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If you could go anywhere in the world…

Where would you go?

I am preparing to write my next book and my editor and I think it should be set somewhere exotic. When I sat down to think about it, I realised exotic can mean a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of people, so I’ve decided to see what you are in the mood for with a poll!

I’ve just set a book in Hawaii and another in Nashville, so those are out as options (unless you convince me otherwise!). As many of you know, my characters love to eat, so bear that in mind.

Right! Time to put your thinking caps on. My hero (or heroine) will be going somewhere unfamiliar to them – but alluringly delightful. In short, a perfect setting for falling in love. I love travel, so am pretty sure I could fall in love just about anywhere, because even if the setting is wrong, but the object of my affections is right??? It’ll be a great story for later. So whether it’s Scotland or the North Pole or Bora Bora – there is NO WRONG ANSWER.

Okay…over to you…what places light your proverbial fires? If you have any input beyond the quiz, feel free to leave comments – or pictures!! xx Annie O’

Can’t wait to get writing!

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