Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Number 4o

Fling with Her Long-Lost Surgeon. This is my fortieth book to be published with Harlequin Medical Romance. And I got such a gorgeous hero on the cover. What could be better.

Back in 2010 when I sold my first book to Mills & Boon Their Marriage Miracle I could not imagine selling twenty, let alone forty books that I had written. I have to keep pinching myself that I’ve got this far.

What’s more there are plenty more to come.

Friends often ask me where the ideas come from and how I keep coming up with new stories. That’s easy. My head’s full of them. It’s getting them down on paper that takes the hard work. I love every step of the way. That has never changed in the past twelve years.

Fling with Her Long-Lost Surgeon – Is the surgeon from her past the answer to her future?

Gynecologist Georgie has sworn off love for good – she’s already last more than she can bear. So when brooding surgeon Blake returns to ton, the attraction zinging between them is something she should ignore. Yet Blake understands her more than anyone…Since he’s only back temporarily, a fling could be just what the doctor ordered! Georgie tells herself it can never be forever – until she realises how happy she in his arms.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The GP’s Secret Baby Wish

Copies of my 36th mills & Boon Medical Romance arrived on Friday and it was as exciting to hold as my very first one , Their Marriage Miracle, was ten years ago.

Scary how fast the time has gone, and here’s to the next ten years and loads more stories.

Today I sent in the second in a three book series I’m writing based around search and Rescue in the Central Otago Lakes District with Queenstown as the centre for my heroes and heroines. With the mountains, dense bush and lakes there’s plenty of scenarios for accidents and our medical saviours to do their bit.

Before starting book 3 I’m taking a couple of days off to attack the overgrown raspberry patch and get the house ready for a paint job. If the weather plays ball, that is. We’ve not had a wonderful spring so fingers crossed summer does a better job.

Have you got any jobs around the house that need attacking?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Another Week

Monday and I woke this morning to the bay being blanked out with fog which has now evaporated to leave a stunning blue sky and a winter sun with the sea only disrupted with gentle ripples.

I hope tomorrow is the same though I think rain is predicted. Tuesdays I go walking in the hills around here with a group of wonderful women. As we climb we talk non stop about the world’s problems, politics, and everyday things. I always return home invigorated and ready to settle down to work for the rest of the week.

But this Wednesday I’m going to a Pink Ribbon lunch for breast cancer. I’m looking forward to it, catching up with friends and getting carried away with the fund raising raffles, etc. I like to back these charities, especially as this one is special for me as I and two of my cousins had breast cancer some years ago.

And that’s my plans for the week so far, apart from sitting at my desk and getting the next book written. I’m writing a series about search and rescue in the mountains in southern New Zealand involving medical personnel. I’m really enjoying writing this first story of three.

So what are you up to this week? Anything exciting on the calendar?

The Nurse's Secret

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

And the Stories Keep on Coming

In these strange times, I have been luckier than many. Mr M and I live in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand so being under lock down wasn’t as difficult for us as it was for those in towns and cities. The quiet has been unbelievable even when it is reasonably quiet out here, to the point sometimes I thought an earthquake was coming. Not so good for my heart rate. But we still have the superb view from our deck and the beach only a hundred metres away, hills on three sides to walk around and a wonderful postie who has delivered all manner of items to Sounds residents over the past seven weeks.

For me, the best deliveries were the boxes of my latest book out, RECLAIMING HER ARMY DOC HUSBAND.


Reclaimng Her army Doc Husband

I’m also lucky with being an author because I’ve been able to carry on writing. I finished one book and am busy outlining the next.

So how did you manage with lock down? Good or not so easy? It’s certainly been an abrupt learning curve for everyone.

Take care and look after yourselves and your loved ones. Sue xx

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Writing Romance Is My Dream and I’m Living It

For me, writing romance stories is such an integral part of my day to day life I’d be lost without it. Not that I write every single day, but when I’m not writing the mind is still ticking over in the background about characters and their motivations. Some authors believe in writing every day to keep the flow going. I prefer to take weekends off and if I’m away on holiday the laptop stays behind.

I spent a lot of years dreaming of becoming an author and since it became a reality the dream has not dimmed.

Life throws up challenges at us all, and we all have different ways of dealing with those. Writing is my go to place, though sometimes even that doesn’t help, and then I’ll get the mixing bowl out and start baking, or ring a friend and suggest a glass of wine. Our home is in the Marlborough Sounds and I do a lot of walking in the hills and spend time out on the water, but writing is my zone.

Yes, I do switch off often because I have a hero of my own to spend time with, and friends and family I adore. Nothing gets in the way of them. Except those pesky characters who just have to nag from the back of my mind! Thank goodness for a patient husband. Who happens to be out fishing right now, hopefully bringing home the dinner.

Do you live your dream? And what is it?


Out now: A Fling to Steal Her Heart (Book 3 in the London Hospital midwives series)

In this London Hospital midwives story, following her painful divorce, nomadic midwife Isabella Nicholson is determined to put down roots. And where better than in London, with best friend obstetrician Raphael Dubois? However, temporarily living together leads them to an unexpected yet powerful attraction …And when Izzy discovers Rafe has been hiding his own attraction, the temptation suddenly becomes hard to resist.

A Fling to Steal Her Heart

Book 1 – Cinderella and the Surgeon, Scarlet Wilson

Book 2 – Miracle Baby for the Midwife, Tina Beckett

Book 3 -Reunited By Their Secret Daughter, Emily Forbes

Book 4 – A Fling to Steal her Heart, Sue Mackay

P1030250 At my daughter’s wedding. Yes, I did stop thinking writing, but it was so romantic who knows what might come from the day.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Things to enjoy

Winter – wet and cold, sitting around the fire and eating (or do you drink) lots of soup. I love making different types of soup: pea and ham, pumpkin, corn and leek, and loads more.

Looking forward to a trip to Port Douglas, Australia, next month. To get a dose of heat and wear clothes without sleeves and avoid all the layers that go with winter. Yes, I like winter, but hey, a dollop of sun doesn’t hurt. No soup there though. Think I’ll enjoy the prawns instead. Aussie prawns are the best.

Hearing how my six year old grandson is taking to skiing like the proverbial duck to water. Maybe a champion in he making??? No pressure, wee man.

And my next book due out in September. Taking a Chance on the Single Dad is set in Vancouver, one of my favourite cities. I spent six months there years ago and hope to get back for a visit sometime. Meanwhile, I’ve visited it through this story.

Dare she risk her heart with him – All over again? ER doc Brenna Williamson was heartbroken when her fiancé, paramedic Hunter Ford, left her behind to support his demanding parents. Now adrenaline junkie Brenna chases thrills but keeps her heart safe! Until Hunter, now a single dad, walks back into her life… Working together once again sets her pulse racing. There’s still chemistry between them, but dare she hope that this time he’ll stay-forever?

I had a blast writing this story, and hope readers enjoy it as much. It took me back to Vancouver and the memories I have of great times in the city and trekking out in the hills. We call trekking tramping in New Zealand which my Canadian friends loved pointing out was a totally different hobby to walking in the hills! I wasn’t into cycling then but would give some of the tracks a go if I went back.

Taking a chance on the single dad

What are you enjoying at the moment? The season, the kids or grandkids? Or reading a good book?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Bye Bye Summer

It was pitch dark when I woke at six this morning. Yes, I know, it didn’t happen overnight, but it seems to have come on fast. March is officially the beginning of autumn down here, but I’m not ready to let summer go.

But since I have to, let’s fast forward to spring. Spring’s my favourite season. The buds, the vegetable seedlings, the crazy wind and rain, the hot days followed by freezing ones – all full of promise for what’s to come in summer. (More rain, wind and soaring temps)

Truthfully, I enjoy all the seasons, would not like to live somewhere where it never got cold or hot. Cosy winter fires and hearty casseroles and soups. Autumn is easier on the body when I hit the road on my bike or walk in the hills. This summer has been harsh in our neck of the woods. Temperatures in the high thirties, no rain for three months and that had us checking our tanks every day in case the underground supply dried up. We were lucky. Then there were the fires. Again we were lucky.

But one of the things I enjoy the most is the first cup of tea of my day, sitting up in bed, curtains open and the view spread beyond the deck. And in summer we can do that from five o’clock onwards. My man and I have agreed that the day we don’t appreciate the view is the day we pack up and move to town. I think it’s a long way off.


At least I can escape to any season I like when writing my stories. At the moment I’ve writing one set in Sydney, so no change there, but the next one is part of a four book medical continuity I’m writing with Susan Wilson, Tina Beckett and Emily Forbes. It’s set in London in spring so watch out for these stories next year.

What’s your favourite season? Do you prefer the heat or the cold?



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

New Year, New Stories

New year and my to-do list is already ridiculously long. Maybe I’ll blog about what I did and didn’t achieve at the end of the year, but I know the ticked off list won’t be as long. That’s me.

Copies of my latest book, The Italian Surgeon’s Secret Baby, arrived via the mailman this week. I love the cover, one of the best I’ve had. And the story still gives me the warm fuzzies. It’s set in Sorrento, Italy, a town my man and I spent a week in a few years ago, and where I’d like to return when we next visit Europe. Not overwhelming, friendly, and full of history, we had an amazing time there, staying at a small family hotel where the owners went out of their way to make everyone welcome.

the italian surgeon's secret baby

As I finish revising my latest book, set in Vancouver, I am wondering where do my readers like to see the stories set. I’ve written stories set in Nice and Paris, Rarotonga, Fiji, Australia, Dubrovnik, England, on the Mediterranean. In my stories I’ve been to big, fast paced cities, small rural towns, war zones, emergency departments, ambulances and rescue helicopters, and the last one on a refugee ship (Redeeming her Brooding Surgeon, SOS Docs duet with Louisa George is due out later in the year) .

What are your favourite locations? A quiet village (there’s always lots going on even there) or a buzzing city? Do you prefer the urgency of emergency medicine or the slower pace of an ante natal ward? Do let me know.


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Playing Hooky

Hello everyone

This morning is so stunning here that I’m taking time out to just enjoy and make the most of this while sitting on the deck drinking way too much tea.

There are severe snow warnings out for down south and this picture is going to become full of rain this afternoon, so why not make the most of the moment?


It helps that I’ve got a friend staying too. She has headed down to the beach for a swim. You won’t find me joining her. It looks warm but it’s not. Not enough for me any rate.

Back to the writing tomorrow. I promise.


The Italian Surgeon's Secret Baby

What do you like to do when playing hooky?





Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Spring /Summer/ Winter

Okay, down here in New Zealand spring began on the 1st of this month, and what did we get? Rain, wind, and cold temperatures that had me keeping the fire going. Now I love the different seasons, but after one of the wettest winters on record in our district I was really looking forward to the sun making itself felt.

Finally the clouds did back off, the wind calmed down so much the water in the sound was like a mirror, and I got to wear summer clothes. Bliss. My office door was wide open and the flies arrived! Not complaining because so did the birds. Quail, sparrows, bellbirds, tuis and the wood pigeons to name a few. Now I’m happy. The tuis are fighting all the time; squawking, diving and chasing each other over the sky and into the trees. All part of the mating ritual though not quite how I like to write it in my books. The woodies are doing their balancing act on the power lines – they’re so big and heavy it is a constant battle to stay upright  on the wires.

Then we went back to winter. Yesterday the rain was like being under the overflow in a hydro damn, and further south was blanketed in enough snow to keep the ski fields open till late October, not usual here.

Today spring has returned. For how long I have no idea so I’m making the most of it. My thermals stayed in the draw when I went for my walk and yea, I feel rejuvenated. then my daughter rings and starts talking about plans for Christmas. Christmas? Is she serious? That’s months away. Three in fact. Only three. Forget the weather, now I’ve got meals to plan and presents to sort. Bring it on. I’m not as prepared as this guy.


Surprise twins for the Surgeonblog may 2