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Oof! What a year we’ve all had. One in which I have been proactively seeking the silver linings, because if you can’t find the joy? It all gets a bit tough.

This year, along with the gloriously talented Amy Ruttan and Susan Carlisle, I hit my twenty-fifth Mills & Boon milestone.

It was particularly thrilling to have it be the duet I’d written alongside Annie Claydon who was the very first Mills & Boon author I met in real life. She is EVERYTHING you could hope for in an author. Kind, generous, creative, insightful, tactful and with a wonderfully warm giggle. We wrote the duet about veterinarians and it was such fun taking the intensity of a human operating theatre and transferring it to a veterinary clinic. If you haven’t yet had a peek at it, please click on this and have a look. It was SUCH fun to write and never mentions The Infectious Disease That Shall Not Be Named. NOT EVEN ONCE!!

Whilst the past six years of writing have passed in a blur…getting here took a long time, several drafts of novels (that are still sitting in a drawer somewhere, crying themselves to sleep at night) and, of course, a lot of hard work.

But that hard work has also been my saviour these past six or seven months of such a nutty year. Every day I get to slip into a magical world and take the readers on a journey through some ups and downs, but knowing all along that the pay-off is going to be tremendously rewarding.

I’m going to keep this post super short because we’ve all got a whole lot of life-wrangling to do, but I would love to hear from you and discover what sort of silver linings What are things you’ve been proud of achieving? I grew tomatoes, beetroot and my first ever aubergine! I have also grown this exceedingly large courgette!!! I did not grow the toad or the gorgeous flowers my editors sent to celebrate my 25th book. What have you been up to to keep your spirits bright? xx Annie O’

4 thoughts on “Milestones!”

  1. We grew a massive courgette (zucchini) too in our Covid Garden! It was bigger than my head, Annie!
    Silver Linings – how I will never take international air travel or dining out at a restaurant for granted ever again!

  2. I learned how to sew pleats (via online videos) and now have matching curtains/valances in my living and dining rooms … I learned how to “write” our own basic wills legally … I started sweeping my floors (including wall-to-wall carpeting) daily, which made a HUGE impact on keeping my house tidy and company-ready at the drop of a hat (although we can’t have company during the pandemic, duh) … I finally caught up on my mending pile (I often have over 400 holes to mend in a year, especially since my son wears orthotics AND steel-toed shoes, plus I wear orthotics, so both of our short toenails still go through them quickly) … and there are a few other things, but you get the drift.

  3. Huge congratulations on your milestone!! My silver lining has been working on a new project that is making me happy, taking French lessons on Duolingo, spending more time than usual with my young adult kiddos, and generally resting my writing brain a bit because it had become rather burned out. It’s been a rough year all around, but I have hope for 2021 🙂

  4. Congratulations on Number 25!! And on finding that rather handsome toad – I’m hoping you checked to make sure he wasn’t really a brooding hero prince…

    Next year, one of the things I’m looking forward to doing is seeing people in real life again – also clapping like crazy when you receive your 25 book pin! Dolphin Cove couldn’t fail to be an absolute joy, when I had such a generous, outrageously talented and all-round-amazing co-conspiritor! xxx

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