Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Double Delights !

Hello and welcome! Here we are at the magical height of summer (for me anyway – hello all of you rugged up Antipodeans!). We’ve got our first crop of hay in, have had two barbecues that didn’t require wearing snowsuits and…very excitingly…are just a handful of days away from the release of my latest Mills & Boon AND…(cue drumroll)…my first ever book by my new identity – Daisy Tate! The books are being released in quarters (a novella length each) but ALL on the same day so if you like part One – You can move on to Party Two (I mean part two – obviously. LOL.)

Click here if you’d like to read more about The Happy Glampers books!

So why the new name?
The short and sweet answer is – it was part of the publishing deal. And one I was happy to sign. A chance to try out a new voice and explore some untapped territories? Why not?

Does this mean I’m giving up Medicals?
No Way! I’ve got a book coming out August 1st (July 25th in some lucky areas) that I’m really proud of it as it marks yet another first! A brand new editor. I had a great editor before, but I love it when they mix things up at M&B because it keeps me on my toes and ensures I am always giving you the best story I can.

So…please forgive the shameless plugging but I’m SO excited it’s all I can think about (when I’m not thinking about our seven month old puppy!!!).

If you’re in the mood for glamping with gal pals or diving into a second chance romance with me or my new alter ego – now’s your chance! Do send along any questions for either book or feel free to follow Daisy Tate on Twitter or Facebook for more news on that front – or I’m at my usual spots on the same sites as me. I hope you have an amazing summer (or winter) and if you have any questions or exciting things to say that are first for you – do let me know!! Big kiss to all xx Annie O’

3 thoughts on “Double Delights !”

  1. Woohoo Annie and Daisy

    I am looking forward to the new books I am off to pre-order the Daist Tate one and I have the medical already on my kindle love that I can get them early from M&B UK

    Huge congrats

    Have Fun


    1. Helen you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for your support. I hope you like Daisy’s books (you will note I had to stick at least ONE doctor in there!) I hope all is well with you and many thanks for your congratulations. xx Annie O’

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