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Who’s Really Getting Rescued???

A rescued heroine is an age old trope. Who will be our heroine’s Prince Charming, prepared to scale thorny palace walls to give us the kiss of life. *Screeeech!* It doesn’t really work like that anymore, does it? We want to be responsible for our own achievements, but have our gorgeous Prince close to hand to love and support us along the way. Which is why when we picked up our ‘rescue’ dog…I realised he was actually bringing more to our lives than the other way round.

This is Harris. He was born and abandoned in Turkey. I won’t put the video on of him first getting a check up from the vet’s as it is quite distressing, but suffice it to say, he was quite keen to be fed regularly! An incredible charity called Happy Paws just down the road from us rescues over 350 Golden Retriever/crosses A YEAR from Turkey. Abandoned, abused, neglected. They are all reprehensible ways to treat any animal. It got me thinking. Many of our heroes and heroines come from complicated pasts. They carry dark pain along with them and use it as a shield to keep their heart’s “safe”. It’s only when they meet someone who they think might penetrate that emotional fortress, that things become tricky…much like a rescue dog trying to figure out its new place in its new world.

My next book – a duet with the gorgeous Susan Carlisle – is about two people who are quite against the idea of finding that special someone to and trust their heart with…they’re both frightened. Just as Harris was when some friends came over to meet him and he thought they were here to take him away! Lots of cuddles and reassurances (and maybe a little sofa time later), he was convinced otherwise. It all took about ten minutes. We’re lucky because Harris is a big ol’ love bug and fell in love with us straight away (and with our very exuberant border collie with whom he is currently wrestling on the floor). It takes Kirri and Ty a bit longer…you’ll have to wait until it comes out in March to find out what really happens, but I’d be interested to know who you think is rescuing who…or is it really a mutually beneficial situation like ours is with Harris?

3 thoughts on “Who’s Really Getting Rescued???”

  1. Hi Annie

    I do love Harris and have been following his happy journey to live with you on Facebook, I would love to give him a hug pets make the best friends don’t they and I always look forward to a new book from you, sadly I am way behind in my reading but they are waiting for me 🙂

    Have Fun


    1. Awww, than you Helen. He’s SUCH a love bug. I am astonished how cuddly he is given the life he’s had. I will give him loads of hugs for you. I promise. Snap on the ‘behind on reading’ thing. My To Read pile is now an ENTIRE BOOKCASE. This must be addressed. Do you think I could crowdfund a month on a desert island so I could read?? x A

  2. Hi, Annie! I just love Harris’s adorable, happy face – what a sweetie! So glad you found each other 🙂 Unbelievable that Happy Paws rescues so many Goldens and Golden mix dogs each year–but I do remember when we were in Greece, there were a surprising number of hungry, feral dogs roaming Athens. Perhaps it’s a big problem in lots of eastern European countries?

    Your new book sounds awesome, and the new covers look great! xoxo

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