Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Who would you….

Snog….Marry….. Or Avoid?


We all make choices. Not all of them are fabulous. But some of them are definitely risks worth taking. This is why I think reading romance is so brilliant. We get the chance not only to enjoy the exhilaration of falling in love over and over again…but we also get some smoking hot tips on who might not suit us best or who, on the flip side, just might be worth pulling on your fireproof pantaloons for.

SO! I’ve made a wee quiz that puts you right in the middle of the love danger zone. Who would you snog, marry or avoid? (Top tip – for the ranking one…just drag and drop to where you want them). Oh – and once again – I can’t figure out how to embed this into the blog but I am now going to go find a class where I can learn all of these wonderful things!

Click on the link here or do the quiz below https://annieoneilbooks.survey.fm/snogmarryavoid and ENJOY.

x Annie O’

PS: I won’t have a new book out until the summer…but I will have some news about my new alter ego in a month or so!!! Watch…this…space. xx Annie O’

1 thought on “Who would you….”

  1. That was fun Annie, you had me smiling not sure how I did but you know those heroes I love them all 🙂 and give me Greece or Scotland any day 🙂

    Have Fun


    Looking forward to hearing about your alter-ego 🙂

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