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Heatwave for a Scottish Girl

I was nodding in appreciation when I read Susan Carlisle’s earlier post.  I attended the New York conference this year too.  I’ve been to New York on four previous occasions.  Three times in Winter and once in summer to a previous conference and liked it on all occasions.  This time?  Not so much.  The heatwave just about killed me – every Scottish cell in my body was protesting – particularly when my husband had the brainwave of walking the Brooklyn Bridge at midday during the hottest day.  Thank goodness we survived and eventually  made it to Top of the Rock.


I even got to meet my favourite space captain in New York!


The view from the hotel was spectacular as normal, but after sharing with my boys for five nights in one room, I was glad to wave them back home.


Conference for me is all about socialising with the people I don’t normally get to see.

From the Russian tea garden with my Australian friends, Rachael Johns and Emily Madden


To the romance author breakfast!


To another breakfast with UK and Australian friends


To the romance and medical author lunch (which I might have made Louisa George a bit late for!)


The fun part for me is definitely the socialising, I might have even shopped a little in the huge Barnes and Noble, where I decided to take a look at the ‘cosy mystery’ section as we don’t have these in the UK.  Forgive me all, but I bought a Murder she Wrote book!




5 thoughts on “Heatwave for a Scottish Girl”

  1. Glad you enjoyed, but you know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen 😉 As a Scot you should have known better that to go out in the mid day sun LOL. I much prefer NYC in autumn 🙂 If you enjoy a cosy mystery, my Aussie writing mate, Alison Stuart (writing as A.S. Stuart) has just published Singapore Sapphire (Berkley) https://www.amstuartbooks.com Fiona x

  2. Oh my gosh it looks AMAZING! The socialising sounds as though it was absolutely glorious and Patrick Stewart looks positively GIDDY to get his picture taken with you. Glad you had a brilliant time. I’m heading to NYC in early December. it will be the first time I’m there in the winter. Can’t wait!
    xx Annie O’

  3. I loved seeing you and so many others! After having to miss last year’s conference, it was especially fun but, yes, HOT. I was there a couple days early, too, and told my husband it was hard to describe the heat as you’re walking surrounded by concrete and asphalt and a zillion people. I escaped to the New York Library to write, and it was packed with people escaping the same way. Next year in San Francisco will be much better for your Scottish blood 🙂

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