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The Prince’s Cinderella Doc


When Krystiana woke the next morning, the first thing she did was reach over and turn off her night-light. It was an automatic thing—something she hardly noticed doing—but today when she did so she stared at it for a moment, wondering if Crown Prince Matteo had one too.

For two years he’d been stuck in a cave. Was he now afraid of the dark?

Throwing off the bedcovers, she got up and threw open the double doors to the sun terrace. The fragrant air poured in and she closed her eyes for a moment as the warm rays from the sun caressed her skin. This was what she loved about living here. The warmth. The colour. The heat. The beauty of this treasured isle. 

How fortunate that her aunt lived here. It had been exactly what she had needed after her experience at the hands of her father—to leave such an ugly existence behind and come to a place that only had beauty at its core. There had been a new language to learn, but wonderful, loving, passionate people to support her. New friends. A new life. Isla Tamoura had given her a new beginning, a new hope, and she loved it here so much.

Krystiana took a quick shower and braided her long hair into its usual plait, donned a summery dress and sat down to eat the breakfast that had been brought in on a tray. She was used to eating breakfast alone. She quite enjoyed it. But this time, before her day started, she grabbed her pad and pencils and began sketching the view from her balcony. This afternoon she would be going home again, so there was no time to spare.

Her sketch was vague. Outlines and shapes. She would fill in the colour later, allowing her imagination to take flight. She took a couple of quick photos using her phone.

She almost lost track of time, and when she did glance at her watch she saw there were only a few minutes until nine o clock—her scheduled time to give the Prince his yearly physical. She left her pad and pencil on the bed, finished her orange juice and then pulled the sash to call Sergio. She wasn’t sure exactly where in the palace the examination would take place.

Sergio arrived, looking as perfectly presented as always. ‘Good morning, Dr Szenac. I hope you slept well?’

‘Very well, Sergio, thank you. I have my appointment with His Highness Prince Matteo, to start his physical, but I’m not sure where I have to go.’

He nodded. ‘I believe you are expected in the private gym. Dr Bonetti always carries out the yearly check-ups there.’

‘Thank you.’ She’d had no idea the palace had its own gym—but, then again, why wouldn’t it? Matteo and his family could hardly pop out to the local leisure centre if they wanted to lift a few weights, could they?

Sergio led her through the palace, down long tapestry-filled hallways, past vast vases so big she could have climbed inside and not been seen even standing upright. They passed a coat of arms, a suit of armour, and fireplaces filled with flowers, until he brought her to a set of double doors. 

‘The gym, Dr Szenac. All of Dr Bonetti’s equipment has been laid out for you, and the computer has been set up for you to enter the results of each test for the record.’

‘Thank you—that’s very kind.’

‘The computer isn’t likely to be difficult, but if you do have any queries we have an IT expert on hand.’

‘That’s marvellous.’

Sergio smiled and opened the doors.

The gym was filled with all types of equipment—treadmills, stair-masters, weight machines, free-standing weights, workout equipment, yoga mats. Anything and everything seemed to be here, and one wall was made of glass that revealed a room beyond filled with a full-length swimming pool.

Pretty impressive!

But she didn’t have time to linger. The Prince would be here at any moment and she wanted to be prepared. 

She was running her eye over what she needed to achieve today, reminding herself of the assessments, when she became aware of a presence behind her.

‘Dr Szenac.’

She turned and bowed slightly. ‘Your Highness.’

‘I’m ready, if you are?’

Smiling, she nodded. ‘Absolutely. Ready to begin with the basics? I’ll need to do blood pressure, pulse and SATs.’


‘All right. Take a seat.’

She began to set up her equipment—the pulse oximeter that she’d place on his finger to measure not only his pulse but the oxygen levels in his blood, and the arm cuff around his upper arm that would measure his blood pressure.

His basic measurements were perfect. Exactly what she’d expected them to be. 

‘Okay, now I need to check your height and weight.’

‘I don’t think I’ve shrunk.’

She smiled. ‘Glad to hear it.’

Again, his weight was perfect for his height. 

‘Now I’d like to set you up for a treadmill test. I’ll need to attach you to a breathing tube, so we can measure oxygen intake, heart-rate and lung capacity whilst you run up a slight incline for three minutes.’

He nodded. ‘Can I warm up first?’

‘By all means.’ 

She looked at his previous measurements and typed them into the computer, aware that Matteo was stripping off behind her and beginning to stretch.

When she turned around she noted that he was in excellent physical shape. Clearly he used the gym often to keep fit. His muscle tone was almost beautiful. His figure was sculpted, without being overly worked. It seemed almost wrong to look at him and admire him like that. Not least because he was a prince. 

‘Right, I need to attach these electrodes, if that’s okay?’ 

Does my voice sound weird?

He stood still whilst she attached the electrodes to his chest and body, trying her hardest not to make eye contact, then attached the wires that hooked him up to the machine for a reading. She fastened a breathing mask around his nose and mouth, and suddenly there was that eye contact thing.

She could feel herself blushing. ‘Okay… For the first minute I want you just to walk at a steady pace and then, when I tell you, I’m going to increase the speed and I want you to jog.’

‘All right.’


He gave her a thumbs-up and she started the treadmill and the EKG monitor that would read his heart’s electrical activity. The machine began printing out on a paper roll and she watched it steadily, keeping a careful eye out for any issues, but it all looked fine.

She glanced up at him as he ran with a steady pace, his body like a well-oiled machine as he tackled the jog easily. His oxygen intake was perfect; his heart-rate was elevated, but not too much. 

When the three minutes were over she switched everything off and then laid a hand on his wrist to check his pulse. She felt it pounding away beneath her fingertips and kept count, then made a note of the result. 

‘You’re doing brilliantly.’

He pulled off the mask. ‘Good to know.’

‘You work out a lot?’

‘Can’t you tell?’ He raised an eyebrow.

‘Well, I…er…yes… You look very…er…’

He laughed. ‘I meant can’t you tell from my results?’

She flushed even redder and laughed with him. ‘Oh, I see.’ She nodded. ‘Yes!’

‘I try to do thirty minutes every other day, alternating with the pool. Lifting weights. Half an hour of cardio… ‘

‘You do more than me.’

‘It’s easier for me. My life is scheduled to the minute, so I know when I can fit things in to get everything done.’

She was curious. ‘Is that a perk or a drawback?’ she asked. She wasn’t sure she’d want to be so regimentally scheduled each day. What about free time? What about spontaneity?

‘It depends on the day.’ He laughed again, wiping his face with a towel.

‘And today?’

He shrugged. ‘Well, I have this, and then I get to spend some time with my daughter.’

‘Princess Alexandra? She’s beautiful. How old is she now?’


‘You must be very proud of her.’

‘I am. But I don’t get to spoil her as often as I would like.’

Of course not. She didn’t live with him. The Princess lived with her mother, at her family’s private estate.

‘That must be hard for you?’

He stared into her eyes. ‘You have no idea.’

Oh, but I do, she thought. I know how hard it is being away from those you love.I know only too well.

She blinked rapidly and turned away, forcing her mind back to the assessment. ‘Next test.’

‘I’m all yours.’ He did a mock bow.

Krystiana smiled and then indicated that he should move to the next machine.


They were just about finished with their testing when the doors to the gym opened and in walked Sergio, looking grave. It was the most solemn Matteo had ever seen him. 

He finished towelling himself down and raised an eyebrow. ‘Sergio? What is it?’

‘I have some unfortunate news for Dr Szenac, sir.’

She looked up from her notes and frowned. Was it about Dr Bonetti’s wife?

‘I’m afraid there’s been an accident at your villa. A drunk driver tried to take the corner near your abode too fast and ploughed into your home. I’m afraid your living area and bedroom have been almost destroyed, and the property is not safe for you to reside in just yet.’

Matteo was shocked and looked to Dr Szenac. ‘I’m so sorry!’

Her face was almost white. ‘Is the driver all right?’

He was impressed at how her concern was immediately for the driver.

‘I believe he got away quite lightly, all things considered. He’s being treated by the medics now.’

‘Okay. Good. That’s good.’ She turned away, her thoughts in a distant place. ‘Oh, my God. What about Bruno?’


‘My dog. He’s a rescue.’

‘I believe your neighbour was out on a walk with him at the time,’ Sergio replied.

‘Oh, thank goodness!’ 

She sank down into a chair, her legs obviously trembling, and put her head in her hands. Matteo felt for her. Was her home ruined? 

‘You must stay here with us. Until everything is fixed.’

She looked up, tears in her eyes. ‘I couldn’t possibly do that.’

‘Nonsense! It’s done. Sergio, could you arrange for Dr Szenac’s clothes and anything she needs to be brought to her quarters here in the palace? Including her dog, who I’m sure will bring her great comfort. We’re going to have a guest for a while.’

‘I don’t know what to say…’ she said, beginning to cry.

He smiled. ‘Say yes.’

She looked at him for a long moment and he saw gratitude. ‘Then, yes. Thank you. Yes.’

He nodded. ‘Sergio? Make it happen.’

‘I’m so lucky I was here when it happened, she said later. Otherwise I might have been injured!’

‘Well, you were here, and that’s all that matters.’


‘No buts. There’s no point in wondering about what mighthave happened. You just need to worry about what ishappening.’ He smiled. ‘I learned that in therapy. Look at me—spreading the knowledge.’

She smiled as she stroked Bruno’s fur. They’d had a joyous reunion when Sergio had returned with her dog, her clothes, her computer and some rather startling photographs of the damage to her villa.

‘That’s going to take weeks to repair,’ she’d said.

‘Let me take care of that,’ Matteo had offered.

‘I couldn’t possibly let you do that! It will cost a fortune!’

‘Are you insured?’


‘Then don’t worry about it. Let me do something good for you. You were kind enough to step in at the last minute and help me out when I needed a doctor—let me step in and help you out when you need a…’

‘A builder?’ She’d laughed.

He’d smiled back. ‘A knight in shining armour. Didn’t you see my suit of armour downstairs? It’s very polished.’

So of course she’d thanked him profusely, feeling so terribly grateful for all that he was doing to help her out.

‘I appreciate that. I really do.’

‘Nonsense. It’s what friends do.’

And she’d smiled. Were they friends?‘Thank you.’


Matteo had invited her to dine with him that evening. 

‘You can bring Bruno. If he’s lucky we might be able to feed him titbits under the table.’

‘He’ll never want to leave this place if you do that.’

And now they sat on his sun terrace, awaiting their meal, staring out across the gardens below and watching the sun slowly set.

‘By the way, I don’t know if you’ve heard but Dr Bonetti’s wife has pulled through. She’s in a stable condition and expected to go home soon. He phoned from the hospital. Let my secretary know.’

‘That’s excellent news! Wow. So good to have such great news after earlier. And the driver who hit my home? Do we know about him?’

‘Already home. And already charged by the police for drink driving. He’s to attend court in a few days’ time.’

‘If it was an accident I’m sure he’s very sorry.’

Matteo sipped his water. ‘Unfortunately, from what I’ve discovered, the man is a known drunk. He’s already had his licence taken from him and the car wasn’t even his. It was his son’s and he’d “borrowed” it.’


‘We’ll get him into a programme.’

‘We?’ She raised an eyebrow.

‘My pack of royal enforcers,’ he said with a straight face, knowing there was no such pack at all.


He laughed. ‘I’m sorry. I don’t really have enforcers. I was just… Look, he needs help. Someone will go and visit him and make sure he enrols into a programme that will get him the help he needs. Before he kills someone next time.’

‘Maybe I could go and see him myself?’

‘Is that wise? You’re emotionally involved.’

‘Which is why he might listen to me. Meeting the actual victim of his crime might make more of an impact.’

‘Was hitting your wall not enough?’ He cocked his head to one side. ‘How do you know so much about crime and victimology?’

She looked down and away from him then, and he realised there was a story there. Something she wasn’t willing to share.

‘I’m sorry—you don’t have to answer that.’

She laughed. ‘Don’t therapists suggest that talking is good for the soul?’

He nodded. ‘They do. But only when you’re ready. Areyou ready?’

‘I don’t know.’

He sipped his drink. ‘You’ll know when it’s the right time. And, more importantly, if it’s the right person to talk to. You don’t really know me, so I quite understand.’

She stared back at him. Consideringly. Her eyes were cool. ‘I think you’d understand more than most.’

He considered this. Intrigued. ‘Oh?’

She paused. Looked uncertain. And then he saw it in her face. The determination to push forward and just say it. 

‘I was six years old. And I was taken.’

‘Taken?’ His blood almost froze, despite the warmth of the sun.

‘My father buried me in a hole in the ground.’

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I didn’t forget! I just had to wait between some awesome scheduled blogs, BUT I have winners!!



So the grand prize winner, who gets a CHOCOLATE HERO. Yes, I found a chocolate man and some other fun little swag I’ve collected from various reader cons and of course books by Me (Amy Ruttan), Ann McIntosh and Traci Douglass is…*Amy is doing a drumroll*


Congrats Laurie B. Email me at contactamy.ruttan@gmail.com

I’m not done though…

HELEN S. You’ve won books by Amy Andrews, Louisa George & Emily Forbes

LANEY4  You’ve won books by Sue MacKay & Annie Claydon

Congratulations. So if all the winners email me at contactamy.ruttan@gmail.com with your email and I’ll get you in contact with the authors who have your prizes.

Thanks for playing. 🙂





Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Celebrating milestones

After a pretty awful end to 2018 I was glad to have some milestones to celebrate this year.

On New Year’s Day we left for Malaysia and Singapore to celebrate our youngest son’s 18st birthday.


@Universal Studios – What a difference 7 years makes!


Birthday Dessert at Central Perk, Singapore, themed “Friends” café!


We arrived home, threw a load of washing in the machine and repacked for a few days at Port Willunga to celebrate my Mum’s 80th Birthday. (Here with all her grandchildren.)


Then it was off to Melbourne for a friend’s 50th – there have been a LOT of 50th birthdays over the past few years but they have been huge fun, lots of dancing and reminiscing along with a few dancing injuries (one broken foot and one torn knee cartilage – luckily neither of them were mine 🙂  ) – I think it’s a case of the mind is willing but the flesh isn’t!

Dame's 50th 2

And then my 30th Mills & Boon novel Rescued By The Single Dad  has been released. Can’t quite believe I’ve written 30 books! I’m very excited.


Falling in love…with her rescuer!

When paramedic Patrick Reeves discovers Dr Charli Lawson trapped after a landslide, he holds her hand until she’s freed. They will never forget the connection of that night, but Patrick is a single dad with a broken heart, and Charli’s already lost everything. She tries to stay away but he slips past her defences. Could her courageous but scarred rescuer – and his adorable three-year-old – help heal Charli’s lonely heart?

You can read an excerpt here

Still to come – a son’s 21st, another best friend’s 50th and a wedding anniversary  – oh, and a looming deadline for my next book!!!

What are you looking forward to?


Rescued by The Single Dad, Harlequin, North America

Rescued By The Single Dad, Mills & Boon UK

Rescued By The Single Dad, M&B Australia

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

It’s a Lot of Work to Have Fun

By Susan Carlisle

Every year for the past twenty-five years my family has gone snow skiing. Some family’s go to the beach for a week but mine goes to the cold, wet stuff. I decided when my children were young that I wasn’t going to hear when they were teens that they didn’t want to go on vacation with the family. I made a point to find something that we all could enjoy no matter what our age. In the winter, we snow ski and the summer we go to the lake.


It has worked. I have no trouble getting them to load up to go. Of course I do pay for the place to stay but I would do that wherever we went. I am now taking the third generation. My grand kids have learned to ski. I fully expect them to out ski me this year.

The thing is that to have all this fun it takes a lot of work to get ready. There are skis to see about. Boots to make sure are in good repair and the food – we have to pile it high to get it up the mountain. A week ago my daughter and niece started texting about the menu. We each have a day to cook. I like that. I used to do all the food. Now I’m more along for the ride. The benefits of getting older.

This week there will be fourteen of us. That includes my mother who is 83, three children under the age of 3 and my niece is seven months pregnant. The fun will have begun. These times are what great memories are made of.

All the work will be worth it.

What does your family do together for fun?

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Busy, Busy, Busy… plus, Galentine’s Day!

Hand writing So Many Things in To Do List, vector concept

I don’t know about you, but 2019 has flown by for me so far.

With a book deadline on January 18th, the first few weeks were filled with all the words and getting the manuscript in shape to send in to my Medicals editor. I’m really excited about this third Medical Romance book, which will be a small-town Christmas story scheduled to release later this year. More on that later…


Then we had the polar vortex to contend with two or so weeks ago. Here my little corner of the Midwestern US the actual temps dropped to -20 and the wind chills were -50. Definite BRRR weather!


Plus, this Thursday is Valentine’s Day. As a current singleton, the holiday is bittersweet for me. I don’t mind being alone, for the most part, and enjoy my freedom and spending time with my dog Clara. But all the media attention and sappy commercials push it in your face all. the. time. LOL. So, I tend to go for a more Galentine’s type of day. What’s Galentine’s Day, you ask? No one describes it better than Parks & Recreation’s Leslie Knope:

So yes. Busy start to 2019 and hearts and flowers. What have you all been up to? Do you have plans for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day? Please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Also, my next release with Medicals–Finding Her Forever Family–is set for May 1st, 2019 and follows the story of Nurse Wendy from One Night With The Army Doc. The paperback is up for pre-order now on Amazon US, with the digital version and more retailers to come!

Check out the gorgeous cover and blurb below…



A nurse to heal his heart…

…and complete his family.

After losing her mother to a hereditary illness, trauma nurse Wendy Smith vowed never to risk having a family of her own. So acting on her instant attraction to sexy single dad Dr. Tom Faber is a definite no! But through her unexpected connection with his daughter, Wendy grows closer to Tom and their chemistry intensifies…along with her longing for her own family—with him!

Pre-order Link: https://amzn.to/2TDmaJ5



Until next time, Happy Reading!

Traci 🙂

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With the Swipe of a Pen

There are two questions I’m always asked. The first is: Are you still writing? I know people mean well, but it would be the same as if I were to approach my doctor and ask: Are you still practicing? Or my plumber: Are you still plumbing?MB 1 Blog Feb

Writing is what I do. I get up in the morning, go through my normal routines, then go to work. That work happens to be writing. Honestly, the question does annoy me as it implies that writing isn’t work, or that I can do it as a whim. And while I’d like to answer with something like that, I’m always very polite to say: Yes, I’m still writing.

The other question: Where do you get your ideas? That’s one all writers get, and it may be one of the hardest questions to answer concerning my career because I’m not always sure where my ideas come from. Sometimes they’re simply rattling around in my head, origin unknown. Maybe they come from an article I’ve read, or something I’ve seen on television. I listen to conversations around me (I prefer not MB 2 Blog Febto call it eavesdropping) and hear wonderful tidbits of stories that might expand into a scene or even a full book. I heard one just a few days ago in a restaurant. Then man sitting with his family, behind me, was explaining to them why he wasn’t going to fix spaghetti in 2019. If I wrote comedy, I’d have my plot. It was a funny story that could have been developed. (OK, when he fixes it, then serves it, there’s not enough left for him because his family is grabby and he’s slow to get to the table.) It might have turned into a very sad story, too, like a father not eating so he can afford to put a meal on the table for his family.  Or something thoughtful, possibly memories of his mother’s spaghetti. From one little snippet of conversation came so many possibilities.MB 3 Blog Feb

Another place I find my ideas—the people in my life. I just finished a book New York Doc, Thailand Proposal, which will be out later this year. The inspiration for the story was a dear friend, a doctor who took his practice on the road and practiced out of the back of his Jeep. His parents did the same. They did this on Indian reservations here, in the US, but I set my book in Thailand and used my friend as the inspiration.  Also, in my nursing career, I worked with military doctors and the stories I heard and things I saw… Most of my books are based on someone or something I’ve known, known about, or watched because, in the end, when you look at reality, there’s usually a brilliant, adaptable story attached.MB 4 Blog Feb

Here’s a little poem I read years ago. I believe it sums up quite nicely  the whole process of finding the idea (with maybe a little larceny thrown in).


by Nance Hill

Beyond your perception, I’m full of deception; 

From you, I will loot, filch and forage,

I’ll approach with a smile, and steal all the while; 

The stash goes in notebooks for storage.


I’ll pilfer your grin, or the last place you’ve been,

Or your habit of slapping your knees,

The puns that you sprinkle, your lips as they crinkle;

Whatever I fancy, I’ll seize.


Perhaps I’ll abscond with a faux pas you’ve spawned,

Or a client you met on the job,

Your wild-patterned tie, the half-tear in your eye;

With a swipe of the pen, I will rob.


Then I’ll gather my plunder and rend it asunder,

Revise ‘til there’s only a hint.

You won’t know what I’ve taken until you’re quite shaken

                                       To see that I fenced it in print.MB 5 Blog Feb


OK, so maybe my taste in poetry isn’t sophisticated, but this little poem is oh-so true. If you’re a writer, admit it. Have you done some of that? I freely admit I have. And if you’re not a writer, better look out. We’re always looking for good ideas. You could be that idea!

As always, wishing you health & happiness!


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February New Releases

Welcome to February medical romance fans. A great line up for you this month!

Carrying The Surgeon’s Baby by Amy Ruttan

What happened in Vegas…has life-changing consequences!


An impulsive Las Vegas encounter that left practical Dr Emily West married to world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Ryan Gary should have simply been a lesson learned – except now she’s pregnant with his baby!

When Ryan arrives at Emily’s Seattle hospital to assist on a case, they’re reunited and their powerful spark reignites. But can working side-by-side with Emily convince lone-wolf Ryan he’ll be the perfect dad, now and always?



Heart Surgeon, Prince…Husband! by Kate Hardy


A convenient proposal…an inconvenient attraction!

Prince Luciano Bianchi is a top heart surgeon – but as a future king, he’s expected to rule, not operate! To convince his family saving lives is where his heart lies, he proposes a temporary convenient marriage to his new colleague, workaholic cardiologist Kelly Phillips.

Of course, there’s no risk of either of them falling in love – until their whirlwind ‘romance’ starts to feel tantalisingly real!




Island Doctor To Royal Bride by Scarlet Wilson

Working side by side…With a secret prince!


In desperate need of staff for her small clinic on a beautiful Malaysian island, Dr. Arissa Cotter accepts the help of tourist Dr. Philippe Aronaz, little knowing her knight in shining armor is also a prince! But when he sweeps her away to his Mediterranean kingdom, she discovers Philippe faces battles of his own.

Arissa has always hidden herself away—dare she step into the spotlight and stand by her prince’s side?




Nurse To Forever Mom by Susan Carlisle (Single Dad Docs)

Could a temporary arrival…Lead to a forever mommy?med3


In this Single Dad Docs story, Maple Island Clinic founder Dr. Cody Brennan is committed to protecting himself and his two little girls from any more heartbreak. But vibrant temp nurse Stacey Ryder challenges him and their emotional connection slips past his defenses.

As Stacey’s time at the clinic draws to an end, can Cody and his daughters convince her she’s the one they’ve been waiting for?




The Baby They Longed For by Marion Lennox

med2One night in the surgeon’s arms…one miraculous surprise!

Obstetrician Addie and surgeon Noah’s relationship has always been complicated since he broke the news that her fiance had jilted her. Years later, finding themselves working and living together, they both agree to keep things professional. Until one intense day leads to one magical night, resulting in the miracle neither ever believed possible!

Now they must put the past behind them if they want to build a future…together.



The Single Dad’s Proposal by Karin Baine (Single Dad Docs)med1

Will their newfound love…Lead to an island wedding?

In this Single Dad Docs story, aristocratic surgeon Rafael Valdez might be the heartthrob of Maple Island, but he has eyes for only one girl—his daughter, Gracie! Until child life specialist Summer Ryan helps Rafael realize he doesn’t have to cope with the special care Gracie needs alone.

Can he convince Summer there’s room in his life—and his heart—for her, too?