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The New Silver Linings Playbook

Hello dear friends! I write to you in my usual pre-dawn post at the computer. Sleep has never been my gift and today is no different, but after a properly rainy, miserable, hot chocolate and RomCom on the sofa kind of day (Hitch, if you’re asking)…the sun is out and I suspect my pumpkins will be growing a bit more. At risk of repeating myself, I will say the one thing I am most grateful to lockdown for is introducing me to audio books. They have lured me into the grossly neglected vegetable patch and for the first time in actual YEARS…we have produce! (I let at least one artichoke go to seed because I think they’re pretty and will definitely report back at Halloween with my pumpkin patch pile).

I won’t show you my actual To Read Pile because it is humiliating…but here’s a taster.

So those are, of course, actual books and I’ve read some great ones lately. In the audio book department I have listened to these fabulous delights:

Have you read or listened to any of these? They were all great, but the last two, The Cactus and My Sister, The Serial Killer were GREAT. It’s been interesting because I have discovered there are books I would actually rather read in an actual book and books I quite happily listen and work to. Have you listened to any amazing books?

I am just in the middle of writing a duet with the wonderful Scarlet Wilson. By the time I turn it in, the duet I wrote about veterinarians in love on England’s gorgeous SouthWest coast with the fabulous Annie Claydon will be out. Really looking forward to that one. I hope you’re all well and managing to find the silver linings in your lockdown world. Share them with me and we’ll see if we can grow some more joy in this very peculiar world where (and I know this is cheesy) love really does seem to be the best medicine. xx Annie O’

(These are my books that are out now plus a teaser for the duet with Annie Claydon).

3 thoughts on “The New Silver Linings Playbook”

  1. That is some amazing looking produce! I’ve been doing a bit of gardening this year myself. And your book list looks divine. Making some notes of what to read next! 🙂

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