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Bye Bye Summer

It was pitch dark when I woke at six this morning. Yes, I know, it didn’t happen overnight, but it seems to have come on fast. March is officially the beginning of autumn down here, but I’m not ready to let summer go.

But since I have to, let’s fast forward to spring. Spring’s my favourite season. The buds, the vegetable seedlings, the crazy wind and rain, the hot days followed by freezing ones – all full of promise for what’s to come in summer. (More rain, wind and soaring temps)

Truthfully, I enjoy all the seasons, would not like to live somewhere where it never got cold or hot. Cosy winter fires and hearty casseroles and soups. Autumn is easier on the body when I hit the road on my bike or walk in the hills. This summer has been harsh in our neck of the woods. Temperatures in the high thirties, no rain for three months and that had us checking our tanks every day in case the underground supply dried up. We were lucky. Then there were the fires. Again we were lucky.

But one of the things I enjoy the most is the first cup of tea of my day, sitting up in bed, curtains open and the view spread beyond the deck. And in summer we can do that from five o’clock onwards. My man and I have agreed that the day we don’t appreciate the view is the day we pack up and move to town. I think it’s a long way off.


At least I can escape to any season I like when writing my stories. At the moment I’ve writing one set in Sydney, so no change there, but the next one is part of a four book medical continuity I’m writing with Susan Wilson, Tina Beckett and Emily Forbes. It’s set in London in spring so watch out for these stories next year.

What’s your favourite season? Do you prefer the heat or the cold?



3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Summer”

  1. Hi Sue

    Your part of the world sounds so good, I have sailed through the sounds on a cruise and it was amazing and I don’t think I would ant to give up that view either 🙂

    For me autumn is my favourite season and yes we should be in for some cooler weather here as well although it doesn’t seem to have arrived yet, we had a very hot summer with very little rain as well, but the last couple of days we have had lots of rain.

    I look forward to your book set in my home town and the series set in London 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Helen. Yes, you’ve been having some high temps over there too. Worse than ours, in fact. I’m enjoying writing about Sydney. It’s one of our absolute favourite cities.

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