Right after I’ve had that lie-down for you… And all your books will be FAB, as ever 🙂

  4. OMG, and I thought *I* had a lot of juggling! You put me to shame!
    I am going to join the others (wink, wink, nod, nod) and have a lie down for you too. Technically, I already am – whenever I come home from a long walk or playing competitive badminton at night, I KNOW I should return to doing paid work, but I tell myself I need to go to bed early instead. The extra sleep IS helping, as I’m not sitting in front of the TV for hours on end, nor am I munching on anything. My biggest distraction, though, is that I can’t say no when my daughter phones to ask if I’d like to join her/them with their 3-week old son (my first grandchild); I’m outta here in a shot!

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