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Everything’s Coming Up…Daisies???

Hello hello!

This is the main cover….but wait…there’s more!

So…big news. I have a new (not so secret) identity! I have spent the past few months doing double duty with our glorious team here at Medical Romance and working with a wonderful editor over at Harper Fiction on a brand new book called Happy Glampers.

It’s about four women who were friends at uni and have lost touch … until now. It’s been great fun to write, not least of which because the characters are all around forty – an age group I don’t normally write about. I also don’t normally write about glamping (fancy camping) … so, of course: RESEARCH!

This marshmallow was toasted in the name of research purposes.

Why are there FIVE covers you greedy little minx, you may be asking yourself. Well, in the spirit of Charles Dickens (ha! I wish…) this is a serialised book. The publishers are actually releasing the whole entire book on-line at the same time as the serialised section so it’s up to the reader if they want to dip in and see if they like it – or if they’d prefer to just gobble it up like a delicious gooey marshmallow in one go.

I cajoled my husband into glamping and we ended up having an absolute ball. We even made new friends.

Nom nom nom

In the spirit of my new double identity, I have a new facebook page (Daisy Tate’s Facebook) and Twitter handle (Daisy’s Twitter) BUT!!!! I will still very much be Annie O’Neil because…how could I not be? I’ve got a book coming out in August that I’m very excited about and one nearer to Christmas that involves PUPPIES!!!! (I just got a puppy. Can you tell I’m excited?) If you have any questions – please do write and ask. Happy Glampers doesn’t come out until August 1st (and not in paperback until next Spring!!!) but I thought I’d let you know why I might be popping up on your social media as two people. All the best for the summer (you glorious Northern Hemispherians) and autumn (you wonderful Antipodean folk). xx Annie O’

15 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up…Daisies???”

  1. Woohoo Annie/ Daisy

    These books sound fab and I do look forward to reading them, never been glamping so I am eager to learn 🙂

    And a book with puppies awesome and I am loving the photos 🙂

    Congratulations and Have Fun


    1. Thanks so much Helen. Researching for this one has not been arduous in the slightest: an actual bed in a bell tent, marshmallows by the fire place, a toilet about 100 metres away…wait…hmm….at least it was a flushing loo! xx Annie O’

  2. How exciting!!! Many congratulations – love the sound of the new books! Not so the 100 m to the loo, but at least it flushed 😉 I’ve had lots of camping experience in my past, but I confess I have NO urge to revisit it, although reading about it, now, might bring back all sorts of memories! Love that the woman are older. So nice that you’re getting a chance to write their stories. Can’t wait! Xxx

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