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Would you read a book if it included all the details of life?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working in the yard. I’ve planted flowers, cut back limbs, sprayed for weeds, blew the drive off and added rock pavers. Inside there has been clothes to wash, dry and fold, and worse hang up. What about putting the toilet paper on the roll when it is empty? Dirty dishes to load in the dish washer, and clean ones to put up. Floors to sweep, and the list goes on and on.

Do we, as readers really want to know all the tiny details of living? I don’t think so. We want to know that the characters share a meal, but we don’t care about how it got to the table. I read to escape my everyday life. For me that means leaving those have-to-do details out of my reading.

How much detail do you like to see in a book?

If you really want to escape life for awhile try my book about hot air ballooning – Racing to You.

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