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The terrible anguish of dark words by Amy Andrews

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m in such a rage at the moment it makes writing/blogging kinda hard. I was stuck with what to talk about in a world where an aging despot is trying to hold onto the faded glory days of empire and his relevance by pummeling the hell out of a much smaller country while the world sits on its hands, a pandemic is still ravaging populations and humans, by and large, just don’t seem to get it and a bunch of people who have a uterus suddenly got the shaft.

But then I realised what a great word rage is. Four letters and yet it’s so meaty. It sounds pissed off and angry. Even its derivatives – enraged and outrageous, are great sounding words. Fury is another good one. The ability to emphasise the u really gives it substance. Grim is also utterly descriptive.

So today, I’m finding resonance in the murky words of despair. I will go back to thinking about rainbows and unicorns but today is not that day….

Anyone else want to wallow with me in the terrible anguish of dark words? Do you have a fave?

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Their Marriage Worth Fighting For

Next month I have a new release! Their Marriage Worth Fighting For, which is Book 3 in the Night Shift in Barcelona quartet!

Book 1 – The Night They Never Forgot (Scarlet Wilson)

Book 2 – Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell (Traci Douglas)

Book 3 – Their Marriage Worth Fighting For (Louisa Heaton)

Book 4 – From Wedding Guest to Bride (Tina Beckett)

This is the blurb …

A chance to mend their marriage…

…for good?

After experiencing three devastating miscarriages, midwife Grace and neonatal surgeon Diego find their marriage hanging by a thread. But on one summer night at Santa Aelina University Hospital, they are forced to work together on a challenging case. Now, with nowhere to hide, they must finally confront their heartbreak… Can they also rediscover the joy and love that made their marriage so special?

I had great fun writing this one! I’d been involved in writing a duet before, but not a quartet and so this was a new learning experience for me. Normally, as a writer, you write alone, but with a quartet and lots of scenes that intermingled with other author’s books, there had to be a lot of collaboration and communication, to make sure we got aspects of our stories right!

It was a challenge and even a little scary for me, but one I really enjoyed.

My previous book, Their Marriage Meant To Be, was about a couple who had experienced the loss of a child, so to go into this story next, writing about loss again, was difficult, but as the characters and setting was so different, I was still able to bring a freshness to this story – something I’d worried about greatly, in case I’d already said it all in Their Marriage Meant To Be!

Grace and Diego were two lovely characters to write about. Even I was rooting for them to get back together from the beginning, but obviously I needed to torture them a little first! I really hope you’ll enjoy this quartet of stories!

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Using the Noodle

As if life wasn’t already showing me clearly just how old I’m getting, my high school class is about to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our graduation!


How could time have gone by that quickly???

Wasn’t it just yesterday that this was what I saw in the mirror?

Now, mind you, back then we started school at two or three years old, so I graduated high school at fifteen, but still! Ugh…

The Queen’s High School crest. The school was established in 1953, and named in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne the previous year. The motto translates to: May she Flourish in Wisdom and Virtue. Clearly I didn’t live up to that, but the school gave me an excellent academic base nonetheless!

And I’ve found myself even more than ever doing ‘old people’ things, like walking into a room and standing there, wondering why I went there in the first place. And leaving things in places, then forgetting where on earth I put them. Even starting this post, stopping to look something up, and then suddenly remembering I needed to finish it, ten minutes later! So, I decided to start doing a few little things to keep my brain a little sharper.

Strange as it is, I’ve never been terribly good at word games. Long ago I used to do The Times cryptic crosswords with my father, and enjoyed them. I got good enough that we would both do it individually during the day, and compare notes at night, often completing each other’s copy. But because they depend a lot on popular references, I haven’t found a US equivalent that pulls me in the same way.

Jumbles would frustrate me, because I took so long to solve them, and the occasional time I can solve the Spelling Bee pangram is more a source of amazement than anything else.

Then, I noticed people talking about ‘Wordle’ online, and tried it. Now I’m hooked, both on it and on Quordle, which is where you have nine tries to figure out four separate words. Have they really helped stave off my forgetfulness? I don’t know, but I hope so, because I’m going to keep on doing them.

Do any of you have any suggestions for games or puzzles that will help keep my noodle working well? Drop them in the comments, if you do!

And, because I’m so excited about my upcoming release One Night Fling in Positano, I thought I’d share the cover and blurb again.

I love this cover soooo much!

Can one night of passion… 

…change her whole life? Nurse Kendra lives a jet-set life. Who needs a home and family when they only let you down? So when meeting gorgeous Massimo in Positano results in one unforgettable night, Kendra has no regrets—until he turns out to be her new boss! Continuing their fling is risky, but also irresistible… Under the red-hot Mediterranean sun, will Kendra realize it’s not her fling that’s at risk but her no-strings-attached relationship rule?

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Would you read a book if it included all the details of life?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working in the yard. I’ve planted flowers, cut back limbs, sprayed for weeds, blew the drive off and added rock pavers. Inside there has been clothes to wash, dry and fold, and worse hang up. What about putting the toilet paper on the roll when it is empty? Dirty dishes to load in the dish washer, and clean ones to put up. Floors to sweep, and the list goes on and on.

Do we, as readers really want to know all the tiny details of living? I don’t think so. We want to know that the characters share a meal, but we don’t care about how it got to the table. I read to escape my everyday life. For me that means leaving those have-to-do details out of my reading.

How much detail do you like to see in a book?

If you really want to escape life for awhile try my book about hot air ballooning – Racing to You.

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With love from Fiona McArthur

Helloooo, big smile here, it’s Fiona McArthur waving to lovers of medical romance, from Australia. We’ve hit winter and the winds are blowing so hard all the gorgeous red and gold autumn leaves from the liquid amber have filled the gutters around the house. I might need to clean those out before we have the next rain for our water tanks. Still, there’s so much water still lying around from the floods that we don’t need water yet. This photo was taken this morning at sunrise.


We live on a farm most of the time and have been a part of the local community for nearly forty years where I loved my job as a rural midwife and my husband was a paramedic. Now we’re transitioning to an even smaller town at the beach, one with just over four thousand people. I love small towns and I love to write about them.


One of my favourite small towns to write about is Wirralong, a fictional, old-gold-mining town in Victoria. The series runs with multiple authors, and this is my fourth book for Wirralong. Mine’s a medical and all my midwives are friends, so there’s continuity there in the Outback Babies. This time we started with Barbara Hannay, then Trish Morey, myself and the fabulous Kelly Hunter to close up for this series.


My book, The Baby Whisperer, came out yesterday, on the 9th June and I think Eli is one of my favourite ever heroes. This book is about healing and learning to trust your heart. My leading lady is Stephanie, a midwife and a mothercraft nurse.

After losing her dad, her brother, and then her husband fighting fires over in Western Australia, Stevie makes a new life across the continent in Wirralong. The last thing she needs is another hero. Of course, then she meets Eli, grandson to a Polynesian pirate, risk-taker and her new, gorgeous builder. Seriously, the guy is hot, awesome with babies and makes her a moon gate just because he can. But she is not losing anyone else. No. But it’s such a struggle to stay focussed on not falling fall for Eli… If you like the sound of that, and it is fun, with cranky babies and house renovations, and of course – a new baby born …you can buy the book here


That’s it from me until next time, I’ve just handed in my ‘Twins in a Lift’ book, and wasn’t that fun, for Mills and Boon which will be out next year. It’s called A Father for the Midwife’s Twins. Stay safe, stay smiling and wishing you gorgeous books that make you sigh in pleasure. Lots of love xx Fi

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June New Releases

Happy June!

We have some brand new releases for this month.

Congrats on Julie Danvers for her 5th book which is part of the Portland Midwives Duet.

The Vet’s Unexpected Houseguest by Juliette Hyland

In Juliette Hyland’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance, risking your heart is always a daunting task, but it’s almost always worth it, especially when romance comes knocking on your front door…

Her new colleague……is also her new roommate! Widowed workaholic Kit has dedicated her life to her patients. She’s determined to be the best vet in town and prove herself to those who’ve doubted her. But when Dr. August—aka her boss’s prodigal son—returns to help at the clinic, she’s faced with an unexpected and irresistible houseguest! August is a distraction Kit doesn’t need. Although he’s certainly one she wants! Can Kit take a risk on a rebel?

The Midwife from His Past by Julie Danvers

What happens when the surgeon’s ex-fiancée is the midwife in the operating room? Find out in Julie Danvers’s latest Medical Romance for Harlequin.
The emergency room reunion…
…He never imagined!

When Dr. Eliot is called to an emergency C-section, he’s stunned to find midwife Bria in the operating room. A lot has changed since their engagement ended so abruptly. Now he’s a successful surgeon, no longer plagued by the financial worries of his childhood. But his intense attraction to Bria? That’s exactly the same! And when Eliot discovers what was really behind their breakup, acting on that attraction is all he can think about…

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Portland Midwives

Book 1: The Doctor She Should Resist by Amy Ruttan
Book 2: The Midwife from His Past by Julie Danvers

The Doctor She Should Resist by Amy Ruttan

n the latest Harlequin Medical Romance by Amy Ruttan, the last thing the midwife is looking for is love… But sometimes love appears even when you least expect it…

From opposites……to lovers?

The last thing midwife Hazel is looking for is a relationship. So why is she so drawn to Dr. Caleb? Especially when he’s from the rival hospital that delayed the opening of her birthing center. Enigmatic Caleb knows just how to push all of her buttons…but for all their differences, sparks of chemistry soon start to fly! Although with Hazel’s heart already damaged, can she believe that Caleb will be the one to heal it?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Portland Midwives

Book 1: The Doctor She Should Resist by Amy Ruttan
Book 2: The Midwife from His Past by Julie Danvers

Surgeon’s Second Chance in Florence by Kate Hardy

Love shines brighter under the Italian sun and there’s a second chance on the cards for the surgeon… Find out more in award-winning author Kate Hardy’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance.

She’s in Italy to save lives… …But falling back in love? Surgeon Sam can’t believe it! While she’s on secondment in Florence, Dr. Angelo will be her new colleague. Two years ago, he left Sam brokenhearted and without an explanation. Now she’s stuck working with him—for three months! But Sam soon learns that there was more to Angelo’s departure than he let her believe… Can she forgive Angelo and claim her second chance with the gorgeous Italian doctor?

In Bali with the Single Dad by Annie O’Neil

Award-winning author Annie O’Neil whisks you away to beautiful Bali with a doctor in need of an escape and a fresh start on the horizon…

A GP in need of escape……Finds a fresh start in Indonesia! Floored by her ex-fiancé’s betrayal, GP Rebecca is in Bali to regroup. She’s not sure what her future looks like, but she’s certain that she’s sworn off love! Until an accident brings local doctor Noah into her life… As a new single dad to his orphaned nieces, Noah knows what it’s like to have your life change instantly. Now Rebecca can’t help but wonder if fate is offering them all a new happily-ever-after in paradise.

A Family to Save the Doctor’s Heart by Marion Lennox

Could the handsome doctor who washed up on the beach be the one to mend this family’s hearts? Find out in the latest Harlequin Medical Romance from multi-award-winning author Marion Lennox.

A lesson from the gorgeous doc:A family can be the greatest gift! A year ago Jenny was an emergency doctor, loving life in fast-paced Sydney. Now, after the loss of her brother and his wife, she’s living an unrecognizable life on remote Albatross Island, raising her nieces and nephews. Then Dr. Silas washes up on her beach, shipwrecked and injured! Just like Jenny and the kids, Silas is no stranger to grief. But can he bring hope to Jenny and her fledgling family, too?

Happy Reading!

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International Nurses and Midwife’s Day

International Nurses and Midwives Day Blog Post:

Our jobs are particularly wonderful when we get to celebrate important medical professions such as nursing and midwifery. These occupations impact people’s lives day in and day out and are some of the most important jobs in the world. This month, for International Nurses Day and the International Day of the Midwife, we think it’s a wonderful time for this hard work and recognition to be celebrated. Join us in these celebrations by delving into some uplifting nurse and midwife reads from Mills & Boon/Harlequin.

Taking a Chance on the Best Man by Fiona McArthur

Former midwife Isabel is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Yet, she doesn’t count on best man, Dr Domenico bursting into her life! Years ago, Isabel firmly shut the door to love. Now, Dom is starting to break down her barriers… and his ability to see the real her has Isabel asking if she is ready to risk it all on their unexpected connection?

The Midwife’s Miracle Twins by Caroline Anderson

Midwife Georgie loves her job. But believing she’ll never hold her own baby makes life on the maternity ward bittersweet. So, whilst the arrival of gorgeous obstetrician, Dan, is an unwanted distraction …it’s exactly the distraction she needs. Until a difficult delivery has them finding comfort in each other’s arms – and Georgie discovers the incredible consequences of their night!

A Nurse to Claim His Heart by Juliette Hyland. This is the first book in the Neonatal Nurses duet.

When Dr Benedict saves an infant, the treatment he performs with nurse Penny becomes a social media sensation! Not least because the world thinks they’re a couple… Whilst a real relationship is a no-go zone for divorced Benedict, prolonging their ‘fauxmance’ is the perfect way to raise vital hospital funds.  Except, the longer it continues, the more real it feels…

Neonatal Doc on Her Doorstep by Scarlet Wilson. The second book in the Neonatal Nurses duet.

Alice needs a housemate – stat! So, the nurse reluctantly agrees to give Dr Douglas a place to stay. It’s clear that whilst Dougie may have started a new life in Washington, he didn’t leave the ghosts of his past behind…just as Alice can’t hide from hers. Still, he’s as irresistible as he is infuriating! Is she falling for the doctor in the room next door?

Lastly, in May, we have the release of the Portland Midwives duet with The Doctor She Should Resist by Amy Ruttan 

Midwife Hazel is not looking for a relationship. So, why is she so drawn to Dr Caleb? Especially when he’s from the hospital that delayed the opening of her birthing centre. The enigmatic surgeon knows just how to push all her buttons…and sparks soon fly in every direction! But with Hazel’s heart already damaged, can she believe Caleb will heal it?

And The Midwife from His Past by Julie Danvers

When Dr Eliot is called to an emergency, he’s stunned to find ex-fiancée and midwife Bria in the operating room. He’s no longer plagued by the financial worries of his childhood. But his intense attraction to Bria? That’s exactly the same! And when Eliot discovers what was really behind their break-up, acting on that attraction is all he can think about…We hope you will join us in celebrating all of the Nurses and Midwives around the world!

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Do you believe in Monsters?

A newly released video has revived an age-old question.  Is there really a monster living in the unexplored depths of Loch Ness?

Of course when I read about the video, I had to click, and watch it.  And… well there’s definitely something travelling across the water, because there’s a pronounced wake.  Which moreover changes direction, making a ninety degree turn.  But it’s sadly not possible to make out what’s causing that v-shaped trail in the water.

All the same, I really want to believe in Nessie and so I will.  Despite pictures that sometimes look a lot like floating logs or old pieces of lead pipe, theories about plankton or freak tidal events, I’d really like to think that she exists.  Better still, since the stories about Nessie reach back a long way in time I’m open to the possibility that there’s a Mr Nessie, along with a whole gang of Nessie juniors ready to take up monster duties when their parents retire.  Since Loch Ness is so deep, it’s not possible to say for sure.

Every country has its own stories.  There’s Bigfoot in America, the Yeti in Nepal… I’m not sure what the Australian equivalent is but I’m sure there must be one – perhaps someone can fill me in?  A little closer to London, there’s the ‘Beast of Essex’, which is variously characterised as a panther-like creature or a large black ghost-dog, although some people believe that it’s really next door’s cat in the magnifying glare of the moon.  Whether or not we believe in them, monsters are an acknowledgement that this world contains more than we know, which is undoubtedly true.

Of course monsters can be terrifying.  Perhaps it’s this that explains the frustratingly shaky quality of monster photography.  Faced with a large mythical creature my first instinct would be to run, so those brave souls who stop to take a picture can’t be blamed if they’re a bit out of focus.   

The scariest monsters though are the ones from our childhoods.  When I was little I was afraid of wolves – I’d seen some at the zoo and hadn’t liked the way they looked at me one bit.  Worse still the notion of a wolf lurking in the shadows followed me home on the bus, lying in wait for me under the bed and on top of the wardrobe at night.  My mother, who was an intensely practical woman, found a book in the library which reassured readers that wolves were really cowards and that the waving of a white flag would scare them away.  So for years I trusted the authority of the written word and took a home-made white flag to bed with me, along with a glass of water, since I’d got the idea from somewhere that wolves didn’t like being drenched either.  

In hindsight the wolves were probably just a symbol of all my childish fears rolled into one – if wolves hadn’t caught my imagination then something else would have done. And the simple remedies that calmed my fears were a reassurance that everything in life could be fixed if you found the right answers.  I like to think that I apply a little more logic to my fears now, but in truth perhaps the monsters we create are the ones that we need.      

And maybe, one day, these monsters might venture from their hiding places.  Who knows we may find that they’re not really monsters at all but gentle creatures who will bask in the sun and share our sandwiches with us, on the shores of Loch Ness.  There’s something about the idea which reminds me of the themes of so many books that I’ve read, venturing into the unknown and maybe finding that things are not always as we thought they were.

But in the meantime, I’m keeping an open mind 🙂

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Happy Nurses Week!

Here in the US May 6th starts National Nurses week. It runs through the 12th of May which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Truly a woman before her time, Florence set the standards for nursing that we follow. Still, today nurses around the world recite the Nightingale Pledge when they graduate from nursing. I recited it myself over twenty-nine years ago.

Now as a medical author, I get to promote women and men working in different aspects of healthcare, but I especially enjoy writing about nurses dedicating their lives to help others.

Right now, I’m writing a set of books that revolve around a helicopter crew. Helping this bunch of adrenaline junkies find their happily-ever-after has been a lot of fun. I can’t help but think that Florence would have approved.

Again, Happy Nurses Week to all the nurses out there, and thank you.

Deanne Anders

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Runaway Lizard…OH MY

My next medical romance, The Vet’s Unexpected Houseguest released in the UK this weekend and comes out at the end of this month. It is my first veterinarian romance and I put both my dogs in the book, and created a scenario with a runaway lizard! So many fun things you can do with a vet clinic.

Check out the fun excerpt below:

Dr. Kit Bedrick held the baseball bat above her head and prayed that despite being barely over five feet tall, she looked frightening to the far too handsome giant standing in front of her hot kettle. If she’d remembered to plug her cell in during her day at the clinic, she could have called for help. But no, she’d been too busy to pay attention to the draining battery. And Dr. Jeff had pulled the landline out of this rental a year before she signed the lease.
She’d considered running out the front door, but Bucky’s leash was in the kitchen. There was no way she was leaving her one-year-old pit bull cross in the house with a stranger. And she’d been too busy at the clinic to train him to stay by her side outside without a leash.
The first thing he tried to do when he got outside was chase a squirrel. And she was far too exhausted to run after him tonight.
Another mark to add to the ever-growing list of to-do items that never quite got done.
“I said—” she waved the bat, mostly to hide the fact that her arms were starting to shake “—what are you doing in my house!”
As if this episode couldn’t get more ridiculous, Bucky bounded to her side, finally awake from his nap. He waited a moment for Kit to pat his head, but when she didn’t lower the bat, he moseyed over to the intruder’s side.
Then the dog rolled over at his feet and smiled. She loved watching Bucky smile, it always warmed her heart, except he was at the feet of a stranger—granted one who looked as stunned to be found in her kitchen as she was at finding him.
“Some guard dog you are.” She glared at the intruder, hoping that the raised hands meant that he wasn’t intending harm to her or her dog.
Her name coming from the hunk’s mouth almost made her lower the bat. Foxfield had grown sizably in the last two decades, but there were plenty of ways for the Adonis standing in her kitchen to know her name.
But that did not mean he should be in her kitchen!
“Answer the question! What are you doing here?” She heard the terror rising in her throat. The kettle continued to squeal, and her heart jumped. “Bucky, come here!”
The dog wagged his tail and looked at her but didn’t move from the intruder’s feet. Seriously! She needed to find more hours in the day to focus on his training. He was a perfect angel in the clinic, but at home, he reverted to a mischievous devil.
“My dad gave me the key, and I suppose he forgot to mention he had rented the place out to you. Oh, God, did he sell it to you and…?” Crimson climbed his neck as he looked at her.
“August?” Kit blinked as the words he said rattled around her brain. No. There was no way that the man standing in her kitchen was the rebel who’d left Foxfield, determined never to return. Though whom else would Dr. Jeff have given his key to? “August Rhodes?”
“Yep. I swear, I didn’t know the house was rented. My father…” He pulled his hand across his neck, then looked at the ceiling. “You’d think he’d have at least mentioned it.”
Except it didn’t surprise her that Dr. Jeff hadn’t mentioned it. If it didn’t revolve around the clinic, it barely registered on the man’s radar. Though even if he had tried to call, her phone was dead.
But the fact that the rebel son of the local vet had finally found his way home stole all the words from her brain. They’d graduated high school in the same year, though they’d not shared a friendship group. Kit had hung with the kids mostly labeled nerds and overachievers. August… Well August’s friends had been the exact opposite.

Get a copy of Kit and August’s happily ever from your favorite bookseller here.