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Things to enjoy

Winter – wet and cold, sitting around the fire and eating (or do you drink) lots of soup. I love making different types of soup: pea and ham, pumpkin, corn and leek, and loads more.

Looking forward to a trip to Port Douglas, Australia, next month. To get a dose of heat and wear clothes without sleeves and avoid all the layers that go with winter. Yes, I like winter, but hey, a dollop of sun doesn’t hurt. No soup there though. Think I’ll enjoy the prawns instead. Aussie prawns are the best.

Hearing how my six year old grandson is taking to skiing like the proverbial duck to water. Maybe a champion in he making??? No pressure, wee man.

And my next book due out in September. Taking a Chance on the Single Dad is set in Vancouver, one of my favourite cities. I spent six months there years ago and hope to get back for a visit sometime. Meanwhile, I’ve visited it through this story.

Dare she risk her heart with him – All over again? ER doc Brenna Williamson was heartbroken when her fiancé, paramedic Hunter Ford, left her behind to support his demanding parents. Now adrenaline junkie Brenna chases thrills but keeps her heart safe! Until Hunter, now a single dad, walks back into her life… Working together once again sets her pulse racing. There’s still chemistry between them, but dare she hope that this time he’ll stay-forever?

I had a blast writing this story, and hope readers enjoy it as much. It took me back to Vancouver and the memories I have of great times in the city and trekking out in the hills. We call trekking tramping in New Zealand which my Canadian friends loved pointing out was a totally different hobby to walking in the hills! I wasn’t into cycling then but would give some of the tracks a go if I went back.

Taking a chance on the single dad

What are you enjoying at the moment? The season, the kids or grandkids? Or reading a good book?

12 thoughts on “Things to enjoy”

  1. I’ve been busy with some home repairs (nothing major, just inconvenient) and taking my husband for Dr. appointments. He will eventually need a liver transplant, so we are getting all his ducks in s row for that. Happily he is holding his own since he had a stent placed in this portal vein, so no more bellies full of fluids. I have also been doing a lot of reading, as usual all my Harlequin medicals and some other favorite HQN author’s backlists.. Twice a week i go to my older son’s home to help them with swimming lessons for the little ones, The 3 years old is a fearless fish, and the 9 month old isn’t doing to bad, e loves to lie on my shoulder and kick. I am so glad they moved closer to us!

    1. Laurie, hugs on coping with everything. And it’s wonderful to have the little guys there to enjoy time with.

  2. Hi Sue

    Yes cold her in Australia as well and I too am loving all of the different soups to make at the moment and it is school holidays so spending more time with the grandkids and reading and I do look forward to your new one, your last one is sitting on the TBR pile I am getting there 🙂

    have Fun


    1. Hi Helen
      Sorry to take so long getting back but major computer crash this week. Glad you’ve got the latest book. Hope you enjoy it. We’re looking forward to visiting Queensland next month. Cheers

  3. Haven’t read a Harlequin in sooooo long; just no time. Getting ready for our 130th birthday dance this Friday (as I turned 60 in Apr and my husband turns 70 in Aug). Have had my sister/her husband visiting for a week (travelled over 2500 miles here for the party), and they’ll stay until the first week in Aug (then my husband and I drive to their place in early Sept until mid Oct this year!). They are trying to help us with our to-do list that we will eventually do if they don’t help in the meantime. My sister is 75 and her husband is 81 (and he had major heart surgery a year ago June, followed by cardiac arrest on Halloween, so he’s not back to “himself” yet); we’re trying not to overwhelm them and yet keep them busy enough that the days don’t drag. Not an easy balance to undertake. Most nights end with rousing games of euchre, though! If that’s not enough, our first grandchild was born Jan 31, and he and my daughter visit for 1-3 hours almost every day! It’s no wonder I haven’t been able to work on my to-do list until now!!!

    1. Hi Laney. Sorry to take long getting back but major computer crash disrupted everything.
      Sounds like you’re very busy with family, but then that’s great, isn’t it? That’s wonderful you get to see your grandson every day. Ours are six hours away which is too far.

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