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A fine Bromance…

I’ve always imagined that the heroes and heroines of my books have friends – the really great kind, who’ll be there for them through thick and thin, because our heroes and heroines are themselves the stuff that good friends are made of.  Sometimes the friends get a little page-time, and sometimes not, but in my head they’re always there in the background somewhere.

So imagine my delight, last year, when I found that I wasn’t just in the process of writing two linked romances – but that somehow a bromance had crept in.  Gabriel De Marco and Alistair Duvall are the founders of a charity in London.  They’re very different characters – Gabriel is a risk-taker with a talent for blue-sky thinking, while Alistair is the more practical of the two, a facilitator who can take the bold step of turning ideas into reality.  Their talents compliment each other perfectly, and have made the charity into a real force for good.

They don’t always see eye to eye 🙂  Everyone around them is used to hearing raised voices as the two passionately disagree.  But their friendship and respect for each other means that they’ll fight things out between themselves, and come to a conclusion that they’re both happy with.

About now I expect you’re beginning to feel a small concern for the two heroines of the stories!  It’s sometimes not an easy prospect to find yourself working with, and falling in love with someone who is one half of such a strong partnership.  But, when Gabriel meets Clara, Alistair knows that she’s the woman who can make his good friend happy.  Gabriel and Clara may have to overcome the real challenges themselves, but I imagine Alistair in the background, keeping his fingers firmly crossed that things will work out for them.  And likewise, when Alistair is re-united with Raina, Gabriel and Clara do what they can to smooth their path.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I loved writing these stories.  The two books gave me a chance to explore a little about a friendship, which isn’t always possible over the course of just one book.  This is one of the things I love about reading continuities as well – being introduced to characters who’ll be featured in the next books, and seeing them as part of a community of friends and co-workers.  What do you think?



Falling for Her Italian Billionaire
Can she protect her heart?  In this London Heroes story, protecting Italian billionaire, Dr Gabriel DeMarco, is bodyguard Clara Holt’s most challenging assignment yet. She’s vowed never to mix career with romance again – only Gabriel is breaking down the walls around her heart…

Second Chance with the Single Mum
Can her little girl reunite them?  In this London Heroes story, Dr Alistair Duvall is stunned when his ex-wife Raina walks back into his life with her amputee daughter. Losing their own baby tore them apart – can this little girl help them try again?


4 thoughts on “A fine Bromance…”

  1. Hi Annie

    Oh I do love books in a series or continuities because of the “friends” I make in one book then want to see more of them in the next book, I have always been a fan of them, and I do have both of these books on my kindle and I can’t wait to read them.

    Have Fun


    1. Thank you Helen! It’s great to have the chance to follow through on a few “friends” from time to time. And to get a bit of follow up on the hero and heroine of other books, too. I just love it when I get a glimpse of how my characters are doing in the next book of a continuity 🙂 xxx

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