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Their Marriage Worth Fighting For

Next month I have a new release! Their Marriage Worth Fighting For, which is Book 3 in the Night Shift in Barcelona quartet!

Book 1 – The Night They Never Forgot (Scarlet Wilson)

Book 2 – Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell (Traci Douglas)

Book 3 – Their Marriage Worth Fighting For (Louisa Heaton)

Book 4 – From Wedding Guest to Bride (Tina Beckett)

This is the blurb …

A chance to mend their marriage…

…for good?

After experiencing three devastating miscarriages, midwife Grace and neonatal surgeon Diego find their marriage hanging by a thread. But on one summer night at Santa Aelina University Hospital, they are forced to work together on a challenging case. Now, with nowhere to hide, they must finally confront their heartbreak… Can they also rediscover the joy and love that made their marriage so special?

I had great fun writing this one! I’d been involved in writing a duet before, but not a quartet and so this was a new learning experience for me. Normally, as a writer, you write alone, but with a quartet and lots of scenes that intermingled with other author’s books, there had to be a lot of collaboration and communication, to make sure we got aspects of our stories right!

It was a challenge and even a little scary for me, but one I really enjoyed.

My previous book, Their Marriage Meant To Be, was about a couple who had experienced the loss of a child, so to go into this story next, writing about loss again, was difficult, but as the characters and setting was so different, I was still able to bring a freshness to this story – something I’d worried about greatly, in case I’d already said it all in Their Marriage Meant To Be!

Grace and Diego were two lovely characters to write about. Even I was rooting for them to get back together from the beginning, but obviously I needed to torture them a little first! I really hope you’ll enjoy this quartet of stories!

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