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Christmas in October is better than Christmas in July!

When I was a child, like most kids, I loved Christmas. There was so much to look forward to. Not just gifts, but, in my case, a trip to my Grandma’s house in the country, visits to my Aunt at the beach, and Christmas brunch at my Grandaunt’s house too.

Even as a young adult, I enjoyed the season, for different reasons. In Jamaica, “the season” pretty much starts on December 1st and lasts until after New Year, with parties of all kinds, family visits, etc. abounding. Also, my mother loved Christmas and we’d spend happy hours decorating the house and planning for the making of Christmas puddings, along with figuring out who was hosting what event among the family members.

Truthfully, my feelings about Christmas starting changing the year my mother passed away. Although by then I was a mother myself, and I always tried to make it special for my son and step-kids, but my own personal feelings about the holiday took a bit of a dive.

The final nail in my Christmas cheer coffin came from working in a retail craft store, after I moved to Canada. Initially the needlework and cross stitch kits started coming out in June, and then we’d have a reprieve until about September but after that it was all Christmas goods. A few years later there was a “Christmas in July” event at the store and then it was all Christmas thereafter, until I was, frankly, sick of the whole thing.

By the time actual Christmas came, I was without even a modicum of seasonal cheer. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I was more likely to say, “Bah, humbug” than “Merry Christmas.”

Last year, though, I found myself looking forward to Christmas once again. In this new life of mine there may not be any winter snow, but I’ve rediscovered the joy of the season. Having a Christmas themed story coming out in October this year though, almost set me back! “Too soon!” I thought, when I saw the October 1st release date, but I’ve gotten over that knee-jerk reaction, to rather enjoying the thought of those people who really love the holidays getting a chance to get their hands on Christmas books!

BookOct6My Christmas story, The Nurse’s Christmas Temptation, is available now, for all you folks who just can’t wait until December to get your Christmas fix. I hope you enjoy Harmony and Cam’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Unfortunately I’ll be offline when this post goes live, but once I get a chance to check, I’ll make sure to reply to any comments.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in October is better than Christmas in July!”

  1. Hi Ann

    I live in Australia so Christmas is always a hot one for us but we still have the traditional hot lunch and pudding and cakes and lots of fun, we decorate from December 1dt and it all comes down the first couple of days of January, I too loved Christmas as a kids and the having children of my own bought it back to life and now I have grandkids and there are lots of fun times and for me lots of memories.

    I have your book waiting for me on my kindle and am very much looking forward to it

    Have Fun


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Helen! One of my distant cousins was married to an Australian and she was the “scandal” of our family, since she refused to do the traditional hot Christmas meal, opting instead for cold cuts. I personally thought it a good idea, since she wasn’t slaving in a hot kitchen for days to get it all done, but I still love my traditional ham, roast beef, chicken, etc. meal. And yes, let’s not forget some Christmas pud! I hope you enjoy Cam and Harmony’s love story, and it starts getting you in the Christmas spirit.

  2. Hi Ann, I love a little snow at Christmas, although we can’t expect as much as you must have been used to in Canada. (Cold winds and ice – not so much.) Christmas for me always starts when the lights go on, as the evenings begin to draw in they provide some much-needed sparkle and cheer. Christmas in Jamaica sounds Amazing! xxx

    1. Hi Annie, I didn’t cry about leaving the icy ground behind when I moved to Florida, but will confess to missing seeing the snow coming down, and the festive lights gleaming on it. Luckily there’s the internet full of pictures to keep me happy. I was just back in Jamaica, and spent happy hours with old friends, often talking about our younger days, when we partied hearty all through December. Pretty sure I couldn’t manage even a quarter of the mischief I used to get up to back then LOL!

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