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Backlist Bingo!

Hello, this is Lynne Marshall, and I haven’t blogged at LIBM in ages, so just wanted to re-introduce myself. It’s great to visit again. As the Medical Romance authors motto goes – Once a Medical Romance author, always a Medical Romance author. >blushing and hugging myself<

Thank you for having me back!

My thirtieth book for Harlequin (Nineteen of which were for the Medical Romance line) will be released for the Special Edition line in 2020 (the final book of a trilogy, actually). I love to write trilogies and look forward to sharing the Taylor Sisters with the world, but that’s a blog for another day. My point is that after hanging around Harlequin for so many years, one of the perks is a long backlist, and backlists have expiration dates when the author can ask for the books back. Which leads me to why I’m here again blogging.

Any author will tell you of all their books there are always one or two that they hold a little closer to their heart. That’s how I feel about an entire trilogy I wrote for the Medical Romance line in 2009, which was published in 2010. It was set in Santa Barbara on the California coast, in a beautiful Victorian house turned medical clinic. Of course, that trilogy was never branded or promoted as a trilogy, and it sold accordingly. >clears throat<

That’s where the backlist is such a blessing for any enterprising author. I asked (begged) for my rights back for each book in that trilogy as the contract expiration drew near, and surprisingly was able to get the North American Rights returned for all three. Yippee! But North America meant I could only sell the books is US and Canada. Which is actually a good thing, since there is a huge digital untapped audience there who has never heard of me or my books. The downside is, the updated, retitled and beautifully covered books, aren’t available in the UK.


So why am I here? (besides telling you about my next release that UK readers won’t be able to get a hold of?) To tell you that all three books are still available in original digital format in UK, and, in fact, the book I’m specifically talking about today is also getting republished in France in September as Un Bébé, Tout Simplement.


Vote by raising hand, which covers do you like better?

(thought so)

July 17th was the release of book #2 – MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR – (formerly The Heart Doctor and the Baby) in North America. I hope you’ll check out the digital book wherever you’re located. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and the very first book the wonderful and lovely Flo Nicoll edited for me. For that alone, I will always cherish the book.


The contract was straight forward – no obligations. But there was something he hadn’t planned on…

Jon Becker, divorced father of teenage daughters, is dedicated to his job and looking forward to a sabbatical.
René Munro longs for a baby. Thirty-five and single, her options are limited. Except…her colleague and trusted friend, Jon, seems ideal genetic material! Dare she ask him to help make her baby dream come true?

Thanks so much for having me back. I love the Medical authors!

QUESTION: Of all the versions of the covers, or titles, which is your favorite? (Be honest. I can take it 😊)

4 thoughts on “Backlist Bingo!”

  1. Oooh! I love your new covers, (and titles!) Lynne. Wishing you every success with them – I’m sure they’ll captivate a whole new audience for your beautiful stories! Annie xxx

    1. Dear Annie – So sorry for the delay in answering. I had my 5 1/2 year old Grand daughter all day and spending the night yesterday, and this blog slipped away from me. I’m so glad you love the new covers. It is hard to reach new readers, but I will continue to try to spread the word and hopefully love for our wonderful medical romance stories.
      Thanks for letting me use your beautiful blog space.

    1. Hello Helen! I’m so glad you like the new covers. It is scary to republish books, but nice to have my rights back. It is hard to find new readers out there with the gazillion choices of books.
      Hope all is well with you and your family. hugs

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