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How to help Australia fight the bushfires

I was going to write a blog today about resolutions or what 2020 has in store and I wanted to wish everyone a fabulous new year, but all that is kind of lost in the horror of watching the bushfire tragedy unfold for our Australian cousins.

If you have somehow missed the news about the bushfires burning all across Australia then you will find it horrifying to learn about the millions of animals that have perished, the thousands of homes burnt and the human lives lost so far in this fire season.

Temperatures have been cooling over the last few days and that has given the fire fighters a tiny chance to catch their breath, but with no forecast of rain and temperatures due to soar in the next few days things are looking grim.

We have a wonderful family of writers and readers here at Love Is The Best Medicine, many of us live in Australia and/or have family and friends affected by these devastating events. Our hearts are aching for you all and we are sending thoughts and prayers for a quick resolution.

Those of us miles away are watching and feeling helpless. We want to do something to ease your pain. Know we are with you and feel for you.

If you want to show your support by making a donation, below are a list of links to organisations:

New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Queensland Fire and Rescue

South Australia Fire Service

Victoria Country Fire Authority

Salvation Army Disaster Appeal

Australian Red Cross

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

WIRES NSW Wildlife Rescue

We stand with you in your time of need. As we say in NZ Kia Kaha … Stay strong. XXXX


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A Japanese love affair

So, the rugby world cup happened. Our adopted home team, the All Blacks, were knocked out in the semis. England lost the final… South Africa won.

Why is this important? Well, rugby is almost like a religion in New Zealand and also in our house. Hubby is a sports doctor and his passion is rugby. He also loves to travel. So when the tickets for the world cup tournament in Japan went on sale he entered the ballot with a couple of friends. They managed to get tickets for four games and when one of the friends dropped out of the trip I was invited along. As I like to travel too (:-)) of course I said yes but with a rider of… as long as we can find a decent hike to do while we’re there.

So, in September we spent 20 days touring Japan. I have never been before and didn’t really know what to expect but I was completely blown away by the friendly people, the amazing food and the beautiful scenery.

We spent 7 days in Tokyo (5 days at the beginning of the trip and 2 days at the end), 4 days in the Wakayama prefecture walking the 75 km Komano Kodo pilgrimage walk, which was fabulous, then Kyoto, Oita, Hiroshima and Osaka.


Tokyo is crazy. The tube system is bonkers (42 lines!!). Parts of it are garish and busy, other areas are serene. It is beautiful organised chaos. We went from crazy shopping districts to quiet temples and ate so many different types of food/cuisine I couldn’t keep up.

At the start of the walk.

Then we spent 5 days in lush forests, climbed mountains and stayed in traditional ryokan hotels with shared (gender segregated) onsen baths. This was a challenge as you can imagine, mainly because you are not allowed to wear anything! I was definitely well out of my comfort zone, but after the first time I did become less self conscious and , given the hotel bedrooms didn’t have a shower/bath I had no option but use them!! Once out of the bath we had to wear Kimonos and slippers provided by the hotel. Sleeping was also a challenge as the beds were futons on the floor and not very comfortable, but because we were so tired from the hiking we did manage to get some rest!

Our beds!! Note the kimonos on the top of the pile

I loved Osaka – the pace of life felt a little slower. Kyoto was temples, temples, temples. Hiroshima was very sobering but also very hopeful as the residents there are fighting for a global non-nuclear future. In Osaka we slept in a ‘capsule’ hotel. Again, segregated into men’s floors and women’s floors. You are allocated a tiny crawl in space where you sleep I could easily sit up in mine but could reach out and touch the sides and roof very easily. Not for the claustrophobic! And not very comfortable, to be honest. But we had heard about them and thought we’d give them a go. Two nights was enough!!

Breakfast Japanese style. Amazing food, although I wasn’t sure what some of it was.

The rugby games were fabulous, mainly because of the stadium volunteers who were locals who wanted their visitors to have the best experience. They were so helpful and fun and high fived everyone (and I mean all 40,000!!!! spectators!) as we left after the games.


Loving the kimono life!

Considering Japan wasn’t on my bucket list of places to visit I had one of the best holidays there. Have you ever been surprised by a place/activity when you weren’t expecting to be?




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Changing of the seasons…


Downunder the days are getting longer and the sun is just a little bit warmer, which means spring has arrived and we’re slowly moving out of the damp, dark and cold of winter. Here in Auckland we had rain every day for the month of August…sheesh, that’s a lot of water, which means soggy gardens and damp windows. I’m not a fan of either.

Over the weekend we had a trip away with friends and visited the Hawkes Bay area on the east coast. On Saturday we hired bikes and cycled along some of the cycle paths (there are 200kms of cycles paths around there), and I enjoyed the spring sights of new buds and colourful blossoms and a brand new lamb taking its first steps.


We’re also reaping the rewards of winter sowing now and looking forward to eating the fennel, silverbeet and parsnips (roasted-yum!) in a couple of weeks. I’ve always thought I was an autumn girl, but spring is special- there’s so much promise, so much new, so much to smile about!

What’s making you smile today?


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Happy days…

Happy JULY!!  

Things making me smile today;

  1. My son is home for his uni break. Even though this means I have to relinquish control over the TV remote and endure hours of watching sport, plus my food bill has quadrupled, I’m so happy he’s here. Even better, he’s thinking of coming to live back in Auckland at the end of the year when he’s finished his degree. 🙂 Colour me completely delighted.


2.     We have a new project! ZsuI9puGQ2yXbh6vPGMe2AOur garden is shabby and tired so we’re redesigning it into flower beds, a mosaic and fire pit! It’s so fun to be out there in the fresh air and getting our hands dirty! We sprayed our lawn a while ago and tried to kill it off (to make hoeing easier) and then a few weekends ago we hired a rotary hoe and dug over the lawn…that was ‘interesting’ in howling gales and heavy rain… and now we’re busily putting in irrigation, landscaping, finding new flowers/plants we love and generally playing! Watch this space for pictures of the new garden in a few months…

3.     It’s conference time! new york cityscape, tourism concept photographIn 3 weeks I’ll be flying off to New York for the Romance Writers’ of America conference and catching up with some of the other Medical Romance authors! Then I’m heading off to New Orleans with a couple of friends for a road trip from NO to Houston. So currently I’m all about the packing…which shoes to take? (currently I have too many pairs under consideration and none of them are right). What dress to wear to the Harlequin Party, vintage theme (no idea). Do I have a handbag that will go with each outfit (no). So many decisions (and a little shopping too i think). I can not wait.

4.       I have a new release! Just under a year ago the M&B editors approached the lovely Sue MacKay and I about writing a duet based on a rescue ship. We’ve written a couple of duets before and I love working with Sue so we immediately said yes and started planning! It is a totally new setting for us to write about so there was a lot of research and discussion involved. We fleshed out the story arc while at the RWNZ conference. We were sharing a room and many hours were spent chatting and plotting. Even as we were falling asleep, one of us would sit up and say something like… ‘Wait… what if they were… …. or what if they did this…? Then the other (almost asleep one of us) would sit up too and start taking notes. It was so great to be able to nut out the storyline while we were with each other instead of emailing back and forth (although that did happen a lot too, once conference was finished!). The duet is about two young adversaries who meet up years later with the memories of a fateful and fatal incident still haunting them.

So now our books are available and I’m so pleased with the way they turned out.




Aren’t they lovely? Here are the blurbs…

Saved By Their One-Night Baby

Can a shock baby…redeem this damaged doctor?

The last person paediatrician Ethan Reid expects to see on board the rescue boat during his latest humanitarian mission is nurse Claire Durand. The woman he shared an electrifying, anonymous encounter with is now his newest colleague! Life’s taught Ethan to keep everyone at arm’s length, but Claire’s bombshell changes everything. Because Ethan’s no longer alone – Claire’s pregnant, with his baby!

Redeeming Her Brooding Surgeon

He couldn’t save his friend…can she save his bruised heart?

Haunted by the fact he couldn’t save his best friend, brooding surgeon Chase Barrington dedicates himself to saving lives. He won’t get close to anyone again, but is blindsided by a passionate kiss with stunning ex-army doc Kristina Morton. Suddenly Chase is on a rollercoaster of emotions, but can he leave the past behind and embrace a future with Kristina?

What’s making you smile today?



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

I should be writing but…

GAME OF THRONES (No spoilers)

That last episode…OMG! Amazing. Powerful. Intense. Dark.

Very dark. Dark as in… can’t actually see what is happening dark. Nothing, except for blurry figures and brilliant music.


Hubby is away and I can’t get my phone app (for the streaming) to talk to my TV so I’m curled up on the sofa in a fetal position screaming into the pitch dark at my phone. It’s so intense I can’t breathe. (Well, obviously I can but…) WOW.

As an aside…How can he have gone away and left me with NO WINE?

And a TV that won’t talk to my phone.

He won’t know if I eat all his wine gums and then replace the box, will he? What??? He’s EATEN all the wine gums?!?!?!?!?? And left the empty box on the shelf?!?!?!?

Hmmm. Is this a test??

I should be writing but…

fullsizeoutput_3934I found this adorable fabric and needed to make a skirt.  NEEDED I tell you.

Llamas beat writing…yes?





I should be writing but…

My desk was too messy!


I should be writing marketing…


Book 5 in my non-medical romance Something Borrowed series is out on Tuesday (that’s tomorrow, folks!). I should be marketing, right?

Okay, I’ll get down to it, once I’ve put away the sewing machine and got back from the shop with the wine and the wine gums….





Something Blue Blurb:

She’s the zen yoga teacher. His preferred exercise is with odd-shaped balls. But when these two opposites work together to heal his rugby injury there’s a lot more going on than yoga therapy.

Saskia Hall is finally in a good space. She’s put her bad relationships and nomadic life behind her and is concentrating on putting down roots by means of a business, a mortgage and a home in Portobello, London.

Josh Daly’s contract with the London Blues is coming to an end and he’s finally heading back to New Zealand to be with his four year old son. But when his feelings for his yoga teacher turn to something much deeper than he wants or needs, he’s torn. Is this just a fling? Or can he persuade Saskia to take a chance on him and a new life far away… forever?

Available at all good ebook stores!

What should you be doing, and what are you doing instead? (come on, I can’t be the only one who likes to procrastinate)


Louisa George is an award winning author of books with humour and heart.
RITA finalist. Allergic to housework. Zumba addict. Visit her website for a complete list of her novels, which includes women’s fiction, contemporary romance and medical romances.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

A trip to the mothership… Jane Austen’s house

Pretty much every romance reader and writer I’ve ever met has read at least one of Jane Austen’s books (or seen the movies/TV shows) and every one has their own opinion of them. I read most of them years ago and loved them (on the whole 😉 ), she had a sharp wit and a keen take on societal mores of the time.

I know little about her life, though, and am always interested in finding out people’s backstory (yeah, okay, I’m nosy!!), so on a recent flying visit to England I took a trip with my sister to the Jane Austen Museum in Chawton.  Jane lived there from 1809 to 1817, just before she died at the young age of 41 of an unspecified illness (although researchers in the 1960s think it may have been a form of lymphoma). She wrote Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Emma, Persuasion and Mansfield Park here.

1jwp2d5esceu5w0bt5kbcg.jpgThe house belonged to her brother and she lived in it with her mother and beloved sister, Cassandra while her brother lived a short distance away on the Chawton Estate that he inherited from a wealthy family that adopted him (strange but true!).  Her bedroom was the one with the window with closed blinds, middle right!  It was so cool to walk where she’d walked, and wander round the garden in her footsteps.

The back door (and my lovely sister!)
Jane’s writing desk! A 12 sided walnut table

Thank God for computers! I would not like to do my daily words using a quill like Jane did.

Jane’s quilt

I love using fabrics and yarns and have made my own quilt, but it was nothing as grand as the one Jane, her sister and her mother made!

Beautiful shawl Jane embroidered when not working on her novels

Jane’s garden wasn’t extensive but it was well used for growing food, flowers and plants for many medicinal and other uses…


They grew plants to dye their clothes (I love that quote- “what wicked people Dyers are. They begin dipping their own souls in Scarlet sin” )


The neighbours – look at the thatch owl art!

It was wonderful to slip back a couple of centuries for a few hours. Chawton is in the middle of nowhere, a beautiful village of thatched houses, a pub and a tea shop. I wonder what she’d think of our world? I’m sure she’d be happy to have a proper English ‘tea’ and prosecco!


Are you a Jane fan? Do you like to visit famous people’s houses? If so, where have you visited and what did you think?

Louisa George is an award winning author of books with humour and heart.
RITA finalist. Allergic to housework. Zumba addict. Visit her website for a complete list of her novels, which includes women’s fiction, contemporary romance and medical romances.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

2019 Reading goals?

Happy 2019!

All of us here at the LIBM blog hope you had a smashing Christmas and very happy new year celebrations!

Hot mulled wine and book in woman hands. Relaxing in front of bu

I’m back at the desk now hoping to write up a storm as I’ve a hectic publishing schedule this year. But I’m also hoping to read more this year too.  I am a sucker for medical romances (any romances at all to be honest) but this year I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and read out of my comfort zone. Along with my weekly diet of all things love I have some other genres to try (any suggestions for any of the categories gratefully received):

Autobiography/memoir – my son bought me Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming

Science and technology – hopefully something that I can use in a medical romance!

Graphic novels/comic

History/Biography – I have a book about the Russian royal family, the Romanovs (who knows, a Russian doctor may be on the cards!)



Science Fiction

Non fiction

Young Adult – can’t possibly read anything but the Extinction Trial books by our very own Scarlet/Susan Wilson!!

Historical Fiction


What about you? Do you have any reading goals for 2019? Can I suggest a couple? (Gives a cheeky wink…)

  • Read all 6 new medical romance releases each month?
  • If you already do the (AND THANK YOU MUCHLY IF YOU DO!!) then how about: read a non-medical romance book by one of your favourite medical author/s (many of us write in other genres too. For more details look at our individual websites)

Happy reading!!

Oh, and I should probably let you know I have a new medical romance out, right now!

A Nurse to Heal His Heart by Louisa George

She makes him feel alive again. But can he heal her heart too?

Single dad GP Joe Thompson’s priorities are his daughter and his patients. It might’ve earned him a brooding reputation, but since losing his wife romance has been off-limits…until he meets locum nurse Rose McIntyre! Her warm smile and live-for-the-moment attitude soothe a pain Joe believed would never fade. But can Joe stop Rose running from her own secrets…and find comfort in his arms?

I loved writing this book and it has all the feels and a little bit of quirky ?magic? Fate?

I’m so glad my editor encouraged me to go off on my weird tangent! I hope you love it too.

Louisa George is an award winning author of books with humour and heart.
RITA finalist. Allergic to housework. Zumba addict. Visit her website for a complete list of her novels, which includes women’s fiction, contemporary romance and medical romances.