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Reading outside your comfort zone

books1For those of you who don’t know me that well I am an avid reader – always have been.  I was the child that had three library cards in different names because you could only take out four books per card.

I was also the child who the teacher didn’t believe she’d finished books as quickly as she did, and would subsequently ask random questions on those books that I would always sigh and answer.

In recent years I tend to read a book a night in bed.  A Harlequin book takes around an hour.  A 3-400 page book around 2 hours.  I spend a lot of money on books, but still always have a ‘to be read’ of pile of around 100 books.  I have a fear of running out!  I’ve also developed a recent habit for audiobooks as I drive a lot for work.  They’ve been a revelation!

But this year I realised that there are some books I just don’t read for pleasure.  In fact, since school I don’t think I’ve read a single classic.  So this year, I decided to do something about it.  I tried The Picture of Dorian Gray first, and to be honest, found it a bit meh.  As I did Jane Eyre (ducking in case you all throw something at me!)  Mr Rochester does not translate well into modern day.  Then came Rebecca which I absolutely loved – so atmospheric.  Two of the above Sense and Sensibility and Anne of Green Gables I’ve still to start.  I’m currently midway through the audiobook of Alice in Wonderland and am currently reserving judgement.

The photo above shows some of the other books I’ve read this year and loved.

As a quick brief:

Sanctuary – a modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials, so, so interesting.

The Wicked Deep – an atmospheric Young Adult book about three ancient witches who come every year from the sea to take revenge for their deaths.

The Flatshare – a fabulous, deep hitting romance about two adults who share a bed, with one using it during the day, and the other using it at night, and they fall in love through a series of notes left for each other.

Clean – a non pc tale of recovery from drug addiction.

One of Us is Lying – A Young Adult mystery that’s basically the Breakfast Club with murder. (for those of us old enough to remember The Breakfast Club)

They Both Die at the End – a young adult futuristic book where you get a phone call to tell you that your time is up and you’ll die in the next 24 hrs. This a male/male romance of two boys who connect in their last 24 hrs.

The Shadow Cabinet – a young adult thriller series about ghosts set in the modern day world.

books2And the last two:

The Glittering Hour – a real heartbreaker set in the roaring 1920’s and covering two decades.  The story of a child wondering what happened to her mother.

The Familiars – set in the 1600s where a 17 year old girl becomes the mistress of a large estate, her sole job to provide an heir, and gets swept up in the hysteria of the accusations of witchcraft.  (Do you see a pattern here???)

I’ve also read some real hardcore sci-fi and fantasy.  I’ve found that I tend to prefer thrillers and mysteries on audio as they tend to hold my attention better.

So go on, give me a recommendation of your favourite book this year!

Susan x

4 thoughts on “Reading outside your comfort zone”

  1. Hi Scarlet

    Lots of books there and I too loved The Flat Share it was such a great book, I have read a lot of fabulous books this year Just One Wish Rachael Johns, The Heart of the Cross Emily Madden, The Quarantine Station Michelle Montebello, The Things we Cannot Say Kelly Rimmer, The French Photographer Natasha Lester, just to name a few I could keep going

    have Fun


  2. Hey Scarlet! I rarely read outside romance because my reading time is so limited and I don’t read as fast as you lol. When I do go outside its usually auto/biographies. I did read The Tattooist of Auchwitz this year which was a book club book and I really liked it.

    My fav rom this year has probably been Rock Bottom Girl from Lucy Score. She’s been my find for 2019!

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