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Runaway Lizard…OH MY

My next medical romance, The Vet’s Unexpected Houseguest released in the UK this weekend and comes out at the end of this month. It is my first veterinarian romance and I put both my dogs in the book, and created a scenario with a runaway lizard! So many fun things you can do with a vet clinic.

Check out the fun excerpt below:

Dr. Kit Bedrick held the baseball bat above her head and prayed that despite being barely over five feet tall, she looked frightening to the far too handsome giant standing in front of her hot kettle. If she’d remembered to plug her cell in during her day at the clinic, she could have called for help. But no, she’d been too busy to pay attention to the draining battery. And Dr. Jeff had pulled the landline out of this rental a year before she signed the lease.
She’d considered running out the front door, but Bucky’s leash was in the kitchen. There was no way she was leaving her one-year-old pit bull cross in the house with a stranger. And she’d been too busy at the clinic to train him to stay by her side outside without a leash.
The first thing he tried to do when he got outside was chase a squirrel. And she was far too exhausted to run after him tonight.
Another mark to add to the ever-growing list of to-do items that never quite got done.
“I said—” she waved the bat, mostly to hide the fact that her arms were starting to shake “—what are you doing in my house!”
As if this episode couldn’t get more ridiculous, Bucky bounded to her side, finally awake from his nap. He waited a moment for Kit to pat his head, but when she didn’t lower the bat, he moseyed over to the intruder’s side.
Then the dog rolled over at his feet and smiled. She loved watching Bucky smile, it always warmed her heart, except he was at the feet of a stranger—granted one who looked as stunned to be found in her kitchen as she was at finding him.
“Some guard dog you are.” She glared at the intruder, hoping that the raised hands meant that he wasn’t intending harm to her or her dog.
Her name coming from the hunk’s mouth almost made her lower the bat. Foxfield had grown sizably in the last two decades, but there were plenty of ways for the Adonis standing in her kitchen to know her name.
But that did not mean he should be in her kitchen!
“Answer the question! What are you doing here?” She heard the terror rising in her throat. The kettle continued to squeal, and her heart jumped. “Bucky, come here!”
The dog wagged his tail and looked at her but didn’t move from the intruder’s feet. Seriously! She needed to find more hours in the day to focus on his training. He was a perfect angel in the clinic, but at home, he reverted to a mischievous devil.
“My dad gave me the key, and I suppose he forgot to mention he had rented the place out to you. Oh, God, did he sell it to you and…?” Crimson climbed his neck as he looked at her.
“August?” Kit blinked as the words he said rattled around her brain. No. There was no way that the man standing in her kitchen was the rebel who’d left Foxfield, determined never to return. Though whom else would Dr. Jeff have given his key to? “August Rhodes?”
“Yep. I swear, I didn’t know the house was rented. My father…” He pulled his hand across his neck, then looked at the ceiling. “You’d think he’d have at least mentioned it.”
Except it didn’t surprise her that Dr. Jeff hadn’t mentioned it. If it didn’t revolve around the clinic, it barely registered on the man’s radar. Though even if he had tried to call, her phone was dead.
But the fact that the rebel son of the local vet had finally found his way home stole all the words from her brain. They’d graduated high school in the same year, though they’d not shared a friendship group. Kit had hung with the kids mostly labeled nerds and overachievers. August… Well August’s friends had been the exact opposite.

Get a copy of Kit and August’s happily ever from your favorite bookseller here.

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