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Stepping outside my comfort zone

I have a tendency to write what I know.

I know small towns. I know southern, y’all. (Yes, I really do say y’all in real life.) So, I tend to set my books in small towns or in the southern US. Sometimes both…

It’s my comfort zone.

I just finished final edits on a book that will be out in December that threw me so far out of my comfort zone though. It was set in Toronto, Canada.

Small town? Not at all!

Southern? Um… definitely not.

It stretched my limits, uncomfortably so at times. But it was gave me a lot of opportunity for growth. I did a lot of research, so hopefully I got the setting right!

Comfort zones are great in many ways. Given the craziness of the last year, I think having a safe space is important for us all. Sometimes we have to put ourselves out there though. Try something new. Push our own boundaries a bit so that we don’t stagnate.

How have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?

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