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Looking back on a day of LOVE (and announcing our Giveaway Winners!)

d9609ab8-8355-4310-907f-d841b8e77e84Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And a huge thank you to everyone who entered our V-Day Giveaway. There are 17 lucky winners, and you can see if you’re one of them over here!

How exciting.  And so is the day of love, love, love! There are so many different kinds of it, aren’t there? One sided, unrequited, knocks-you-sideways, uninvited.

Cuddles on couches, dances in kitchens, screaming in bedrooms, yelling on streets, crying at it, pining for it, going with it, knowing it’s worth it.

It’s usually worth it.

And then there’s the love we surround ourselves with always; cocktails with friends, walks by the water, wind in our hair, smiling at strangers. Love is everywhere. How you give it is usually how you get it back.

Sometimes when we’re single on this day, we forget how much love we already have in our lives.

So… having sent all manner of Valentines this morning in the form of texts and WhatsApp gifs I thought I’d reflect on the love this day has brought me in the past, even though for the majority of those years I was single, on the road, working my way around the world with no idea what was ahead!

Facebook tells me February 14th hasn’t been dull for a while. There was 2012, when I found myself in Bali in a posh resort with my friend Jen. I don’t think the staff realised we were just friends:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.37.45

Interesting. How I loved Bali! Life was never, ever boring there.

Then there was 2013, in Rio! That was one amazing trip, woweeeee. I met four good friends for the Carnival. We climbed Sugarloaf Mountain on Valentine’s Day and I found this abandoned pink headpiece at the top. Who would abandon such a thing of beauty?! Clearly I fell in love, and took it for myself… and then had to abandon it too because it was just not practical for a backpacker to be in possession of such a thing. Hostels only have so much locker space, after all.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.48.04

At this time in 2014 I was in Spain with mum and dad, escaping the cold. We had a lovely apartment with about a million steps up to it, so the majority of the time was spent huffing and puffing uphill, and then ‘recovering’ by drinking cheap wine. My friend came to stay and we went V-Day shopping, as displayed here:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 11.06.08

I loved spending that time with my family. I also loved being away from a cold British winter for a while.

Last year I was lucky enough to have a Galentine’s Day with my good mate Hannah in Lisbon. We had a lovely seafood dinner by the harbour and made plans to take over the world, without men. Actually, I think I had a boyfriend this time last year, but I wasn’t with him. He didn’t call me either. Hmmm. Well, he’s an ex now (obviously), but this was one lovely dinner, with or without him.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.49.28

We could also go back to 2009… when this happened in Dubai….

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 11.03.16

…but to be honest I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here, or what my friend Alex was thinking, biting my head like a lion, but that was a long time ago and my younger self probably thought such a pose was hysterical. You’ll be happy to know I’m much more mature now. (ahem).

So, tonight? Well, I’m somewhere just as nice. I’m in Amsterdam, where I live and where I finally chose to stay still for a while. And a special person is cooking me dinner. He’s a very handsome man and I plan to put him in my next book in some form or other… but that’s another story. Literally.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether you’re single or with someone special, spread the love. xxx

Don’t forget to see if you’re one our Giveaway Winners over here!