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My 2020 So Far

Hello, Friends!

I think we can all agree that 2020 is one strange and difficult year!

Mine started out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a ski trip with friends as the new year arrived. Frankly, I haven’t been in the best place mentally and emotionally for a couple years, and was excited to start fresh as 2020 arrived, with new goals and a new attitude. HA! Little did I know what we would all be dealing with very soon!

Here I am in Jackson Hole on New Year’s eve, pondering what I was going to do with the next 12 months and feeling happy and optimistic.


In late February my husband joined 10 friends in Vail, Colorado and I was to join him for some family and ski time, along with my daughter, son-in-law, and son (who all live near there), for a few days after his friends left. Except he and seven of his ten friends had felt sick for five days, beginning two days into their trip. Covid-19 was still barely a blip on the radar in the US at that time (hard to believe, I know) and was still simply being called Coronavirus. They were joking about having it, but figured it was the flu (ironic, since the men are all mostly doctors or nurses, and my husband is an Infectious Disease specialist). Anyway, he was feeling horrible when the rest of us arrived and decided to just go home the next morning. I had a lovely time skiing with my kids – here’s a pic of my daughter and me on a gorgeous, bluebird-sky day.

Me, Ari, Vail

Then the fun stopped. My youngest goes to the university in the same city we live in, and was checking on his dad and bringing him soup and such. He called to say his dad was super sick, had passed out cold in the bathroom while home alone, and that I should probably come home. So I cut my trip short and was shocked to see how ill he was and felt horrible that he’d been by himself.

At the time, there were no tests available where we live for Covid-19 (don’t get me started on how unbelievably under-prepared the US has been for this) and I was on the phone with his physician partners, trying to decide if I should take him to the hospital (which he refused to do, but since he couldn’t speak more than two words, I had the upper hand). Anyway, he did have Covid-19, confirmed by testing when it became available, and was sick for a month before he could return to work. I didn’t feel well for about three days, and had the dry cough for about six weeks (and my throat and chest still aren’t quite normal) but wasn’t even close to as sick as he was. SO! We are Covid-19 survivors, which actually puts us in a good position now, since we don’t have to worry about getting it or passing it on. 🙂 But with him being so ill, and the two-month lockdown where we live, life was certainly very bizarre and unnerving throughout the spring, and I felt like I was spinning in circles, unable to accomplish much.

In May, my daughter came to visit and built us a hoop house so I could grow some vegetables! She and her husband had built a few at their house, so she decided to hone her new skills here. We had a large garden at our old house 20 years ago, but the deer population here made it too much of a battle and I haven’t even tried for a long time. Very excited to have a few veggies growing again! Here’s the netted hoop house with Swiss Chard, jalapeños, a few kinds of lettuce and a cherry tomato plant that has grown too large for it. Live and learn! And my first handful of harvested lettuce!


Yesterday I returned from another visit to Colorado to help my son with some things, and to enjoy seeing my kiddos again. A few pics of the beauty there, Breckenridge ski runs between the trees in the summertime, and my son and me at the Continental Divide.

SO! That’s pretty much my year so far! Diving into a revision later today. How about you? How is the pandemic affecting your world? Have you done any fun things you wouldn’t normally have done? Are you feeling restless, or worried, or fine? Here’s hoping the second half of 2020 is less weird for all of us. xoxo

5 thoughts on “My 2020 So Far”

  1. What a year you’ve had already, Robin! Huge hugs. I’m so glad to hear that you and your husband are now recovered and that you can start to get back to normal again. (And your vegetables are looking wonderful!) xx

  2. Robin, I’m glad your 2020 is looking up. Thankfully we have been well. We have finally starting to get to see some family. I missed them the most.

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