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Welcome to Juliette Hyland

Happy Valentines Day!
Today we are celebrating love and I think there is no better way of doing that than to introduce you to our newest medical author. Please welcome Juliette Hyland.
Her first book Unlocking the Ex-Army Doc’s Heart, will be one of the May releases. I know you will want to read it.
I’ve asked Juliette to share a little bit about herself so that we can get to know her better.
1. I discovered Medical Romance when: I discovered the medicals when my sister was deployed to Iraq many years ago. She spent much of her deployment reading Harlequin series because they had a happily-ever-after. I sent a few in each of her care packages and always made sure to include a Medical or four – which is still one of her favorite series. While on bed rest with my oldest, I started reading them too. Medicals, and Harlequin series in general, gave my sister and me something fun to share while she was gone for over a year.
2. I wrote my first story when: I feel like I have always been a story
teller. But when I was a senior in high school, my teacher assigned us a short story. I wrote a love story called Homeward Bound. I still remember my teacher’s scrawled note on the top of the paper that said Do Something With Your Writing. That note meant more to me than she could ever have known and kept me going over the rejections that would inevitably follow.
3. Where do you live: I live in Ohio, USA with my wonderful husband, beautiful daughters, and a pair of giant dogs.
4. My best trait is: Once I set a goal, I will follow through no matter how long it takes me.
5. My worst trait is: As you might realize from my best trait – I am stubborn as heck. It drives my husband crazy!
6. Five things on your bucket list:
         1. Swim with Dolphins
         2. Learn another language
         3. Visit all seven continents
         4. Learn to make candles
         5. See the Grand Canyon

It will take someone special…

…to thaw her frozen heart!

The Arctic Circle’s remote tranquility made it the perfect place for ex-army doc and former child star Annie Masters to open her clinic. But her cherished anonymity is ruined when celebrity surgeon Rafe Bradstone arrives in town! Seeing that she uses her work as a safe haven, dynamic Rafe seems determined to show her what she’s missing out on. And it’s working… She’s beginning to imagine

a future—with him!
Please gave Juliette a wave and hello.

28 thoughts on “Welcome to Juliette Hyland”

  1. So glad you’re part of the Medical Romance family, Juliette! Super happy to welcome another Ohio author! Can’t wait to read your debut 🙂 xoxo

  2. Big welcome smooches to you, Juliette! I loved finding out more about you and love that M&B books helped you and your sister stay close during what must have been a very worrying time!

    Also I am very very jealous! I dont know how many books it took me to get a solo male on the cover and you’ve scored on your debut. And what a hunk! Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Welcome Juliette! I’m with Amy on being jealous – it took me ages to get a solo male on the cover too. And your cover is lovely! Who knew that a guy in a green cardigan could look so good :). I’m sure it’s as good on the inside as it is on the outside and am looking forward to reading it! xx

  4. I remember the young writer with proficient skills in the mechanics of English but, more importantly, as a creator of expressive prose. I so anticipate a good read!

    1. Mrs. Formby, the fact that you saw this post, and my reference to you in question two, brought tears to my eyes. Your support all those years ago meant so much more than I can put into words!

  5. Hello Juliette and welcome!!! So great to have you here. I’m so glad you’re stubborn – and stuck to your goal of getting published because WOW what a cover and I can’t wait to read what’s beneath it. These authors are absolutely lovely and the readers are in a class of their own. Enjoy the magical ‘gurney’ ride xo Annie O’

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