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An author in iso is not that different from usual…

When the pandemic hit, I was facing a deadline with a lot of book left to write and too little time; my usual March and April. I usually live in my office during these two months so that remained the same. The household changed though. My husband, ususally out every day was home. Boy Wonder’s university classes went on line and he wasn’t allowed to do ward rounds so he returned home. My eldest son found himself living and working in a COVID-19 hotspot and remains in strict isolation. By the time he is allowed out, he will have done 44 days. A very interesting time for him and his partner in their first year of living together. My elderly parents live 110 kilometres from me. Fortunately, they are used to video calls from the grandchildren so moving to Zoom was easy for them.  I find myself giving thanks that the boys are grown and I am not juggling work with remote learning. My heart goes out to all the working parents juggling their jobs and their childrens’ schooling. Here are some photos of the things that are giving me joy in iso. What is giving you joy?  Stay safe. Fiona xxxx

1 Audio Books! I love them. Three of my Australian-set novels are availabe as audio around the world. Grab them from Audible 



2. Fabulous reader reviews for Just An Ordinary Family.



3. Autumn leaves, sunsets and the last flush of roses.



4. Pekoe the cat.



5. Knitting premature baby singlets for our local hospital


2 thoughts on “An author in iso is not that different from usual…”

  1. OMG that singlet, Fiona!!!
    I am finding it incredibly hard to find the motivation/concentration to write right now despite the deadline that is now a distant fiery slash in the rear view mirror of my career! But I am finding joy in card nights with the daughter and her boyfriend who had to do a mad cross country dash home when borders closed down. And jig saw puzzles!

  2. Love your rose pictures, Fiona! Lockdown (and spring) in London has brought the sudden urge to hang out of windows and talk a lot 🙂 I’ve been reading and sewing as well – that box of odd pieces of material that I’ve collected is coming in very handy. xx

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