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Galapagos dreams and a new house…

Hi Readers,

Wow, what a summer! A lot has changed since I last blogged, not least the cold and rainy Dutch summer that used to be the norm. Lots of us are sweating it out in hot high rises wishing we hadn’t prayed for the heat all those drizzly days over winter!

Anyway, sorry for being so British, starting out my post by complaining about the weather… honestly.

In other news I have another book coming out in August. The Vet’s Escape to Paradise might be my fave yet – it’s set in the Galapagos and follows a headstrong female vet who falls for a local mysterious scuba diver, who happens to be a wonder with the animals too… but uh oh, they’re from totally different worlds – how could they ever be together? (wink)

I got to revisit my Galapagos trip from 2013, which was probably a highlight of my life. The way the lizards lounge around on the rocks like dinosaurs that forgot to go extinct. The way the sea lions swim up to you and ask you to play like puppy dogs. The way you can see every star in the sky at night as the hemispheres combine in one cosmic swirl… it’s all just unreal. I hope I captured some of the magic in my story, you tell me!

Me, making new friends in the Galapagos, 2013

In other news, I moved house. I bought an apartment for the first time in my life (in beautiful Utrecht) and let me tell you, I had no idea how stressful and time consuming it would be, finding contractors to fit a bathroom, getting new carpet laid, tracking a sofa that was meant to be delivered in July, that is somehow now scheduled for December… if I wasn’t going a bit grey already before this, well, I am now, but home will be one sweet home when it’s done and I’ll forget I ever complained.


Ok maybe not.

Anyway readers, I hope you’re all keeping your cool in multiple creative ways out there, and until next time, may a thousand peaceful Galápagos sea lions soothe your soul as you dream of wondrous things.


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