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In sickness and in health….

Wow. Ne’er were more apt words spoken and what a PERFECT time to get lost in the world of medical romances – a place where our health workers not only save lives, but find their own happily ever after.

I know a lot of folk are struggling now and my heart goes out to them. In a strange way, it’s a lucky time to be a romance writer. We’re used to a LOT of alone time. We get lost in magical worlds in pursuit of a happy ending…and love is at the heart of what we write.

So…pursuing a ‘let’s look at this whole Covid-19 situation through a Glass Half Full lens – I thought I’d give you a wee list of things I absolutely adore and hope you all can follow suit. Yes – these are funky times – but there is also good and joy and happiness within all the murk. Let the rays of light shine in. For me, just a few of the things that burst with sunshine are:

My pooches. They bring me great joy and I think this picture is cute.

Generous, kind, amazing, wonderful authors.

Finding a tulip amidst your forget-me-nots.

Discovering you can do the splits upside down!

CAKE!! (This doesn’t need explaining, right?)

A butterfly on a cornflower. (Thank you iPhone)

That magic moment when your cows stand in just the perfect place…

The long and short of it is, good things can be found anywhere…we just have to have the right lenses on to see them. Right here and now I cross my fingers that all of you are safe, in good health and able to enjoy splashes if not entire swathes of the bright side. It’s out there…but something you have to squint to see it. xoxoxo Be safe everyone xoxo Annie O’

6 thoughts on “In sickness and in health….”

  1. Totally agree with you re finding happiness in the world (too).
    I have been reading 1 or 2 books every day lately (up from my usual 1 book every day or 2). Feels wonderful to be reading those HEAs.
    I saved jokes people sent me through the years, figuring I’d forward them to others later. One guy sent me up to 30 jokes every day for ages and I saved “some” of them. I haven’t sent any out in months and decided the other day to sift through that stash – deleting some but forwarding others – ensuring I only send one out every day or two (as I am NOT inundating friends with what I deem “too many” emails. I’ve already had friends email me back with thanks for making them smile (so at least they “get it” too).
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love your post, Annie! Some of the rays of sunshine that I’m thankful for this week… In a mostly deserted street, someone had put a child’s picture of a rainbow up in the front window, other houses had followed suit and the road was starting to fill up with rainbows. Our amazing community of writers and readers. The technology that keeps me in touch with family and friends. Having more time to read (and write). The local shops that have set aside separate shopping hours for NHS workers and for people at high risk, in an effort to support them. Gratuitous acts of kindness. And cake, of course 🙂 xxx

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