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Welcome Author Ann McIntosh

by Susan Carlisle

I have the honor of introducing Ann McIntosh. She is our latest Medical author. I asked her to share a little about herself. Please welcome her with a hardy hello!


I discovered Medical Romance when:

I didn’t discover Medical romances so much as always knew they existed, since my mother was an avid Mills & Boon reader from before I was born. As I got older, and started getting interested in her collection, I often found myself reading books with medical settings. Betty Neels was a huge favorite of my Mum’s. 

I wrote my first story when: 

I *started* my first story when I was about seven years old. I had watched an old, black-and-white movie about a Privateer and a noblewoman, set in the Caribbean, and was completely horrified and disappointed when, in the end, the hero sailed off, leaving the heroine behind. As far as I was concerned, there should have been a happy ending, and I set out to rewrite the storyline to achieve that. I never finished it, but I think back on that story as sowing the seeds of my future romance writing career. 

Where do you live? 

I live in Melbourne, Florida (not to be confused with the one Down Under.) It’s on Florida’s Space Coast, but I find the easiest way to describe it is, about an hour and a half south-east from Disney World. 

My best trait is: 

Hmmm…that’s a hard question. I’d say perhaps my interest in and empathy with people, which often leads me to be able to see multiple sides of most arguments. 

My worst trait is: 

Gosh, maybe the fact that, as I’ve aged, my nonsense meter has gotten smaller, so my tolerance for drama is pretty low. However, my husband would probably say my worst trait is how completely focused I get when I’m writing, which means he sometimes realizes he’s been talking to himself for five minutes LOL! 

Five things on your bucket list:

  • Lots of travel
  • Getting fit (but I’m laughing as I write this, as not only am I sloth-like but I also LOVE food and drinking beer!)
  • Upping my writing game, so I’m making a living from it
  • Getting a degree, as I didn’t have the opportunity when I was younger and I love learning!
  • Taking a pottery course. I do a lot of crafting and this is the one area I’ve always wanted to explore.


Ann’s book is out on September 1. Be sure and give her a read.


She’s expecting a baby…but not to meet her Mr. Right!

After leaving her cheating ex, nurse Nychelle Cory decided to have the baby she’s always wanted through IVF. As she’s determined to raise her child alone, she must ignore her inconvenient attraction to gorgeous colleague Dr. David Warmington. Especially as David has his own reasons for not wanting a family. But could Nychelle’s long-awaited miracle help heal them both?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Life in a Turmoil

By Susan Carlisle


I like order. I keep files – in order. I make lists. I have to have things in their correct places and one job finished before I move on to the next one. Right now my life is completely disorder.


My husband and I recently bought some land and plan to build a house. Now we are in the process of selling the home we live in. It is filled with thirty years’ worth of stuff and memories. I won’t even allow myself to think about the memories because I will cry. I am focusing on the stuff. I am busy de-cluttering, which means throwing away, giving away and packing away the things that are more keepsakes than useful items. In other words, I am staging the house so it will show in the best light.


I am being tough on myself. I have given items away I would have never dreamed I would part with. Our new house will not have as much space and will be an open-living plan so there is less wall space. I have hesitated more than once about giving something away but have remain strong as a general rule. I did slip once. My grandmother always served jelly in a certain jar when I was a child and I just couldn’t give it up even though I don’t use it often.


So what does all of this have to do with my need for order? Almost everything is out of order in my house. There are boxes and things everywhere. The house is a general mess. That means I can hardly work on my current book because my world is in such a tumble. The one place that is neat and put together is my bedroom. It is the only sanctuary in the middle of the chaos.

Do you like order or are you good with upheaval?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Christmas in July Giveaway

I’m still giving away a book a day during my Christmas in July giveaway. Don’t miss out on your chance.

Christmas with the Best man 300

Each day during the month of July I’m giving away a copy of “Christmas with the Best Man” (Paperback/Large print). All you have to do is go to http://www.SusanCarlisle.com and sign up for my newsletter. Already on my list—no problem – just sign up again to enter the giveaway. (You will not get multiple newsletters.)

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

“Christmas in July” Book Giveaway


Each day during the month of July I’m giving away a copy of “Christmas with the Best Man” (Paperback/Large print). All you have to do is go to www.SusanCarlisle.com and sign up for my newsletter. Already on my list—no problem – just sign up again to enter the giveaway. (You will not get multiple newsletters.)

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

LoveLetters Convention

by Susan Carlisle

LoveLettersAs I reported in my June 11th and June 15th post I went to the LoveLetters Convention in Berlin, Germany in May. I was amazed at the number of readers who attended. The first morning of the event, a Saturday, I arrived forty-five minutes before the convention was to start and there was a line of over a hundred or more people standing outside the building. Security was letting about twenty people in at a time. A number of readers were already inside when I got in. I was shocked by the attendance and enthusiasm. But I have to admit I was excited to see them.

My first event was in a large room. I was on a panel about writing internationally that was moderated by the fabulous Annie West, a Harlequin Presents writer. Joanna Grant from Harlequin joined me along with a couple of German romance authors. We had a great discussion with a large crowd attending. A number of people asked questions which made the hour even more interesting. The main question for me was why I wrote medicals.

Side note: There was very little translating being done. The Germans spoke English often better than I did. They were tickled to get the English copies of my books. Many of them said they like to practice their English by reading in English. Also, they like the original version of the book feeling that the translated ones take away from the story.

My next event was also a panel. There were seven of us on it. Two of us from the US, two from Germany, one from Switzerland, France, and another from the Netherlands. We discussed writing for different countries, where we got our stories and again they were interested in why I wrote medicals. I enjoyed this panel as well.

BerlinThat afternoon I went on some blind dates. There were four different tables set up with four readers sitting at each table. Every ten minutes the time keeper would tell the author to rotate to another table. While I was at the table the readers had a chance to ask me questions. I thought it was a great way to meet them. I gave away books and goodies. They seemed happy with them and I think I made a couple of fans. (Horrible picture of me, I know, but you get the idea.)

My final thing for the day was a Meet and Greet. This was held outside under a tent. I stood at a high table and signed autographs. Sometimes it was the convention booklet and others times it would be something that the reader had put together.

The next morning started much the same. I was up early to get to the event. I had to walk because the Tram was down for service but I made it in time. The first thing on the agenda was a Q&A with Annie West. We sat on a sofa and discussed our books, characters and answered questions from the people who came to join us. This wasn’t heavily attended but I enjoyed it the most. Annie and I played off each other well and those that attended were really interested in what we said. I would love to do more of this type of thing.

I also did a reading from one of my books. It was nice as well. I took a few questions before it was the next person’s turn. I also did a workshop on Doctors in Popular Culture. Using power point, I showed different doctors on TV, movie and real life. I talked about how they had evolved and why I thought they were so popular. I didn’t have a great attendance but those that were there were engaged in what I was saying.

Berlin3The last event was the big book signing. For me book signings are either feast or famine. This event was no different. The larger name people were the first the readers went to. I worried up until the last fifteen minutes that I wouldn’t sign all my books. The readers were allowed to get three books then they had to go outside and get another three tickets and come though again. This went on until all the books were gone. In that last fifteen or so minutes I signed about forty books. All my books found a happy home.

The LoveLetters Convention was a tightly run ship. I was plenty busy, which I was glad to be because I had come so far I wanted as many chances as possible to meet readers. I think I got that. I hope I am invited back. I thought it was well worth my time. I have to give kiddos to the women who worked so hard to make it an excellent event.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Road Trip

by Susan Carlisle

For those of you that read my May 11th post you know that I’ve recently been to Paris. My trip continued with the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin the next weekend. Look for more on that on my blog on June 20th.

Between the events my husband and I spent the week making our way to Berlin. We decided to drive. The first day we made it as far as the Rhinestein Castle on the Rhine River in Germany.


I love castles and have started making it a point of staying in one whenever I visit Europe. In fact, I even have a book about castles that have been turned into hotels. Rhinestein Castle is a particular wonderful one. We spent a couple of hours looking through every nook and cranny and climbing to the top of the oldest turret. The view was unbelievable. The castle was the perfect place to decompress for a day.Rhine

The next morning we headed for Nuremburg, Germany. By the way, my husband loved the autobahn. Going fast gave him a thrill. As a passenger, me not so much. We stayed in old town inside the medieval castle walls. Nuremburg is a lovely city. We walked around the cobbled stone streets that evening and finished up with a before breakfast walk the next morning. We were early enough that I had a chance to enjoy seeing children dressed for school and watching parents taking them. Many young families lived in the old buildings. Because there was a pet convention in town there wasn’t a place for us to stay another night so we decided to go on to Prague, Czech Republic. On our way out of Nuremburg we stop to see Hitler’s parade yard and colliseum.




The scenery between Nuremburg and Prague is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I was glad we drove so we could get a good view. Prague is an amazing old city as well. The fact it has remained so well preserved is great but it makes it a difficult city to drive in. Few of the streets are straight for any distance but the architecture is unreal. There is even an unbelievably large castle which is still the seat of government. Notice a castle theme here? Prague is almost more than a person can take in on one visit. We enjoyed a boat ride along the Vltava River as part of our hop on hop off bus ticket. It was a nice peaceful way to see part of the city and appreciate the architecture . We finished our visit with a walk across the Charles Bridge.prauge

Leaving early we drove to Berlin the next day. There we spent a day sightseeing before I had to spend the weekend at the LoveLetter Convention. We had been to Berlin before and stayed on the western side but this time we had a small flat on the eastern side. It has a younger hipper vive to it. There we had a chance to feel like a member of the community for a few days.

It was a busy week of driving, sightseeing and walking but well worth it. We enjoyed our visit. It made everything in the US seem very young.

Just an extra note. I have a new book out on July 1.

300 Bombshell

One night, unexpected consequences…!

But can they be a family?

After sparks fly with Dr. Gabriel Marks at a conference, nurse Zoe Avery’s left with a permanent reminder of their night together. Knowing Gabe doesn’t want kids, Zoe decides she’ll have the baby alone. Then Gabe moves to the same city just as pregnant Zoe needs a temporary home. Gabe comes to her rescue, but can they overcome their hurdles and become a family?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Festival du Roman Feminin Paris

by Susan Carlisle

Paris3One of my favorite things to do as an author is to meet readers. Since medicals sell so well in France I thought I’d make a trip to Paris to attend the Festival Du Roman Feminin.  I’m glad I did.

Friday, the first day of the Festival started as a beautiful day. I stayed near the MAS Paris which was the event venue and was able to walk there. Staying close was a smart move because I had to carry a number of things with me. As I came in the building I was greeted warmly by those that had organized the event. The MAS has three floors and they were crowded with authors and readers by nine. There was coffee and Danish set out for everyone.Paris1

The first panel I attended was made up of a group of French bloggers. It was all in French which was not translated and I understand very little of what was being said but despite that the panel’s enthusiasm for reading romance shined through. I was impressed. What’s not to love about anyone who loves the same thing you do?

The first event I was involved in was a panel about Writing a Riveting Story in 200 Pages. I shared the panel with some fabulous Harlequin authors Katherine Garbera, Alison Roberts, and Annie West. We each answered a number of very well thought out questions. Each of our answers had to be translated to the crowd. I could only admire the effort the translators put into their work.

Later that day I shared a panel with a French author Maia Loup. We discussed Leaving Everything to Begin New Elsewhere. We talked about starting a new book and what we did to come up with new ideas. The room was full and we were well received, I think. Again everything had to be translated so there was only time for about three questions.

The last panel for the day I shared with Sabrina Jeffries and Annie West. We had a lively discussion. The hostess had prepared thought provoking questions and we (the panelist) played off each other well with our answers.

That evening the Harlequin authors joined two of the staff from the HarperCollinsParis office for drinks on a barge on the Seine River. We had a great time laughing and telling stories. Afterwards the authors had dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.

The next morning started early with me being on the first panel of the day. This one was titled Heroes with a Golden Heart. I shared the table with Alison Roberts and Virginia Heath. Again we had a great discussion. The French aren’t known for asking questions but we had a number of them asked out of this group.

Paris2   On Saturday, I also did a Meet and Greet. This was held in a hallway with a number of other authors. We each had individual tables where we signed books we had brought with us and gave away goodies. I had brought some of my English books and the readers were glad to get them. I gave out bookmarks and highlighters. The readers liked any goodie they could get.

The day and the Festival ended with the book signing. The authors were stationed on all three floors of the building. HarperCollins had provide the French version of one of my books and I’m happy to say they all were taken by readers. I wasn’t

Paris  the hottest ticket at the Festival but I was pleased.

That evening the organizers of the festival were kind enough to invite all the authors to dinner as a thank you. This author thought she should have been buying them a meal. They had worked hard and put on an excellent event. I only saw happy authors and even happier readers.

I have to add that the cherry on top of the Festival was meeting and in some cases getting to know better my fellow Harlequin authors. They were and are a warm, fun and intelligent group of dedicated writers.

Paris is the city of love and I felt loved at the Festival du Roman Feminin.