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Hoarding or collecting? I’ll let you decide

This year I decided not to make the usual new year resolutions. In the past I have made resolutions to better my personal life , resolutions to fulfill some of my dreams and resolutions to better my career both nursing and writing. This year I wanted to do something different. So instead of making a resolution, I choose a couple words to focus on this year.

The first word I choose was discipline. Now, there are many parts of my life where I hope to apply this word. Recently, I’ve used the power of the word to help me limit my social media time giving me more time to concentrate on my family and my writing. But right now I am having a disagreement with my family as far as my need to use more discipline in my collecting of books.

Now while I call it collecting, my children have been known to refer to it as hoarding. They love to tease me about the amount of books in my office and the pile next to my bed. They think I have a problem. Not being big readers themselves (yes I know I was a failure though it wasn’t from lack of trying) they don’t understand the thrill of holding a new book in their hand nor do they understand that special feeling you get when you pick up a book and remember the pleasure a story brought you in the past.

But if you’re reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced this and are probably a bibliophile like me. Only recently, I’ve discovered that someone who not only loves books but also loves collecting books and cataloging books is called a bibliolater.

So now I feel I have proof that instead of a hoarder, I’m a bibliolater. But before you make a decision let me show you some pictures of my library/office which is organized alphabetically by genre.

So what’s the verdict? Hoarder or bibliolater? I think we both know the answer.

1 thought on “Hoarding or collecting? I’ll let you decide”

  1. I’d say they were definitely a bibliolater’s shelves, Dianne. Particularly since they’re in alphabetical order!

    I like to say that my books are organised in a random fashion, so that I can always find something unexpected on my shelves. In fact it’s just no organisation at all, which I think brings me under the category of hoarder 🙂

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