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Seven Nights With Her Ex!

Hello and welcome! Can you believe it’s nearly the end of August? I’ve already started planning Christmas! It’s shocking.

Well, my next book is about to be out, depending on where you live and whether you want to purchase a Kindle version or the paperback – Seven Nights With Her Ex.

It’s set in Yellowstone Park and I had great fun writing this story (*read moments of sheer terror that I no longer had the ability to write a book/should never have set it outdoors/must have been having an out of body experience/occasional moments of joy)

516YRfywusL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_But by the time I had my first draft done, I was beginning to feel calmer. Beau and Gray, the hero and heroine of my story were beginning to cooperate and by the time I’d redrafted once or twice (maybe even three or four times) with the help of my editor, Nic, I finally had a story that I was really happy with. When I read it now, I cannot find the chapters that haunted me, the chapters that I struggled with or the chapters that made me want to run screaming into the streets.

So I thought today, I’d share with you a little snippet from Chapter One. Hopefully to whet your appetite! Beau has just arrived at the ranger station in Yellowstone Park and has discovered that the man who left her at the altar twelve years ago, is also going to be sharing the next seven days with her! But here we start with Gray’s POV.

But here there was peace. And quiet. And–

The door swung open with a loud creak and suddenly she was there. Alone. Before him. Those ice-blue eyes of hers were staring him down. Cold. Unfeeling.

He got to his feet, his mouth suddenly dry.

‘I think it’s time I made some rules about the next week.’ she crossed her arms, waiting for his response.

‘Beau, I–‘

‘First of all,’ she interrupted, holding up her hand for silence, ‘I think we should agree not to speak to each other. I appreciate that circumstances may not always allow for that, so if you do speak to me, then I’d prefer it was only about the course. Nothing else. Nothing personal.’

‘But I need to–‘

‘Second of all, you are to tell no-one here what happened between us. I will not become the subject of idle gossip. And thirdly, when this is over, you will not contact me, you will not call. You will maintain the silence that you have been so expert at keeping for the last eleven years. Do you understand?’

He did understand. All too keenly. She wanted nothing to do with him. Which was fair enough. Except that he felt that now she was here, right in front of him, this week might be his chance to explain everything. Forget a pathetic phone call or a scrappy little email. That had never been his style anyway. He had seven days in which to lower her walls, get her to accept his white flag of truce and ask her to listen to him.

So! Hope you guys enjoyed that. Seven Nights With her Ex is available from the Mills and Boon website, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, plus Barnes and Noble and Kobo. (Click on any of the blue highlighted text to take you straight through to a buy link)

Enjoy what’s left of August! (School starts soon. Eek!)

Louisa xxx


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Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels


A while back on Twitter, there was the hashtag #officedogs for writers to post pictures of their dogs that helped ‘supervise’ them whilst they were writing.

It was a fun tag, but I suddenly wanted to start one called #officecats because thats usually the kind get! This is Badger and he’s a year old and he’s huge weighing just over 8 pounds.


And he’s the biggest softie there is. There’s nothing he likes better than sitting next to me whilst I work, watching my fingers race across the keyboard and if I happen to slow down, or pause to think for a moment, he will ‘helpfully’ reach out and paw me into adding more.

Then there’s Cookie, his brother, who is smaller, a mere six pounds, who ‘supervises’ from a distance on the bed.


He chirrups and purrs and miaows when he feels I’ve been working long enough and really ought to take a break to come over to the bed and rub his belly.

Occasionally, the cat supervisors take a break from all this hard work and send in Daisy, the golden retriever.


She will sit and stare at me for a while and if I don’t notice her, she’ll start whining until I give her a look and say, ‘Hi”. Then her ears will drop, her tail will wag and she will walk to the door and look back, her signal for ‘take me for a walk now, human!’.

It usually works. All my animals can guilt me into taking a break, but that’s the joy of having furry family. Then there’s Misty (Badger and Cookie’s mum) a tortoiseshell cat, Magic, a black moggy or Joey, a brown tabby who’s the patriarch of the whole lot. Oh, and Mango, my daughter’s Yorkshire terrier (yes, we have a zoo, i won’t even mention the rabbits and pet rats)

So who are your #officedogs or #officecats? Or do you have an #officebird or #officereptile? I’d love to hear about them!

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