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Intrepid Travellers by Amy Andrews

I was determined to raise travellers. And I have. We took our kids overseas – 3 international trips – and travelled extensively within Australia because I wanted them to know there was a world outside of their own little bubbles and that it was theirs to explore.

I also believe it helps a person walk in someone else’s shoes if they’ve had some experience of other people.

And, it really makes you appreciate what you have at home.

I couldn’t be prouder of my two kids going out there in the world and wanting to be a part of it all. But man…couldn’t they travel to “safe” places? My son backpacked solo around Eastern Europe for 6 months including visiting Cherbobyl (and was detained in Abu freaking Dhabi for 22 hours on his way home!!) and my daughter is currently 4WD’ing around outback Australia, camping on river banks…where crocodiles live….and outback serial killers roam…

Ack! (picture Amy rocking in a corner….) Haven’t they heard of Contiki?

As I said, I’m very proud but also going prematurely gray trying not to worry about them…. They, on the other hand, are having a ball!




Please tell me I’m not the only worry wart mumma out there?

8 thoughts on “Intrepid Travellers by Amy Andrews”

  1. Hi Amy

    I love that our kids are out there seeing the world it must be awesome but yes as a mother (and grandmother) no matter how old they are or where they are I worry LOL, my youngest went on a school excursion to Europe when she was 14 and yes she had a great time but I worried and she has travelled to The Sates on her own a few years back at 30 and I worried but like you I am proud of what she and her siblings have done 🙂

    Have Fun


  2. We did a lot of cruises around he Caribbean and Mexico when my boys were younger, so they always had a bit of travel knowledge. . Now my older son works in executive management for Universal Studios, and he travels monthly both within the USA and to Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Japan to oversee the construction of rides for the new theme park they are making in Orlando. I still worry about him every time he’s gone. Mothers always worry, it comes with the territory,

  3. Great pics, Amy! And I totally agree. Traveling with kids when they’re young helps broaden their worldview and makes them more well-rounded, tolerant, engaged citizens of Earth! My parents took me all over the US and some of Canada from the time I was born and I loved it! ❤

  4. You’re not alone! I just shudder thinking about camping near crocodiles. I see the role of parenting is to raise physically, emotionally and financially independent adults. I reckon you’ve done good! xxx

    1. Snap! I see that as my role too, Fiona. Both my kids new that I wouldn’t be bank rolling their independent travel once they were adults, that they had to pay for their own adventures and they’ve both been very good at that 🙂

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