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Backlist Bingo!

Hello, this is Lynne Marshall, and I haven’t blogged at LIBM in ages, so just wanted to re-introduce myself. It’s great to visit again. As the Medical Romance authors motto goes – Once a Medical Romance author, always a Medical Romance author. >blushing and hugging myself<

Thank you for having me back!

My thirtieth book for Harlequin (Nineteen of which were for the Medical Romance line) will be released for the Special Edition line in 2020 (the final book of a trilogy, actually). I love to write trilogies and look forward to sharing the Taylor Sisters with the world, but that’s a blog for another day. My point is that after hanging around Harlequin for so many years, one of the perks is a long backlist, and backlists have expiration dates when the author can ask for the books back. Which leads me to why I’m here again blogging.

Any author will tell you of all their books there are always one or two that they hold a little closer to their heart. That’s how I feel about an entire trilogy I wrote for the Medical Romance line in 2009, which was published in 2010. It was set in Santa Barbara on the California coast, in a beautiful Victorian house turned medical clinic. Of course, that trilogy was never branded or promoted as a trilogy, and it sold accordingly. >clears throat<

That’s where the backlist is such a blessing for any enterprising author. I asked (begged) for my rights back for each book in that trilogy as the contract expiration drew near, and surprisingly was able to get the North American Rights returned for all three. Yippee! But North America meant I could only sell the books is US and Canada. Which is actually a good thing, since there is a huge digital untapped audience there who has never heard of me or my books. The downside is, the updated, retitled and beautifully covered books, aren’t available in the UK.


So why am I here? (besides telling you about my next release that UK readers won’t be able to get a hold of?) To tell you that all three books are still available in original digital format in UK, and, in fact, the book I’m specifically talking about today is also getting republished in France in September as Un Bébé, Tout Simplement.


Vote by raising hand, which covers do you like better?

(thought so)

July 17th was the release of book #2 – MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR – (formerly The Heart Doctor and the Baby) in North America. I hope you’ll check out the digital book wherever you’re located. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and the very first book the wonderful and lovely Flo Nicoll edited for me. For that alone, I will always cherish the book.


The contract was straight forward – no obligations. But there was something he hadn’t planned on…

Jon Becker, divorced father of teenage daughters, is dedicated to his job and looking forward to a sabbatical.
René Munro longs for a baby. Thirty-five and single, her options are limited. Except…her colleague and trusted friend, Jon, seems ideal genetic material! Dare she ask him to help make her baby dream come true?

Thanks so much for having me back. I love the Medical authors!

QUESTION: Of all the versions of the covers, or titles, which is your favorite? (Be honest. I can take it 😊)

Guest Blogs


Padraig Delaney’s pub connected to the family hotel

Greetings to Love is the Best Medicine blog and followers! It is always a treat to stop by and say hello.

We medical authors hang out in a virtual break room and often remind each other that though some of us may have moved to other Harlequin lines or to completely different genres (shout out to Fiona Lowe and Anne Fraser) we will always be considered one of the tribe.

Thank you for that!

I’m especially happy to be here to share this milestone!


I’m fortunate to publish three books over the next few months for the Harlequin Special Edition line in US, which is the new Mills & Boon True Love line in UK. It is still called Cherish in Australia, though. As it just so happens, the hero in the launch book FOREVER A FATHER, is a doctor. Surprised? I’m not. My loyalties to the medical profession will continue until the day I kick the bucket.

Daniel Delaney is a Doctor of Physical Medicine and has opened his own clinic back in his hometown of Sandpiper Beach. That is also where his family runs a quaint hotel. Some say you can never go home again, nor should you! But Daniel doesn’t see it that way. Returning to a family that loves and supports him is very important at this time in his life.

In this book, I get to introduce the entire family, Mom, Dad, brothers Mark and Conor, and including grandda Padraig, a real character, if you know what I mean. Plus three lovely women.IMG_3003 (2)

There are also a couple of medical scenes in the first book, one an emergency on Sandpiper Beach, and another where Daniel must relocate a dislocated shoulder using the Cunningham technique. I loved writing those scenes!

The Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach2
When I saw this logline written for the series, I thought, yeah, they nailed it.

I hope you’ll check out the trilogy to find out how eighty-five-year-old Padraig Delaney is up to his usual mischief and makes a bold promise that each brother will soon find the love of their lives. Where the seriously doubting brothers, one by one, fall in love, and finally might have to admit the old guy isn’t as daft as he seems.

Here is the UK cover and the book blurb


“Will you be my dad?”

Ask me anything but that.

Once upon a time, Dr. Daniel Delaney had it all. But he lost it in the blink of an eye, and he won’t let himself fall again—not even for his dedicated new assistant, Keela O’Mara, and her adorable, lonely little girl, Anna. Resisting a starry-eyed four-year-old is tough enough. Denying her perfect, loving single mom may be more than Daniel can handle…


QUESTION FOR READERS: If an author writes a trilogy, do you read them one by one as they come out, or wait until all are released and read them all at once?

Thanks for putting up with me again!
Lynne Marshall
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Thanksgiving in US and the Holidays to Come!

Hello LIBM! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, though I frequently stop by to read the wonderful posts by my favorite Medical Romance authors.  Though I’m writing for a different Harlequin line now, and a new small press, I still love to write doctors and nurses as main characters. My last Medical was out May 2017, Miracle for the Neurosurgeon, but I still feel part of this lovely group of authors.

Happy Thanksgiving beautiful turkey card

For USA readers, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Gobble gobble. We all have much to be thankful for, and it is nice to take time to think about those blessings, even if hanging out with “certain” relatives tests our patience. 😉

Now, since LIBM is an International website, I’d like to talk about some of my upcoming books for 2018 with Harlequin.

The Delaneys of Sandpiper beach

I’m excited to say that in 2018 I will have a trilogy out (Harlequin Special Edition in US and True Love line in UK, as well as Cherish line in Australia). FOREVER A FATHER, is book #1, where the hero is a Physical Medicine doctor. Here are the US and UK book covers. And yes, it is also (finally!) my twenty-fifth book with Harlequin.





However, I come with an ulterior motive today, to talk about my current release.


take two for christmas

Tracy Blevin is an RN, so there is that. 😉
I set out to write a Christmas book with a G rating for TULE Publishing, for those who want to enjoy a story that isn’t loaded down with angst during the holidays. Also for those who have friends and family who may not want to read hot romances, so they can share the book with them, too. The first draft was a little too breezy, and my Tule editor pointed out the ways I needed to dig deeper. I took her advice!

Here’s an ad lib snapshot of the story, though the final paragraph is right from the book blurb:

Hunter Wood is a good guy, just trying to make a living while venturing out with his own café. But life has a curve ball heading his way.

Tracy Blevin is still carrying around a grudge from her childhood, and really needs to let it go and move on, so she can finally see the great guy standing in front of her.

When a Montana winter car crash leaves a baby an orphan, Godfather Hunter, lives up to his promise, taking in the ten-month old. With the season of miracles upon them, Hunter can no longer deny his strong attraction towards Tracy. Is her life-long wish for her own family finally being answered this Christmas?

Available in Digital format only at these vendors:
Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
Google Play
Amazon Kindle UK

You can read the full blurb at any of the digital venues above or at my website. If you read the book, I hope it adds a little extra something to your holidays this year. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face. Above all, that was my goal this Christmas.

I have a BookBub ad scheduled for tomorrow, November 23rd, USA Thanksgiving Day, for the first book in the Charity, Montana series: Her Baby, His Love. Get it free and tell your friends!

Thanks for having me back!
Lynne Marshall




Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels


young wedding couple - freshly wed groom and bride posing outdoo
Summer Brides


Last year I was fortunate to be teamed up with Susan Carlisle, a true Southern Belle, for the Summer Brides duet.

Two unexpected journeys to “I do” – Two perfect summer weddings…


I thought I’d share three things that I especially loved about writing my story, WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC.


I’ve waited a decade to finally write a pathologist protagonist. I loved having my heroine on the job in a big hospital, carrying her load, doing frozen sections, reading slides, making diagnoses, all while falling in love. This was the first time ever I was told by my editor to cut back on medical detail. That’s because I was so excited to have my character do an autopsy, I may have gone a bit overboard. 😉 It was easy to dial back the details in two areas in this book, but I sure loved writing that autopsy scene!female surgeon with her surgical team on background


Setting a part of my book in Savannah! Fountain in Park

I love Savannah, Georgia, and when Susan Carlisle and I teamed up to write this Summer Brides duet, she mentioned she was having her book’s wedding at the Tybee Island Lighthouse. Bingo! Tybee Island Beach Lighthouse With Thunder And Lightning


I’d just visited that lighthouse, and also spent a few days touring around Savannah – one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever been to.

The city is blessed with a Historic District covered in cobblestone streets, gorgeous Colorful Historic Colonial Home Entrance With Flowers, Ivy And Pgardens, and oak-shaded parks in over twenty city squares. Mansions. Monuments. Fountains. Spanish moss dripping from oak trees. Atmosphere!

Old House With American FlagIn other words, picture book perfect. So my hero turned into a true southern gentleman who’d moved to L.A., and I fell in love. So did my heroine!



ZOMBIES! Yes, I put zombies in the book, and if you’d like to read more about how I got away with that, go here: http://www.lynnemarshall.com/blog-2


So there you have three of many reasons why I loved writing WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC. I haven’t even mentioned the gut wrenching love story between Charlotte and Jackson, two imperfect people who were perfect for each other and meant to meet and fall in love. Sigh. That was the best reason of all.

If you’ve ever visited the South (US) share with us. What was your favorite part? The food? The scenery? The humidity? (kidding)



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, Hot Docs!

Almost an Amnesia Story?

I am fortunate to be included in another Mills & Boon miniseries

Los Angeles at night
Skyscrapers in Los Angeles California at night

Welcome to The Hollywood Hills Clinic!

Where doctors to the stars work miracles by day—and explore their hearts’ desires by night…

Seduced by the Heart Surgeon by Carol Marinelli

Falling for the Single Dad by Emily Forbes

Tempted by Hollywood’s Top Doc by Louisa George

Perfect Rivals by Amy Ruttan

The Prince and the Midwife by Robin Gianna

My book is #6 – His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty


As doctors to the stars, these world-class medics are hand-picked by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr James Rothsberg, Head of the ‘Hills’. His clients expect the very best, and James delivers that and more – his team are global specialists in their field, unrivalled in their expertise and patient care.

Yet behind closed doors, when the pressure is on, sizzling passions run high – and for these dazzling docs, their biggest challenges are yet to come!

Passion, glamour, desire and drama …Hollywood_Sign_(Zuschnitt)

So where does the amnesia come in? Thankfully it doesn’t. But when I read the bible for the entire project and the story assigned to me, my first thought was – she’ll wake up with amnesia, oh no! I’ve never written an amnesia story, and to be honest, it is the trope (hook) I like least for books. All I can say is, I thanked my lucky stars when my character woke up asking “Is my baby okay?” Whew!

Here is a sampling of the International covers.  #1 is UK, #2 is Australia, #3 is US, and #4 is UK e-book version.

512HRpHFjwL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_                                MBM4

I hope you’ll give all eight of the books a read. We had a great time working as a group to iron out little things, and to make sure we got our parts of the overall continuity arc right leading up to James and Mila’s story in book eight.

9780373011148                         9781474037402_Outside_Front_Cover

If you read any of the books, why not write a short review and make an author very happy.


Until next time, make it a great one!

Lynne Marshall

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, The Writing Life


WaitingWaiting has always been the most difficult part about writing for me. It begins early in the process: Waiting for critique partners to read your pages; for contest entry results; for responses from agents after you’ve risked sending your baby out into the world.

Fifteen years ago, when I first started this crazy journey, agents would actually send rejection letters, most often form letters, but occasionally one would be written especially for the author, making a suggestion or two about how to improve on the manuscript. This was a rejection worth waiting for. These days, most agencies don’t even bother to respond. The new normal seems to be – no news means no. How rude, right?iStock_000077653867_Double.jpg

Harlequin is one of the only publishers willing to take un-agented manuscripts, which is great, but the wait time can feel endless! Waiting for “the call” doesn’t seem to compute with authors because no one ever suspects that call, do they? It always seems to take folks completely by surprise. And such a sweet surprise it is.

The call!jpeg.jpg

Even after getting published “waiting” remains a huge part of the process. Waiting for the editorial revision letter, then waiting for the reaction to your post revision manuscript. If the book is accepted there is more waiting to do – for the copy edits, for the publication date, then, for the cover, the author copies of the book, release day! After that, the scariest waiting period of all comes – waiting for reactions and reviews for the book. Inevitably, a silent unease sets in as the waiting begins for the offer of another book contract.

Never a day goes by without some form of waiting.Woman in business suit looks on the hand of the clock close up

Why am I lamenting about waiting, you ask? Because I am deep in the process of waiting for word on a proposal for a trilogy for another line at Harlequin. After over 17,000 words in the form of the first three chapters, and another 11,000 in three thorough synopses for all of the books, I’ve yet to make the hurdle of getting past my own editor. Once that is done I will wait for the thoughts/comments/rejection (?) from the senior editor of the other line.

So these days, waiting is first and foremost on my mind. Thankfully, I have another contracted Medical Romance to concentrate on, but it is hard to move forward with my subconscious pulling me back to the waiting game for that other proposal.

At least I don’t have to wait for the gorgeous cover for my next book. Isn’t she a beaut? This is book #6 in the Hollywood Hills Clinic continuity that I was lucky to take part in.

HIS PREGNANT SLEEPING BEAUTY will be out in June (though currently available for pre-order!)


512HRpHFjwL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Here’s the blurb:

Rescuing the runaway

When paramedic Joseph Matthews rescues a vulnerable pregnant woman left in a coma, he vows to be there for his sleeping beauty. Even though, after his ex-wife’s betrayal, everything about innocent Carey Spencer evokes bittersweet memories…mixed with unexpected desire.

As Joseph helps gorgeous Carey recover and build a safe new future for her unborn baby, can he gather his courage to give them the happy-ever-after they deserve?


Until next time, make it a great one!


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, Travels Around the World


DSC03291As many of you already know, I was fortunate enough to spend the last part of September and the first couple of weeks of October in Ireland. One of my absolute favorite places to visit was a gorgeous Georgian Manor Home set on the river Nore in Thomastown, County Kilkenny. Mount Juliet was built in 1757 by the Earl of Carrick and named after his wife, Juliet. How romantic is that?

My room:IMG_2293IMG_2228IMG_2227

The estate has gone through many different owners, and though the home boasts many original paintings and has maintained the lovely “bones” of the home, it is now a popular hotel with a Michelin star Restaurant named Lady Helen. There is also a really good off site restaurant called Kendalls at Hunters Yard. Beware, there is a rainbow trout farm nearby, and if you order fish for dinner it will come served with the entire head and eyes. I ate it anyway, and it was the most delicious trout I’ve ever had!











Besides being the setting for a modern day spa and golf course, it has maintained the grandeur of the classic country home, but now includes wedding packages. What is the draw? For starters, there is a nearby stud farm,DSC03296

a hundred-year-old bridge over the beautiful river Nore,IMG_2291

Gardens galore,





















and a hunting dog kennel, which is home to over one-hundred dogs! Each morning all of the dogs go for a five-mile run with their trainers, sans leashes! These dogs are happy campers and are well taken care of. Can you imagine the vet bills?















A top-notch Golf course adds to the beauty, as well as a luxurious equestrian center. What more could a person dream of?


Even though I’ve been home for months now, I still dream of my lovely time at the Irish Manor named for an Earl’s wife.

Tell us about your all-time favorite vacation!  Leave a comment.  Join the fun!

Here’s my latest Medical RomanceLM_FB_header_4

Australia A Mother forAustralia

Thanks for reading!







Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels


2015 and 2016 year written on sandy beach sea. Wave washes awayHappy New Year! I hope your holidays were spectacular and now you are resting up and getting back into your routine. Between you and me, I’m glad 2015 is over. Once we hit Halloween, it seems to all go downhill and there isn’t a chance to blink before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whew, what a wild ride.

The New Year is always something to look forward to. It’s a clean slate, a chance to start fresh, and many of us need that. Renewal is a good word, and we all need to renew our enthusiasm, hope, and perseverance with each new year.   I hope you’re looking as forward to starting again in 2016 as I am.

Speaking of 2016, I’m happy to say I will have three books out with Harlequin Medical Romance and I loved writing each of them for different reasons. January 1st was the release of A MOTHER FOR HIS ADOPTED SON, and I am blown away by the early reviews. Check out these reviews from CataRomance and Booked Solid. A writer can’t ask for better reviews than those.

So let me tell you a little about this book. Here’s the blurb:

Notoriously cool, calm and always in control, single dad Dr. Sam Marcus is facing every parent’s worst nightmare. His adorable adopted son, Dani, has cancer, and Andrea Rimmer is the only woman who can help! 

As Andrea treats his son, Sam sees the warmth and compassion behind her independent exterior. Can he prove to Andrea that she’s the only mummy for Dani, and that together their family is a perfect fit?

Now you may be tensing up and thinking, a child with cancer? No! Who wants to read that, it’s too heartbreaking, and everyone knows you can’t kill a child or a dog in a book if you want anyone to read it. Believe me, this story was a tough one to write, but trust me, I didn’t kill anyone off!!!!

Here’s what Sam, Dani and Andrea looked like to me when I wrote the book.Sam, Andrea and Dani

Why did I write the book? Because a few years ago I read an article in a magazine about a lady who was an ocularist. A what? A person who makes artificial eyes. Prosthetics. I found what she did fascinating, and when I decided to write a heroine who was an ocularist, well, I needed patients for her to help. Also, I really pushed the envelope of medical professional with her particular talent. Surprisingly my editor was completely onboard with this pairing of doctor and apprentice.


Australia A Mother for
Australian version


Before you make your decision about whether or not you want to read this book, I hope you’ll read the reviews on GoodReads, or at least the two reviews I linked to above. The main point is, this love story was both a challenge and a blessing to write. I had to delete and rewrite the original ending, about 5,000 words worth, then added 6,000 more words for the new ending, which was tough, but it made the book so much better. So it’s true, tackling hard topics isn’t easy and writing books where two people are supposed to fall in love in those difficult stories is an even bigger challenge. Believe me, I know! But I’m going to end by saying this, it was well worth the effort. I love Sam and Andrea’s story. That’s all there is to it, and that’s the best job satisfaction a person can ask for. Right?

Have you read or written a particularly tough storyline lately, or read one in the past that still sticks with you? Please share!

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new officesMany of you already know that Harlequin Mills & Boon United Kingdom recently moved from Richmond to London proper into the Shard London Bridge area. They are now part of Harper-Collins UK and have one large section of the 16th of 17 floors. The new building is very modern and high-tech looking with windows instead of walls. As you can imagine, the view is spectacular!


After my editor Flo Nicoll got clearance for me to enter the building, I was given a temporary ID card that I had to wear until I left and turned it back in. They don’t mess around with security, do they? Flo came to greet me downstairs and together we took the elevator to the 16th floor where Harlequin Mills & Boon has found its new home. Due to the gloriously sunny day, all of the window shades were automatically down so I didn’t get to actually see the above view. Still, the office is one big room with rows and rows of editor, assistant editor, and editorial assistant’s etc. desks.

The back lighting from the sun made my pictures all turn out dark, so I’ve tweaked them and though they aren’t the best, they’ll give you an idea of the setup.

DSC03141 (2)DSC03142 (2)

Left to right:  Flo Nicoll, Nicola Caws, Kathryn Cheshire, Sarah Packford (PA to Jo Grant), Pippa Roscoe.

I nearly broke into tears when I saw the group of happy faces waiting to meet me. Bubbly and non-bubbly was lined up for a lovely greeting toast, and Flo Nicoll was absolutely the most wonderful hostess, taking me out to lunch. I felt far more special than I deserved, but it sure was great.

Left to right:  Carly Byrne, Megan Haslam, Bryony Green, Izzy Gormenzano Marks (Great name!!!), Laura McCallum, Sheila Hodgson, Becky Wicks (Social Media), and Tilda McDonald.

They even posted one of my most recent Medical Romance book covers, number 19. Flo is so considerate, she put up Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad, since I supposed she knew that I wasn’t a fan of the UK cover for Father for her Newborn Baby, which is my 20th book. (Long story, read about it here)

DSC03147 (2)

Sheila and Flo made me feel welcomed and totally appreciated, and I will never forget how wonderful that was. Writing twenty books means something to the editorial team, and I’m happy to say I am currently working on twenty-three. Look out twenty-five here I come!

DSC03151 (2)

I got to sit at Bryony Green’s desk for this photo.  Flo’s is right beside Bryony’s.  Yes, that’s where all the heartache begins when we submit our books and wait for those revisions.

DSC03149 (2)

Flo and Bryony – The Romance line editors. See what I mean about high tech atmosphere.  This is truly the 21st century, folks.

So that was my very special day in London back on September 23rd. The next day was equally special spent with three fabulous M&B authors. But you’ve already read about that with this blog.

Here are the books I got all the fuss about from my wonderful publisher on the day of my visit. They are both out now as a duet in the UK and separate titles in NA, and are my first time ever writing cowboy type heroes. I hope you’ll check them out, if you haven’t already.


Ten years ago, little did I know that I was just about to get THE CALL.

That’s my hook, and yes I’m leaving you with it. I’ll be blogging about the most exciting day of my life (after getting married and having my children, of course) as a writer at my own blog at http://www.lynnemarshall.com  November 4th titled – The Day I Missed THE CALL.

Yes, another hook…it’s what I’m paid to do.


Thanks for reading!


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Foods We Love

My Two Favorite Summer Movies, 2014

by Lynne Marshall
I realize that summer is the time for blockbusters in the USA, but I basically skipped all of them after the second Captain America movie back in May. I did see a few unmemorable movies this summer, some very interesting stories in other movies, but I can’t quite say I loved them, and then two movies that I adored.
Chef and The Hundred-Foot Journey







Interesting that both movies involve food and have a romance. Two of my favorite things! And yes, the cooking scenes were inspirational, but what impressed me the most was the passion for cooking shared by both of the main characters in these movies. Like being an artist takes a certain kind of brain and training, world-class cooking not only requires a chef devoted to his craft, but one also possessing a natural knack for flavors and tastes that enhance each other, along with the nerve to take risks and push culinary limits.


The characters in both of these movies seemed to live and breathe food and all of its possibilities. I believed completely that both of them would die if cooking was taken away from them. The need to create exquisite dishes came from their souls.
If you haven’t seen either of these movies yet, I highly recommend them.

Now it’s your turn – what movie would you recommend for me?
I love just about every kind of movie including comedies, dramas, adventures and Science Fiction. However, I draw the line at raunchy immature humor – i.e. every movie Seth Rogan has ever been in.

Before I go, I’d like to share the cover for the Christmas anthology I’ll be in at M&B, isn’t it pretty?

Christmas by Request