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Welcome to our Newest Medical Author– Deanne Anders

By Susan Carlisle

Hello everyone. I have the pleasure and honor of introducing Deanne Anders today. She is our latest member of the Medical line. Her first book is due out in June. Readers you don’t want to miss it. I asked Deanne to share a little about herself. So here goes.


I discovered Medical Romance when: I was looking at the guidelines for submitting to Harlequin when I found out that they published medicals. Being in the medical field I was immediately intrigued and after reading them I knew I wanted to write for the line.

I wrote my first story when: probably around twelve when me and my best friend discovered boys. I’ve always been a romance kinda girl.

Where do you live? The Northwest Florida/ Southern Alabama state line runs through my back yard which means my house is in Florida and our barn is in Alabama. It can be very confusing with taxes and utilities.

My best trait is: I’m very much a by the book kind of person which is great as a nurse when you are dealing with policies and procedures, but not so great when it becomes an OCD problem in life.

 Five things on your bucket list: writing for Harlequin was my number one for years so I’m thrilled to have crossed that one off of my list. Here’s my new top five.

 1. Meet Nora. (do I even need to add a last name for this one). Hopefully someday I can take a trip to Boonsboro.

2. Finish my Amazon Warrior series (hard bodied navy seals, greek gods behaving badly and kickass amazon warriors)

3. Finish Disney’s Princess Run

4.Visit all 50 of the United States (I’m working on this a little every year)

5. Visit the historical sites of Europe.



The family she’s always wanted…

With the man she doesn’t expect!

Midwife Lana Sanders is about to adopt little Maggie, and gain the family she never thought she’d have, when pediatrician Trent Montgomery arrives claiming to be Maggie’s uncle! Lana won’t give up without a fight, but resisting the tempting Texan is her greatest battle. They work well together in the delivery room and sparks fly in the bedroom, but can Lana trust Trent with her heart?


26 thoughts on “Welcome to our Newest Medical Author– Deanne Anders”

  1. Hi Deanne

    Woohoo, I do love the medicals and look forward to reading you debut, loved the questions and answers and your bucket list I do hope you get them all crossed off.

    Huge congratulations

    Have Fun


  2. Welcome, Deanne. Can’t wait to read your debut book (and also your Amazon warrior series 🙂 ) -they all sound fabulous, Emily x

  3. Gotta love a new medical author! They are my favorite, but I am biased, having worked as an RN since i got my BSN 41 years ago this month! North Florida is beautiful, we lived in Tallahassee for five years before moving to Orlando, but having your property in two staetes? How confusing! I just pray the city of Orlando never finds our neighborhood, we live in a small neighborhood near the airport, and we are officially in Unincorporated Orange county, where the taxes are 66% lower!

  4. I’ve already read this book. Good story telling. Crappy grammar, “when me and my best friend discovered…” Didn’t any teacher correct your grammar and let you know it should be, my best friend and I? How about a proof reader and editor. It’s bad enough when sentence fragments are ok in Harlequin romance, but sounding untutored as well will bounce me out of the story every time.

    1. If I’m choosing a friend , I’ll take one with less than perfect grammar over one who is rude and mean.

      1. But we are not friends. We are readers and if authors want readers to buy their books perhaps they should make sure they are writing well and improving their skills. I didn’t say I hated her story. It was a good story, but marred by grammar that didn’t fit the character. It is something that can fling a reader out of her book. The goal of a writer is to entertain and to keep the reader engaged in the book. So are my words rude or are they meant to inform the writer? And, in fact, are you the rude person attacking a reader? T

    2. Hi Nancy. I’m sorry you had issues with Deanne’s book. I wish you’d chosen not to air them on this particular blog – welcoming our newest author to the medical romance family and celebrating her debut release. Having your first book out there on shelf is a huge moment for any new author and it would have cost nothing to let Deanne bask in that spotlight for a moment.

      I very much appreciated how you complimented the storytelling as I’m sure Deanne does but following it up with quite a scathing criticism is like telling a bride you loved the wedding but hated her dress. There are many places online to post review/critique which would have been more appropriate than here, in the midst of this positive, uplifting celebration.

      I know this would have gutted me as a debut author. I only hope that Deanne is made of sterner stuff.

      1. Well said, Amy, and a warm welcome from me, Deanne. I’ ll never forget the joy and excitement of seeing my first book out there in the world. Truly magical. Enjoy every moment of it! X

  5. Hey Deanne, welcome to the medical line! It’s the line I splurge on with the reader service so I get all of the issues each month, love that line. And I’m a Bama girl too!

  6. Shouldn’t ‘How about a proof reader and editor’ have a question mark?! Just saying… 😉

  7. Congratulations Deanne! It’s an exciting time and a well-deservd time to celebrate your hard work and dedication. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Be proud and be happy. Mazel tov!

  8. Welcome to the “family,” Deanne, from here in Central Florida! Many happy sales for your debut book, which I’m looking forward to reading!

  9. Welcome, Deanne! I hope you’re basking in the excitement of these moments. I can still remember the first time I saw my debut cover. It was magical. And your cover is stunning! Congratulations!

  10. Coming in late to say congratulations and welcome, Deanne! Enjoy every second of your debut. Lovely to welcome you here xxx

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