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Deadline Hell


So…….because I am current deadline hell with…my Young adult space book due 30 April and I’ve just realised I’ve written ten thousand words and they’re the WRONG ten thousand words……

I also have a medical romance due 30 May which will require another 50,000 words

And another book due 24 June which requires another 50,000 words

because of all this I have decided to post the picture of my May release which I actually love

And say I can’t wait to get to RWA conference in July where I get to see my writing buddies in New York and hope I finally get some momentum going!




5 thoughts on “Deadline Hell”

  1. Sending lots of positive thoughts for you Scarlet and I hope you get all of those words down on paper, and sorry you can’t make NY although I am sure you will be there in everyone thoughts, and I love this cover and have this book waiting for me on my kindle and now if only I can get some more hours in the day to catch up on all of the fabulous books I have waiting for me to read

    have Fun


  2. Oh, Scarlett! And I thought I had too much to do with 50k due by the end of May and a pending house move hanging over us?! Huge hugs, and I know you’ll do it. Somehow…! And I LOVE your cover!
    Can’t wait to read it. Maybe after I’ve done my 50k and moved house and unpacked 30 years of life including all my books… Xxx

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