Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The Tale of Two Cities

By Susan Carlisle

I know you’re thinking you’ve heard that title before but it is still apropos for my post today.


I recently attended the national conference for romance writers in New York City. There is a lot to do and see there. I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Live with Kelly and Ryan Show, the Today Show, had afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel and stayed in a hotel in Time Square.



The best of all was seeing all the medical authors I don’t see but once a year, sometimes for two or three years. Getting together with them is wonderful. It is an excellent group of ladies to be associated with. Those were pluses.


The negatives were the crowds, the lights that were on all the time, the emergency vehicles’ sirens going off all the time, the noise at 3 pm that woke me out of a sound sleep and the rude lady at the post office. I was ready to come home after the first three days.


All I wanted to do was to go home to my small city where it was quiet at night, I could feel the wind on my face, and the trees were taller than anything else around them and green. I wanted to walk in the cool grass and drive my own car. When I made it home my heart felt the saying: Home Sweet Home.

I will go to New York again, I’m sure, and I’m pretty sure I will be just as eager to return home. One thing about traveling is that you learn to appreciate what you have.

Where have you traveled that made you long for home?

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