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Spring is in the Air


Spring is my favourite season and a couple of weeks ago it blew in with loads of rain and snow and then some sun. One day we have the fire roaring to keep warm and the next I’m in a tee shirt and light pants.

Spring brings chaotic weather, daffodils, green sprouts on my raspberry plants, and babies of the four footed variety. Yeah, and the human ones, but they come all year round.

love m 1

I belong to a walking group and once a week we hit the hills, sometimes following rivers, or the coastline, or, like on this last trip, we walk beside farms. Last week we went up a valley where spring was very evident in the green pastures, the chirping birds and these babies.

love m 3 love m 2

The alpaca was very curious, and I’d swear she laughed when I got a zap from the electric fence as I took the photo.  Which is why it’s blurry. I didn’t get another photo op as she raced away.

Spring also revitalises me. It brings hope and excitement, and I rewrite goals and plan to do way more than I can ever possibly get done. I’ve been writing lots these last two weeks, and long may that last.

Which is your favourite season, and why?

Falling For Her Fake Fiance


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Walking Is My Go To Place

FullSizeRender (2)Whenever I have a problem to solve I try to go for a walk. I deal with difficult plots, annoying people, and other day to day issues by striding out. It also helps the waistline!

Since I was a tiny dot trotting around after my dad on the farm, walking has always been my favourite exercise. As a teen I joined a tramping club and saw some wonderful places.

Yep, in New Zealand we call it tramping, but when I lived in Canada my flatmates thought I was talking another kind of tramp (not the under the bridge kind either) and insisted it was hiking we were doing. 🙂

My man and I have done some amazing tramps/hikes in the past that have lasted days. Once we were helicoptered into the mountains and took six days to walk out. It was a wonderful experience.

Yesterday we went for a short walk, three hours, on the Snout in Picton. It was great being out in the fresh air after the winter temps keeping us indoors. Did I solve my current plot problems? Nope. Or so I thought at the time, but this morning when I sat down and picked up a pen an outline flowed onto the paper so guess my brain was working overtime in the background.FullSizeRender (3)

How do you solve those annoying things that go round and round in your head?

Do you have a favourite place to go, or activity to do?




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Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Taking a Break

love is bestI am currently on a seven week trip on the other side of the world from New Zealand. We are visiting Europe and avoiding some of the southern winter.

And guess what? No writing is getting done.

Yep, the desk is cleared, the notes filed, the latest book signed off and I am free!

But not quite. The brain doesn’t stop thinking up story ideas not matter what else is going on in my life. Last time we went to Europe I remember writing plot notes sitting on the train and the long, tedious twelve hour flights heading to the northern hemisphere and then home again.

I have another M&B Medical to write when I get home and the hero and heroine will not play the game. They have issues, sure, but are they going to make it easy for me to sort them and give them the happy ever after? Not likely. Then there’s a crime story I’m writing and which needs lots of thinking about – but not while I’m tripping around Germany or Croatia please.

This is nothing new. Ever since I was a kid stories have tramped through my head. (Tramping is hiking in Kiwi speak – just so as you don’t get wrong ideas about me as a kid.) Going to bed meant making up stories not going to sleep. Guess that’s why taking a holiday from writing only means the fingers will be still, not the brain. Oh well, bring it on, and make that a bestseller please.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The Affects of a Great Story

I have discovered an author that really hits the mark.Book

I know Tami Hoag has been writing books for a while

but for some reason I’d never read one.

Well, I am now going to read everything she’s ever written.

I started A Thin Dark Line last Sunday while staying in town with a friend. At the end of chapter one (late at night) I got up and closed my bedroom window, then checked out the rest of the house to make sure we were safe. Not that we would’ve been if Ms Hoag’s protagonist had been on the prowl in Nelson.

This is a look into the dark side of people’s characters, and since I love crime stories, riveting. I only put it down when I absolutely couldn’t avoid appointments. As for that window? I was doubling checking everything.

And I want to read more, you say. Absolutely. This is writing at its best. Really drew me in.

Have you ever read a book that had you looking over your shoulder? Or considering situations in a different way?

On a lighter side, and with no interruptions to your sleep, here is my latest HM&B Medical. Set in the Sinai Peninsula with army medics, it’s amazing what can happen when the hero and heroine’s usual parameters are thrown aside.

Resisting Her Army Doc Rival


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Yee haa, Happy New Year Everyone

What does 2017 hold for you? Have you made resolutions? Or are you going to take each day as it comes?

I have started the year with a new editor at HM&B, and there is already a book sitting on her desk waiting for her comments. It is one I wrote in November and December. Since I started back at work I have been writing my half of a duet that Louisa George and myself are doing. It is scheduled to come out next Christmas. This isn’t the first time Louisa and I have done a duet and I love working with her. She’s such a great author and lots of fun too.


Then there are other books to plot and write throughout the year. Bring them on. I so love my work. Writing is one of those amazing careers for me and other authors.

My other big thing for 2017 is a seven week trip to Europe in May and June with my man. We are in the planning stages: air tickets bought, some hotels booked, and lots more in between to be decided. My other half is very methodical which means no sudden bookings, or getting them wrong, as would happen if I was in charge.

Half the fun of a trip is the planning – and arguing – and deciding what to see and what to miss out. I cannot wait. Very exciting.


But first I have to write some stories. Not exactly harsh punishment.

We have already spent nearly two weeks with our family, and the wee grandies are so gorgeous, if not exhausting. I’m sure we’re going to have lots more adventures in the back yard this year.

So that’s my year ahead. A very brief outline but so much to look forward to. I’m hoping you all are looking forward to the coming twelve months as much as I am.

Lots of happies everyone.resisting-her-army-doc-rival



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Some Light Relief

After the terrifying earthquake and the days of after shocks plus a storm to beat all storms in our area it was wonderful to come down to Christchurch two days ago to celebrate our grandson’s fourth birthday. All fun and laughter, chocolate and presents. What a perfect way to put the past week where it belongs – away in the memory box.


Yesterday was party day at the local train park. Perfect for all the little guys and girls.

Birthday boy on the Hamilton Jet train with dad, and Grampie with little sister behind them.


What better than a train cake. It was red, blue, green and yellow, and of course silly Granny Sue didn’t have her camera on colour.



One relieved mum that everything  went well.

One little miss enjoying CAKE. Didn’t we all?


Well worth the long trip down, and great to relax again.

Where would we be without our families. They are so special.


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

When I’m not writing I’m …

Hi there

Most of my week is spent sitting at the desk in front of my laptop trying to write stories.

But I do take breaks. patchwork Patchwork is one of

my past times, though why I like to cut fabric up into thousands of tiny pieces only to sew them all together again is a bit crazy.

Then there are the chooks to look out for. A few weeks ago a falcon swooped in and killed one of my girls so I had to spend hours putting up netting to protect the rest. So far it’s working.


The raspberry patch needed to be dug over and the plants split before replanting. That kept me out of mischief for days. Now I can’t wait for December and lots of yummy berries. The cherry tree is my next target as it needs pruning.


Now spring is here I’m testing the water temperature so I can get the kayak out again. I don’t use it in the winter as I haven’t got a wet suit and I always get soaked. The bike needs dusting and the tyres pumping too.

What do you do in your down time between work and chores? Note, I didn’t mention housework.

This is my current book on the shelves. Set in Wellington, NZ, with drugs and a gun totting villain in the first few pages.cover-dr-whites-baby-wish