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Florida, Spring Break 2019

For more years than I can count, we’ve taken a ‘Spring Break’ trip with our three children. In recent years, as they’ve grown and are in college, or graduated and have jobs, it was sometimes only two of my three with us, or even just one a couple years ago. This year, it was only my hubby and me, and yet we still called it our Spring Break trip until several friends jokingly made fun of us, asking if we were still in school.  I guess we need to just call it vacation, now 🙂

We were invited by friends to join them for a few days at a condo they bought a couple years ago in Naples, Florida, so we happily accepted. I’d never spent time in that particular city, and it was just beautiful. Lovely beaches, great restaurants, and a pretty and enjoyable downtown. Here we are during a day trip on a rented pontoon boat, otherwise known as a Party Barge, where we ate stone crabs and drank wine, then stopped and dipped our toes in the sand and surf after enjoying lots of wildlife along the waterway.

George, Me,beach, Tampa

And at the Naples version of a farmer’s market, with great produce and honeys, as well as foods of all kinds. These are huge pans of paella – didn’t have any, but doesn’t it look yummy?Tampa:Jambalaya

And me enjoying a smoking cocktail, then eating fab sushi. I think you get the picture… Lots of drinking and eating! 🙂



After we left Naples, we took a three hour ferry on the Gulf of Mexico to Key West – another place we’ve never been. It was crazy and fun – my husband said the main blocks were like ‘Bourbon Street on steroids’ but off the beaten path, it was totally different. The architecture was lovely, and we went to several fascinating maritime museums we really enjoyed.



Then we went to Ernest Hemingway’s house. Here’s a picture of one of the ancestors of his famous six-toed cats – there were so many of them there! And the first swimming pool within a 100 mile area that cost so much, Hemingway jokingly buried his ‘last penny’ in the concrete surround. And a pic of me hoping to channel great writing vibes as I stand next to his writing loft.



Can’t forget the sign showing that Key West is the southernmost point in the United States, and very close to Cuba! Lastly, a picture of the beloved and tiny Key deer that inhabit the area (we rented a car and drove up the Keys to explore). It doesn’t show how tiny it is – the size of a small dog – but does show how it’s totally unafraid of humans.




How about you? Did you take a ‘Spring Break’ trip? Or are you heading somewhere fun soon? xoxo


5 thoughts on “Florida, Spring Break 2019”

  1. Hi Robin

    WOW what a trip thank you for sharing with us, I will probably ever get there but you never know your luck, I might one day be able to do a cruise around there. I did get a way to Wagga Wagga a reginal town where one of my daughters lives for a few days over Easter and we are planning another cruise in December to Tasmania which we are looking forward to, holidays are always fun.

    Have Fun


    1. I always enjoy seeing your cruise photos with your family, Helen! I’m so glad you have another one scheduled for this year. I know you’ll have a great time. And who knows…maybe a cruise across the world that includes Florida is in your future!
      🙂 xoxo

  2. No Spring break trip, but am saving pennies for my 45th high school reunion in September. Iwill fly to my sister’s near Detroit,spend a few days, then my sister and I will drive to Wisconsin for 3 days for the reunion. I went to a small boarding school, there were only 12 girls in my class, and my sister was the very last graduate a year after me, as they closed the school. The buildings are on the National historic registry as the main building was the home of an early Wisconsin Senator, Charles Durkee. It’s right on Lake Michigan and I love it! The school’s name is Kemper Hall.

    1. Wow, that’s so interesting, Laurie! I didn’t realize there were boarding schools so small. Did you ever wish you lived at home instead, or love it there? I would guess that you’re still very close to the girls you went to school with – how wonderful to have a reunion with them. I hope to get to hear about it, and see pics!

  3. It looks like you had a great time on Spring Break and I’m sure having the martini was strictly research. 😂

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