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Double Delights !

Hello and welcome! Here we are at the magical height of summer (for me anyway – hello all of you rugged up Antipodeans!). We’ve got our first crop of hay in, have had two barbecues that didn’t require wearing snowsuits and…very excitingly…are just a handful of days away from the release of my latest Mills & Boon AND…(cue drumroll)…my first ever book by my new identity – Daisy Tate! The books are being released in quarters (a novella length each) but ALL on the same day so if you like part One – You can move on to Party Two (I mean part two – obviously. LOL.)

Click here if you’d like to read more about The Happy Glampers books!

So why the new name?
The short and sweet answer is – it was part of the publishing deal. And one I was happy to sign. A chance to try out a new voice and explore some untapped territories? Why not?

Does this mean I’m giving up Medicals?
No Way! I’ve got a book coming out August 1st (July 25th in some lucky areas) that I’m really proud of it as it marks yet another first! A brand new editor. I had a great editor before, but I love it when they mix things up at M&B because it keeps me on my toes and ensures I am always giving you the best story I can.

So…please forgive the shameless plugging but I’m SO excited it’s all I can think about (when I’m not thinking about our seven month old puppy!!!).

If you’re in the mood for glamping with gal pals or diving into a second chance romance with me or my new alter ego – now’s your chance! Do send along any questions for either book or feel free to follow Daisy Tate on Twitter or Facebook for more news on that front – or I’m at my usual spots on the same sites as me. I hope you have an amazing summer (or winter) and if you have any questions or exciting things to say that are first for you – do let me know!! Big kiss to all xx Annie O’

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Everything’s Coming Up…Daisies???

Hello hello!

This is the main cover….but wait…there’s more!

So…big news. I have a new (not so secret) identity! I have spent the past few months doing double duty with our glorious team here at Medical Romance and working with a wonderful editor over at Harper Fiction on a brand new book called Happy Glampers.

It’s about four women who were friends at uni and have lost touch … until now. It’s been great fun to write, not least of which because the characters are all around forty – an age group I don’t normally write about. I also don’t normally write about glamping (fancy camping) … so, of course: RESEARCH!

This marshmallow was toasted in the name of research purposes.

Why are there FIVE covers you greedy little minx, you may be asking yourself. Well, in the spirit of Charles Dickens (ha! I wish…) this is a serialised book. The publishers are actually releasing the whole entire book on-line at the same time as the serialised section so it’s up to the reader if they want to dip in and see if they like it – or if they’d prefer to just gobble it up like a delicious gooey marshmallow in one go.

I cajoled my husband into glamping and we ended up having an absolute ball. We even made new friends.

Nom nom nom

In the spirit of my new double identity, I have a new facebook page (Daisy Tate’s Facebook) and Twitter handle (Daisy’s Twitter) BUT!!!! I will still very much be Annie O’Neil because…how could I not be? I’ve got a book coming out in August that I’m very excited about and one nearer to Christmas that involves PUPPIES!!!! (I just got a puppy. Can you tell I’m excited?) If you have any questions – please do write and ask. Happy Glampers doesn’t come out until August 1st (and not in paperback until next Spring!!!) but I thought I’d let you know why I might be popping up on your social media as two people. All the best for the summer (you glorious Northern Hemispherians) and autumn (you wonderful Antipodean folk). xx Annie O’

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Who would you….

Snog….Marry….. Or Avoid?


We all make choices. Not all of them are fabulous. But some of them are definitely risks worth taking. This is why I think reading romance is so brilliant. We get the chance not only to enjoy the exhilaration of falling in love over and over again…but we also get some smoking hot tips on who might not suit us best or who, on the flip side, just might be worth pulling on your fireproof pantaloons for.

SO! I’ve made a wee quiz that puts you right in the middle of the love danger zone. Who would you snog, marry or avoid? (Top tip – for the ranking one…just drag and drop to where you want them). Oh – and once again – I can’t figure out how to embed this into the blog but I am now going to go find a class where I can learn all of these wonderful things!

Click on the link here or do the quiz below https://annieoneilbooks.survey.fm/snogmarryavoid and ENJOY.

x Annie O’

PS: I won’t have a new book out until the summer…but I will have some news about my new alter ego in a month or so!!! Watch…this…space. xx Annie O’

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Falling in Love in New England

I recently went to a wedding in New England and it was just like being in a gorgeous RomCom starring Jennifer/Meg/Reese/Drew and (fill in appropriate hot guy for whatever rocks your boat). It was gorgeous and helped my little overactive imagination swan dive right into the quartet of books I was lucky enough to write with the fab Annie Claydon, Karin Baine and Susan Carlisle – Hot Single Dads!

Last week Annie Claydon put an excerpt from her book on the blog, so this week I thought I’d quiz your knowledge of New England, I know I learned a few things writing it! We’re going to select  five random winners from people who participate so make sure and leave a comment in the section below if you want to be considered so that we can get in touch with you and send you HALF of the Single Dad Docs series to enjoy.

Because I am slightly less clever than I used to be (thank you winter head cold!!)…I have only managed to figure out how to link you to the quiz rather than embed it, and as such…..

Press this baby to have some QUIZ fun and a chance to win a book!!

How gorgeous is this place? I could definitely imagine a bit of hand holding here!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying whatever season if happening where you are. See you soon! Annie O’ xx

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Tis the season…

Oh it’s the season alright! The season where I – and I suspect – a whole lot of you start going berserkers! As my good pal, Susan Carlisle mentioned the other day, I’m an overseas American. I’m not shy in letting people know Thanksgiving is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE holiday. So much so I tend to have it twice. Once, low key style on the actual day because strangely enough, the whole of Britain doesn’t grind to a halt so I can have my tuIMG_3483rkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Then again about a week later on the weekend so that if a bit too much wine has been enjoyed…there’s a chance for a lovely lie-in the next day.

This year? It’s all bonkers. We had a brilliant Thanksgiving day at the local pub thanks to ‘Mad Ron’ our local publican who regular readers might see (you will always see this) appear as a publican in just about all of my books. He’s fab. And he made me turkey burgers. A first for the pub, and an absolute


delight for me! They were Delicious!!!

On the weekend I would normally host a Thanksgiving feast of my own, we went out with friends to a Simon and Garfunkle Tribute Band. They were amazing! I love Simon & Garfunkle and I LOVE a tribute band. The only thing that would make it more fun would be roller-skates. (Seriously…I should’ve just had my entire life in the 70s over and over).  Next on the list? A trip to Vienna with one of my former professors. I’m so excited. Kaffee und Kuchen! Cake and coffee in one hundred year old cafes? Yes, please! Then it’s back to the UK to make a long overdue Thanksgiving….and then….whooooosh! Christmas! Which is my second favourite holiday. Love it. I love the cookie making (I regularly borrow friend’s children to make cookies with me and, of course, I adore writing Christmas books. This year’s no different.Army Doc's Christmas Angel.jpg I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of the fabulous Hope Children’s Hospital series. The other books are by the fabulous Caroline Anderson, the delightful Alison Roberts and the wonderful Tina Beckett.

In my book, my hero – the rather gorgeous Finn Morgan – lost his leg whilst serving his country in Afghanistan. I ran a half marathon a couple of weeks ago and about mile twelve, when I was pretty close to throwing in the proverbial towel…I caught up to a real life Finn Morgan. A former marine running for fallen soldiers who had run the marathon with a blade for one leg. I can’t even begin to tell you how emotional it was. I kept bursting into tears! Talk about a dehydrating experience. And powerfully moving.

So that was all an incredibly long winded way of saying…I love taking an annual stop and regroup to really think about what I have to be grateful for. I’m going to start with YOU. Thanks for being here. And see you soon. xx Annie O’


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

One Way To Beat ‘The Shys’

Photo on 19-04-2017 at 10.29.jpgI know most people who have met me would find it difficult to believe I am actually shy. (Although – it could be that I’m an introvert and can’t tell the difference between the two, but that’s a whole other barrel of fish…next time? NB: Smiley face courtesy of the rather fabulous Louisa Heaton!)

Now. Back to being shy. I know. I know. I seem gregarious. I’m a goofball of the highest order. I have been known to perform interpretive dance…in public. There’s even more evidence against me: I think people are fabulous. I love watching them, talking with them, hearing their stories, writing their stories…but! I’m also, unbelievably and incredibly shy… too afraid to approach a group, nailed to the wall if everyone else is laughing and I don’t have an in….stuck in a blinkered tunnel of flashbacks to being picked last for the dodgeball team unless…I have a job. IMG_2033.jpg

Which is why I signed up to help organise the Romantic Novelist’s Conference here in the UK. It gave me a job. A reason to be brave enough to speak with all of the writers and agents and editors and all of the other wonderful people who bundled their way to Leeds to talk Romantic Novels for 72 glorious hours.

Turns out pointing people to the loos and their conference rooms is a wonderful way to start a conversation. I’m so glad I did it. A wee little chink in my Oh-Crikey-I’m-Too-Scared-To-Talk-To-You-Armour.

Do you have any fabulous things you do to trick yourself into doing something you know you’d be good at if only you weren’t afeard?

Throw your ideas/theories/experiences my way. Oh! By the way – my next book isn’t coming out until November. There are a raft of lovely new books by all of our fabulous Medical authors and if you’re new to the genre?  Check out the Mills & Boon Hot Single Doc collection. It’s MEGA! (Just click to go to the link)9781474085441

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Tectonic shifts!

Hello there everyone!

Today I’m musing on the way a story idea can ping up clear as a bell and then by the time you’re finished…it’s a totally different beast (or, in this case, love affair!).

That’s what happened when Amalie Berlin, Tina Beckett, Amy Ruttan and I began to pine for one another after the glowing tans from the days with our Hot Latin Docs began to fade.

What could we write about now, we mused?

The answer was obvious. Firemen in Canada. Sexy right? We thought so, too. And then as we began the back and forth with our editors – we pinged all the way across the globe to Greece and put our doctors at the fore of a huge earthquake on the island of Mythelios (that was an amazing name Amy came up with!).

Have you ever had an idea that comes to you and then the nurse becomes a princess, the blue accent wall becomes neon pink or the handbag dog becomes a Great Dane?

It happens to me alllllll the time. Does that make me fickle, or well-placed to get some kismet rays beaming through my life?

Either way – we now have four sizzling hot Greek Doctors…all very single and all unsuspecting that each of their lives is about to change.

Happy reading everyone!

PS – I’m off to Rome this week – can’t WAIT to tell you all about it. What do you think the chances are that my next hero is going to be Italian?