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114 Things to do when you are bored


When my boys were in primary school we had a list on the fridge of suggestions for activities to stop the inevitable school holiday refrain of ‘I’m bored’ or ‘There’s nothing to do.’ I actually think it’s good for kids to get bored and learn to entertain themselves or work out what holds their interest, but a few helpful suggestions never go astray.

We were fortunate to have a large garden, a swimming pool and several pets but there were lots of inside activities too.

Now that we’re finding ourselves housebound, I searched for the list again. It made me smile to remember what my boys were like 10 years ago so I thought I’d share our ideas (over a few posts) for those of you with young kids at home.

If you are still “holidaying at home” to escape the virus I’d love you to share with us how you’ve been passing the time. Let me know in the comments but please keep it G-rated 🙂 🙂

Stay safe and well, Emily


Emily2.jpgClimb a tree

Brush Max (the dog)

Go for a swim

Pick up the dog poo!

Collect insects

Make a water slide on the back lawn

Wash mum’s car

Write a story (I wonder where I got that idea)

Read a book  (One of my favourite thigs to do!)

Build with Lego

Bake a cake

Teach Tookie a new word (the talking cockatiel)

Tidy your bedroom (I don’t think they ever went with this option 🙂 )

Play the piano, trumpet or trombone

Make a longer list!! 

One holiday they built a massive city out of Lego, complete with Tookie, the talking cockatiel!




6 thoughts on “114 Things to do when you are bored”

  1. I had to laugh, Emily, my mum’s refrain to any kid saying “I’m bored” was “Only unintelligent people get bored, read a book!” We were all frightfully scared to utter the B word in case she thought us simple so we were quite motivated to find something to do lol
    I usually chose the read a book option 🙂

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