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🏁 Vroom, Vroom and some EMT love! 🏎️

Hi All! 😊

Here in the US, it’s the start of summer season. Days are warm and long and plenty of outdoor activities abound, including tons of outdoor sports.

Truthfully, though, I’m not a huge sports fan. I like gymnastics and diving and skating and watching the Olympics when they’re on—all the usual non-sports-fan type sports. LOL. But one thing I do like watching is auto racing. Maybe it’s all the fast cars or the gorgeous drivers or the adrenaline rush of peril on the track.


Anyway, whatever the reason, it’s a Memorial Day tradition for my household to watch the Indianapolis 500 each year. Honestly, if you live in Indiana, it’s kind of a requirement, I suppose. And one of my favorite Indy car drivers is James Hinchcliffe. 😍


Funny, smart, kind, and hard-working, he’s kind of the whole package, in my opinion. And I may or may not be using him as hero material for a future romance. It would be easy enough to replace that racing suit with scrubs and a lab coat, right? 😉 Plus, the guy went on Dancing With the Stars and made it all the way to the finals. As a former professional ballroom dancer myself, that made me crush on him even more. ❤️

Recently, James took on a new project. After sustaining serious injuries in a crash during the qualifying rounds for the 2015 Indianapolis 500 that kept him off the racing circuit for the rest of that season, he developed a deep respect for all those tireless caregivers working in the medical profession. So, this year he began a collaboration with IU Health in Indianapolis to do a six-part series of short video interviews with First Responders called Stretcher Interviews. They are funny and informative and shine a light on these well-deserving professionals who are so often overlooked in the bigger medical picture. So far, there have been three videos released and I’ve linked them below for you to enjoy!

Stretcher Interview – #1

Stretcher Interview – #2

Stretcher Interview – #3

And be sure to check out James’s Facebook page as well for future episodes of Stretcher Interviews:

Finally, in case you missed it, my latest Medical Romance released on May 1st. If you’ve not picked up a copy yet and are looking for a heartwarming, emotional, touching beach read with a hot OB doc, a feisty trauma nurse, and a snarky tween this summer, check out FINDING HER FOREVER FAMILY:


A nurse to heal his heart…

…and complete his family.

After losing her mother to a hereditary illness, trauma nurse Wendy Smith vowed never to risk having a family of her own. So acting on her instant attraction to sexy single dad Dr. Tom Faber is a definite no! But through her unexpected connection with his daughter, Wendy grows closer to Tom and their chemistry intensifies…along with her longing for her own family—with him!

Get Your Copy Here: https://www.books2read.com/FindingHerForeverFamily

Until next time, wishing everyone Happy Reading!

Traci 😊


5 thoughts on “🏁 Vroom, Vroom and some EMT love! 🏎️”

  1. Hi Traci

    Sounds like you are enjoying your summer, it is winter over here in Australia and I am loving being curled up with a book, yes I am way behind in my reading and trying hard to catch up, for me watching football at the moment is my sport of choice in Summer I love cricket.

    Your racing car driver sounds like a fabulous guy real a hero 🙂

    have Fun


  2. I love how everyone who dislikes sport still loves skating/gymnastics/diving!

    I love those sports, but I’m a former gymnast and coach (and my brother was on the Olympic squad), and I share my name with history’s most successful figure skater – so I have no choice but to love it!

    I, too, watch motorsport (and attend races), but with me it’s the Formula One. 🙂

    Off to check out your new book!

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