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Making a list and checking it twice…

By Susan Carlisle


Santa and I share one habit- we make a list. Actually I make more than one list. I make lists for everything. Writing this blog is on a list. My office is downstairs. If I don’t want to make more than one trip up then I have to make a list of what I need to bring from upstairs down.

Thankfully you won’t find a Christmas list showing here. I have all that one done. Tomorrow my family will be having their Christmas together so I had to get that list done sooner than most. I do have a list for food to prepare and also what I will fix for a few of us on Christmas morning.


One of these is for my office work. Yes, I have edits and writing to do – on not one but two books. Along with a few projects that need to be done. I never mark something off the list until it is completely done. I’m always adding to my list. On this one a ring is covered, the other two I have to do. The chair seats are covered. Part of the HQ outfit is cut out. Blog done!

I also have a list for items that have to be picked up in town. I have already started a list for what I’ll need on a trip in the spring.

These are just a few of the lists I’m working off of right now. Because of the holidays I’m playing catch-up. The best part is marking through the things done and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

Also on my list is to share I have a Christmas book out right now. I will also have a book out in January.

Before I go I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Highland Doc's Christmas RescueFirefigther's Unexpected Fling



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Pups That Make Miracles – a New Four Book Christmas Continuity


by Susan Carlisle

If you like the idea of Christmas in Scotland, love dogs, castles, and damaged characters who find their happily-ever-after this new continuity is for you.

It all takes place at Heatherglen Castle that has been turned into a physical therapy clinic that specializes in pet therapy as part of the recovery. In conjunction with the clinic is a veterinary clinic on the estate that cares for the dogs and a staff that trains them.

Annie Claydon, Annie O’Neil and Karin Baine and I make up the authors of the continuity. I had the honor of writing the first book. (No pressure there!) Below you will find an excerpt from my book Highland Doc’s Christmas Rescue. It will be out on November 1.

Look for more excerpts from the other books in the near future.

Warning: In these books there is snow on the ground, Christmas in the air and love to be found at Heatherglen Castle Clinic.
Highland Doc's Christmas Rescue (Pups that Make Miracles Book 1)

AS THE TAXI rolled up the rise Cass Bellow looked out the window at the snow-blanketed Heatherglen Castle Clinic in northern Scotland. Why had she been sent here?
MORE THAN ONCE she’d questioned her doctor’s wisdom in transferring her to this private clinic for physical therapy. Weren’t there plenty of other places in warmer climates? Particularly in her native US. Or, better yet, couldn’t she have just gone home and handled what needed doing on her own? But, no, her doctor insisted she should be at Heatherglen. Had stated that he sent all his patients with extensive orthopedic injuries there. He declared the place was her best hope for a full recovery. Finally, at her argument, he’d bluntly told her that if she wanted him to sign off on her release she must complete her physical therapy at Heatherglen.
As the car came to a stop at the front door she studied the Norman architecture of the building with its smooth stone walls and slate roof. The place was huge, and breathtaking. There were more chimneys than Cass had a chance to count. This place was nothing like what she’d expected. Though it was early November, festive Christmas wreaths made of greenery and red bows already hung on the outside of the lower floor windows. They further darkened her mood.
When she had been given the search and rescue assignment assisting the military after an explosion in Eastern Europe, she had never dreamed she’d end up in traction in an army hospital on a base in Germany. Her shattered arm and leg had finally mended, but she needed physical therapy to regain complete use of them. Now she’d been sent to this far-flung, snowy place to do just that. All she really wanted was to be left alone.
She opened the cab door and wind blasted her. Despite the heat coming from the still running car, she shuddered. As Cass stepped out, one of the large wooden castle doors, decked with a huge Christmas wreath full of red berries, opened. A tall man, perhaps in his mid-thirties, with the wide shoulders of an athlete stepped out. With rust-colored hair and wearing a heavy tan cable sweater and dark brown pants, he looked like the epitome of what she thought a Scottish man should be. As he came down the few steps toward her, he smiled.
“Hello, you must be Ms. Cassandra Bellow. I’m Dr. Lyle Sinclair, the medical director here at Heatherglen. You may call me Lyle.”
His thick Scottish brogue confirmed her earlier thoughts. Yet she was surprised by the way the sunny cheerfulness of his voice curled around her name, nudging at her icy emotions. Irritated, she pushed that odd notion away. This doctor was far too happy and personable for her taste. Her goal was to do what must be done with as little interaction with others as possible. She planned on nursing her wounds in private.
“Yes, that’s me.” To her satisfaction her flat, dry tone dropped the brightness of his smile a notch. If she could just get to her room and collapse she’d be happy. Her right side was burning from the ache in her arm and the agony of putting her full weight on her right leg.
“Flora McNeith, the physiotherapist whose care you’ll be under, couldn’t be here to greet you and asked that I get you settled in.” Concern filled his face. “Do you need a wheelchair? Crutches?”
“No, I can walk on my own. Run, that’s another thing.” She pulled at her jacket to stop the biting flow of air down her neck.
A light chuckle rolled out of his throat and over her nerve endings. “I understand. Then let’s get inside out of this weather.” He looked up at the sky. A snowflake landed on the dark red five o’clock shadow covering his cheek.
Cass averted her eyes and gave the cobblestone drive, cleared of snow, a searching look. It was farther than she wanted to walk, yet she wouldn’t let on. The three steps up to the door looked even more daunting.
All she needed was fortitude to make the walk and climb those steps. She had plenty of that. Soft snowflakes continued to drift down as she took a deep breath and steeled herself to put one foot in front of the other. With another silent inhalation, she started toward the entrance. Dr. Sinclair walked beside her.
She managed the first two steps with no mishap but the toe of her short boot caught the edge of the last one. Grabbing at air, Cass finally found the fabric covering Dr. Sinclair’s arm. She yelped with the effort to hold on. Being right-handed, she’d instinctively flailed out that arm and immediately regretted it. Pain shot through it, but not as sharp as it had been weeks earlier. She gritted her teeth, thrusting out her other arm to ease the fall.
Instead of tumbling onto the steps, her body was brought against a hard wall of human torso. The doctor’s arm circled her waist and held her steady. Her face smashed into thick yarn. A hint of pine and smoke filled her nose. For some reason it was reassuring.
“Steady on, I’ve got you.” His deep burr was near her ear.
Cass quickly straightened, getting her feet under her even though pain rocked her. She refused to show it, having already embarrassed herself enough. Her lips tightened. “I’m fine. Thank you.”
Glancing at him, she got the weirdest impression that the concern in his eyes had nothing to do with her physical injuries, as if he was able to see her true pain. That was a crazy idea. She shook that odd thought off and focused on where she was.
Taking a third fortifying breath, Cass stepped into the massive foyer.
No way was she going to let him see the effort it took to keep walking. She’d lived through much worse.


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Covered Bridges of New Hampshire

By Susan Carlisle

I have spent time recently driving around the windy, narrow roads of New Hampshire looking for covered bridges. Some are amazing. Many have been redone in the last 40 years to preserve them.


Why a covered bridge you ask. Because the cover protects the wood. A wooden bridge built without a cover will last 20 years. One with a cover will last up to 100 years. With the cold, rain and snow of New England having a covered bridge just made since in the 1800s.


There are over 70 in the state of New Hampshire. No, I didn’t try to see them all in the same trip!

IMG_0254 (1)

IMG_0234 (1)


Most of these are still working one-way bridges that people travel to and from work and school on daily.

I hope you enjoy a little bit of my adventure.

Have you ever visited a covered bridge?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

The Tale of Two Cities

By Susan Carlisle

I know you’re thinking you’ve heard that title before but it is still apropos for my post today.


I recently attended the national conference for romance writers in New York City. There is a lot to do and see there. I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Live with Kelly and Ryan Show, the Today Show, had afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel and stayed in a hotel in Time Square.



The best of all was seeing all the medical authors I don’t see but once a year, sometimes for two or three years. Getting together with them is wonderful. It is an excellent group of ladies to be associated with. Those were pluses.


The negatives were the crowds, the lights that were on all the time, the emergency vehicles’ sirens going off all the time, the noise at 3 pm that woke me out of a sound sleep and the rude lady at the post office. I was ready to come home after the first three days.


All I wanted to do was to go home to my small city where it was quiet at night, I could feel the wind on my face, and the trees were taller than anything else around them and green. I wanted to walk in the cool grass and drive my own car. When I made it home my heart felt the saying: Home Sweet Home.

I will go to New York again, I’m sure, and I’m pretty sure I will be just as eager to return home. One thing about traveling is that you learn to appreciate what you have.

Where have you traveled that made you long for home?

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12 Days of Christmas in July Giveaway

12 Days

Hi everyone. I’m doing a “12 Days of Christmas” in July Giveaway.  All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already done so. You can join my newsletter list at http://www.SusanCarlisle.com  

Between July 12 and July 24, I’m drawing daily one lucky reader’s name. Yes, I have already started but it isn’t too late to get involved. The lucky winners will get two books and some other special goodies. Join the fun and Merry Christmas in July!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Radio Contests

By Susan Carlisle

alex-blajan-99475-unsplash (1)I’m not sure about radio contests. You know the ones where you call in and play a game, or like the one going on with my local station where listeners text in answers. I’m never quite sure what to do or what numbers to call.

My station is running a contest for a trip to see Taylor Swift in New York City. Now, I admire Taylor. I believe she can sing, but more than that I think she’s a great business woman. So when this contest started I thought why not try to win and take one of my family members with me.

dylan-mullins-1351416-unsplashSo this is how it goes – I think. Once an hour one of Taylor’s (I call her that because we are so close. Ha!) songs is played after that I’m to text the word that is given in the commercial before it. The keyword is said so fast I almost don’t catch it but have manage to do so a few times. I then text the word and get a message that I’m entered. As I understand it the more I text the more times I am entered. I haven’t figure out if it has to be a certain keyword per hour or any of the list of keywords I now have. To make it worse each time I text there is some data charge, again I think, and I have no idea what that amount is. When I get my phone bill there is a possibility that I could have paid for concert tickets outright.

Taylor_Swift_Feat._Kendrick_Lamar_-_Bad_Blood_(Official_Single_Cover)So you are asking why I am doing this. I am too truthfully, but I’ve been doing it for three days now and have two more to go. What keeps me playing is that I could win the trip. It would be like the old saying, “Even a blind hog can find a nut.” In my inexperience, I might just win.

I have already decided that I won’t make a habit of entering radio contests, they’re just too stressful for me and I don’t like feeling as if I were hunting the light switch in the dark. I’m I radio challenged? I’m starting to think so.

P.S. You’ll hear my squeal around the world if I do happen on the nut, uh ticket.

Do you enter radio contests? Do you ever win?


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Welcome to our Newest Medical Author– Deanne Anders

By Susan Carlisle

Hello everyone. I have the pleasure and honor of introducing Deanne Anders today. She is our latest member of the Medical line. Her first book is due out in June. Readers you don’t want to miss it. I asked Deanne to share a little about herself. So here goes.


I discovered Medical Romance when: I was looking at the guidelines for submitting to Harlequin when I found out that they published medicals. Being in the medical field I was immediately intrigued and after reading them I knew I wanted to write for the line.

I wrote my first story when: probably around twelve when me and my best friend discovered boys. I’ve always been a romance kinda girl.

Where do you live? The Northwest Florida/ Southern Alabama state line runs through my back yard which means my house is in Florida and our barn is in Alabama. It can be very confusing with taxes and utilities.

My best trait is: I’m very much a by the book kind of person which is great as a nurse when you are dealing with policies and procedures, but not so great when it becomes an OCD problem in life.

 Five things on your bucket list: writing for Harlequin was my number one for years so I’m thrilled to have crossed that one off of my list. Here’s my new top five.

 1. Meet Nora. (do I even need to add a last name for this one). Hopefully someday I can take a trip to Boonsboro.

2. Finish my Amazon Warrior series (hard bodied navy seals, greek gods behaving badly and kickass amazon warriors)

3. Finish Disney’s Princess Run

4.Visit all 50 of the United States (I’m working on this a little every year)

5. Visit the historical sites of Europe.



The family she’s always wanted…

With the man she doesn’t expect!

Midwife Lana Sanders is about to adopt little Maggie, and gain the family she never thought she’d have, when pediatrician Trent Montgomery arrives claiming to be Maggie’s uncle! Lana won’t give up without a fight, but resisting the tempting Texan is her greatest battle. They work well together in the delivery room and sparks fly in the bedroom, but can Lana trust Trent with her heart?