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Happy Nurses Week!

Here in the US May 6th starts National Nurses week. It runs through the 12th of May which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Truly a woman before her time, Florence set the standards for nursing that we follow. Still, today nurses around the world recite the Nightingale Pledge when they graduate from nursing. I recited it myself over twenty-nine years ago.

Now as a medical author, I get to promote women and men working in different aspects of healthcare, but I especially enjoy writing about nurses dedicating their lives to help others.

Right now, I’m writing a set of books that revolve around a helicopter crew. Helping this bunch of adrenaline junkies find their happily-ever-after has been a lot of fun. I can’t help but think that Florence would have approved.

Again, Happy Nurses Week to all the nurses out there, and thank you.

Deanne Anders

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Settings and Series

Right now I’m lying on a beach in the Florida Keyes by the pool of Dr. Alex Leonelli.

Okay, maybe I’m not there, but my heroine, Summer is and I like to think that is the next best thing.

Last year I visited the Keyes for my anniversary and found that it was the perfect place to set my series about a helicopter crew that not only work hard together, but also play hard together. With a population of less than 25,000, Key West seemed to be the perfect setting for this close-knit group of friends.

And being at the southern most tip of the continental US, it seemed to be the perfect place for someone who needed to make a new start. A flight nurse trying to escape the trauma of being gunned down, Dylan and Katie’s story; a prince trying to fly under the paparazzi radar, Alex and Summer’s story; a flight nurse hoping to start a new life after a bad marriage, Jo and Casey’s story; Key West seemed the perfect setting. I hope you think so too.

My first book set in Key West, Florida Fling with the Single Dad, is a March release.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

New Year, New books

The first of every year I promise myself that I’m going to organize my TBR pile so that I can meet my reading goals for the year. (Okay, it’s more like a couple of bookcases – don’t judge) This year I decided to try using a reading journal which, so far, I am really enjoying. Not only do I plan to use it to set my goals for the year, but I also hope to use it as a journal writing tool as books play such a big part in my life as they take me to so many places and introduce me to so many new ideas and experiences.

Fortunately for me, I also get to play around with new ideas every time I start a new book. With my first book about my close-knit medevac crew located in Key West, Florida, I had fun researching the helicopters used by medical crews,

available 2/22 2022

and right now, while I’m writing my second Key West medevac book, I’m playing around with all the ways I can help my hero and heroine find their happily ever after as they prepare for an unexpected bundle of joy that will change both of their lives. Surprise babies are always so much fun.

So now, my reading and writing are well on the way to making 2022 a productive year.

Now, if I can only get my work-out routine together.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Romance Fan for Life

It’s November so I’m deep in the world of Nanowrimo where thousands of determined (and optimistic) people like me commit to writing 50,000 words in a month. This year I’ve committed to writing my first cozy mystery and I have to say though I’m struggling a bit between the day job, plotting my seventh Medical Romance, and getting the words I need to reach my goal, I am definitely having fun.

As you can tell from the first sentence of my work in progress, my character has been known to make mistakes where men are concerned. Haven’t we all? Fortunately for us, most of our mistakes have not put us in the middle of a murder investigation. At least, I hope not.

Writing something new has been nice, but as I’ve plotted and now am writing Miranda’s story it becomes more and more clear that she really does need a man in her life (no matter how much she denies it). Because the truth is, I’m a romantic. I read romance. I write romance. I even dream romance. The attraction and fumbling around of two people as they find their way to a happily-ever-after ending has always fascinated me. One of the most fun things as a romance author is helping my characters find that perfect person that is meant just for them.

So now, even though my prime focus is going to be on how my character solves the mystery I have in store for her, I’m on the search for the perfect character to help my heroine find at least her happily-for-now ending. Wish me luck.

Best wishes,

Deanne Anders

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Is it ever too early for Christmas?

Last week I was walking through the house when a scene on the television had me stopping to watch. It was a rerun of a sitcom that I had never seen, but the sight of a Christmas tree and the sound of a Christmas carol filled me with a joy I hadn’t felt in weeks. It’s been a hard year at the hospital where I work. Things seem to be going from bad to worse the last few weeks and things like joy and laughter has been scarce.

But for a few minutes while I listened to that silly Christmas carol everything seemed right with the world. And I’m so glad the Medical team allowed me the opportunity to be a part of their Christmas series, The Royal Kensington Project, so that I could share the joy of Christmas with you.

In my Christmas book, December Reunion in Central Park, New York City nurse Felicity Dale has had a hard year too. After losing her brother to suicide 18 months earlier, she can’t find it in herself to celebrate Christmas until her best friend, and former lover, Dr. Scott Thomas returns from London and reminds her of the joy to be found in Christmas.

So if you need a pick me up watch a Christmas movie, listen to a Christmas carol, or pick up a Christmas book to read. Because no matter what time of year it is, it’s never too early for Christmas.

Best wishes,

Deanne Anders

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, at least it is to me. I’m a very visual writer. Even when I’m creating a fictional town or home, I have to draw it out on paper so that I can get it in my head to write. I use the internet and Pinterest to get ideas. Right now in Pinterest I have a very inspiring file labeled Helicopter Crew.

But sometimes there’s nothing like seeing the real thing. That’s why when I got the idea to write some books in Key West around a medical helicopter crew, I knew I had to do some personal research.

First, I started at my own back door (actually it’s on the roof at the hospital where I work).

One of the crews from Air Methods in Pensacola, Florida was nice enough to give me a tour.

But I still didn’t feel like I was prepared to take on the task. With a wedding anniversary coming up, I used it as a great excuse to travel to Key West. It’s an amazing little island that is only 4.2 miles long and 1 mile wide. The southernmost city of the United States, it has a colorful history of pirates and treasure ship hunters. While the weather wasn’t the best, I did manage to get out and tour the historical district and take some pictures.

Home of Ernest Hemingway

Banyan Tree
Our hotel

It was an amazing trip and I came back with lots of ideas that I plan to use as I give the men and women of my helicopter crew a wild ride as they take the trip of their lifetime that ends with their own happily ever after.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Where do the ideas come from?

Because I’m a nurse, when people find out I write medical romances they ask me if I use things that happen at work in my books. The answer to that question is always a very definite NO before I go on to explain that my readers would never believe the things that actually go on in a hospital. It is a case of reality being much stranger than fiction.

Then they ask “Well, where do you get your ideas from?” The answer to that question is always easy. I get my ideas from all the voices I’ve heard in my head for as long as I can remember. (Don’t tell my daughter, she’s a mental health nurse and she already gives me some weird looks when I try to explain my characters lives to her. I’m afraid she thinks I have imaginary friends.)

But it’s not really that simple. My ideas come from everywhere. Researching medical fields, watching TV shows, reading articles online and just being around people helps give me inspiration for my books. And sometimes I’ll have an idea for a future book come from another book I’m working on. That’s exactly what happened with my book, The Neurosurgeon’s Unexpected Family, that came out this month.

I discovered Hannah in my book, Sarah and the Single Dad, the story of a nurse practitioner who worked on a pediatric transplant unit. One of her patients was a little girl named Lindsey and her mother was Hannah. When I discovered that Hannah was a single mom working hard to provide for her daughter while making her own way through nursing school, I had to give her a much needed happily ever after.

And no one could be more perfect for her than Dr. William Cooper, an ice cold surgeon who is determined that he doesn’t need a family. Hannah had a lot of fun proving him wrong while he learned to take care of his baby sister. The single mom, fatherless child, orphaned toddler and her big brother were a motley crew, but I knew from the first chapter that they made the perfect family. Because no matter wherever my ideas come from, my characters always get their own unique happily ever after.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

My Idea of a Romantic Hero

Recently I was asked by my editor if I would be interested in doing a Q&A for the Mills & Boon blog. Of course, I was interested so I started going through the questions and there was one question that really sparked my imagination. What qualities would I look for in my dream romantic hero? Tall? Dark? Confident? Oh yes, I love all of these, but there is so much more to my romantic hero.

I grew up reading about the alpha hero. Powerful, rich, and worldly, he was as far from the world I knew as possible and if I’d ever actually met a hero like this I probably would have ran as far as possible. But still, doesn’t the image of that tall, dark, billionaire set our hearts pounding? I know it does mine.

But not every romantic hero needs to be an Alpha. The Beta hero can be just as dreamy, especially those intensely devoted doctors, such as the ones we find on our televisions each week. And has there ever been a more fantasy worthy hero than surgeon Dr. McDreamy?

Both of these types of heroes have great qualities, but I have to admit I find the qualities of a beta hero much more endearing. Caring, compassionate, and dedicated to helping others, now that is what I look for in a hero. And it is these heroes that I write about.

From my first book, From Midwife to Mommy, where Texas cowboy turned pediatrician, Trent Montgomery, leaves his home to take a job in Miami so that he can fight for custody of his niece Maggie to keep a promise to his brother (now that’s a hero),

to my friends to lovers book, Stolen Kiss with the Single Mom, where ER doctor Scott Boudreaux, is the man who is always there to support his best friend’s widow,

and to my latest book coming out in May, The Neurosurgeon’s Unexpected Family, where single doc William Cooper takes on raising his orphaned half sister, with a little help from a caring nurse,

my heroes are all brave men determined to take care of the ones they love while making a difference in the world. What about you? Beta or Alpha? Personally, I think I have room in my dreams for both.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Hoarding or collecting? I’ll let you decide

This year I decided not to make the usual new year resolutions. In the past I have made resolutions to better my personal life , resolutions to fulfill some of my dreams and resolutions to better my career both nursing and writing. This year I wanted to do something different. So instead of making a resolution, I choose a couple words to focus on this year.

The first word I choose was discipline. Now, there are many parts of my life where I hope to apply this word. Recently, I’ve used the power of the word to help me limit my social media time giving me more time to concentrate on my family and my writing. But right now I am having a disagreement with my family as far as my need to use more discipline in my collecting of books.

Now while I call it collecting, my children have been known to refer to it as hoarding. They love to tease me about the amount of books in my office and the pile next to my bed. They think I have a problem. Not being big readers themselves (yes I know I was a failure though it wasn’t from lack of trying) they don’t understand the thrill of holding a new book in their hand nor do they understand that special feeling you get when you pick up a book and remember the pleasure a story brought you in the past.

But if you’re reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced this and are probably a bibliophile like me. Only recently, I’ve discovered that someone who not only loves books but also loves collecting books and cataloging books is called a bibliolater.

So now I feel I have proof that instead of a hoarder, I’m a bibliolater. But before you make a decision let me show you some pictures of my library/office which is organized alphabetically by genre.

So what’s the verdict? Hoarder or bibliolater? I think we both know the answer.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Learning to Like Lemonade

I should be packing for a trip to Key West right now, only for the second month in a row I’ve had to reschedule the trip due to the tropical storms and hurricanes this year. Though I live in Florida, I’m over 700 miles from the keys and while our weather has been warm the water at the beach is getting cold so I was looking forward to some time on the southern beaches. Also I’d planned on doing some research for a future book set around a Key West helicopter rescue crew that I’m really excited about writing.

At first I was really disappointed, both me and my husband had managed to coordinate our schedules for the time off which doesn’t happen very often. Except for weekend camping trips, this was to be our first trip together in five years. And that’s when it hit me. Our last trip had been to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains where we’d spent hours on the back porch enjoying the views.

Fifteen minutes later I’d made last minute reservations at the only cabin I could find available that promised seclusion and amazing views.

The next day I was talking to my youngest daughter about the changes in our plans and she was telling me how much she is over this year, as we all are I’m sure. She challenged me to find a way to look at this last year with some type of optimism and to share it with her. I told her I would, but to be honest I’m not sure there’s enough sugar in the world to sweeten all the lemons we’ve been given this year. It’s been a rough one. I’ve finally decided that instead of looking at this time as a whole, we just need to make the most of all the little things that have brought us pleasure this year and the small moments we’ve had to enjoy being with our loved ones even if it hasn’t all been in person.

So I’m putting away my bathing suit today and pulling out my winter clothes. This trip wasn’t what I had planned, but I’m determined to make the best of it. I’m even considering writing a romantic Christmas novella about a new divorcee and her hot neighbor whose a park ranger in the Smokies. And with views like this I’m sure I’ll find the inspiration I need.