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Falling in love for the first time (with a dog)…


I’ve always been a cat person. Growing up, we had two beautiful Burmese felines called Kelly and Misty and they were super smart. I know this because one time, when Kelly was sick, she jumped onto the counter and vommed in the sink. Instead of freaking out, I remember mum went over and petted her and said in a proud, pleased voice, good girl. Because I guess she could have vommed on the carpet?

Cats are smarter than dogs, surely? Cats are quiet, they keep themselves to themselves, they don’t pester you to do much. Dogs, I always thought, were far too needy: ‘Take me out, give me a treat, give me your food, pick up my poop.’ Who needs that from a dumb dog?, I thought. Not I.

Till now.

I have recently spent a lot of time with a white cockerpoo called Salty. Look at his face, I mean LOOK AT HIS FACE.


He belongs to my boyfriend and he is, like my boyfriend, practically impossible not to love. And as this is a blog about love, what else could I write about this time, because now all I think about is Salty!


When he’s not here, I miss him. Maybe more than my boyfriend (ssh). I miss the way he leaps on my ass in the biggest photo bomb ever, in the most scenic location ever, and still just makes it better (see above).

I miss those big brown eyes looking up at me from the floor when I’m eating a bacon sandwich. The old me would have been all like, ‘Eff off mate, nothing gets between me and my bacon,’ but now, I would willingly live a bacon-free morning, even on a British seafront, to give him the lot. Just to make him happy. Because his happiness is my happiness, you see? (And yes, we got him that special doggy ice-cream up there, because how could we not? He deserves it. He’s a magical being who brings joy and happiness, and beings like that are what ice-cream was made for).

Good god, this dog has changed me. Cats might be smart, but there’s a reason GOD is DOG spelled backwards.


People always say you don’t know unrequited love till you have a dog. I get it now. I don’t have kids, and in my late-30s I’m not sure I ever will, but can’t a woman choose a different paradigm in which to display her motherly capacities? Can my maternal instincts not be redirected into feeding bits of bacon and special pots of ice-cream to a fluffy white Cockerpoo?

If not, well stop the world, because I want to get off… and play with my new best friend.


6 thoughts on “Falling in love for the first time (with a dog)…”

  1. HI Becky

    What a gorgeous dog Salty is, I confess to loving both dogs and cats and over the years have always been blessed with many furry friends, at the moment we have two cats brother and sister Sparrow and Belle and a Maremma named Casper who adores the cats also, life wouldn’t be the same without pets and I have 4 children and 8 grandchildren as well 🙂

    Have Fun


  2. LIfe is better with our furry friends. I love my Mr. Milo – rescue terrier mix – even when he acts like a nut-job! Sitting quietly with him does wonders for my blood pressure. Enjoy your fur baby!

  3. Salty is so so cute! It’s no wonder you fell for him. I have dogs and cats! And horses. And chickens. And thinking about alpacas. Oh my. Furry friends can be addicting!

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