Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Amy the Collector by Amy Andrews

My name is Amy Andrews and I’m a collector. No…that is not code for hoader 😉 – I can’t abide clutter. But there are some things I really love.

Like old china and pretty class.


And since I took my sea change – anything pineapple!


And, I’m also deveolping an obsession with gorgeous, sexy, bodalicious female figures. The white figure is from Greece, the ladies in the old fashioned swimsuits I bought in France and the yoga ladies I bought locally. Its small, as of now, but I dont think it’ll take me long to build it up 🙂


What about you guys? Are you collectors?

6 thoughts on “Amy the Collector by Amy Andrews”

  1. I collect autographed copies of Harlequin books, I also have a thimble collection of over one hundred lives from around the world harbor started over forty years ago. My boys know if they go on business trip to bring back a thimble for mom. .Luckily I have a son who travels internationally, so those are pretty special. My favorite is an antique silver thimble I bought in one of the silver vaults in london…

  2. Oh Amy

    I love your Bodalicious ladies they are gorgeous, I love elephants and have a few around 🙂 and of course books romance books especially signed ones 🙂

    Have Fun


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