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All the colors of the rainbow 🏳️‍🌈

Happy June! And Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

2020 has been quite a year so far, huh? Fires, viruses, protests. Sometimes it feels like darkness and dread are encroaching everywhere.

But in the midst of shadows, there is still light. 🌈

I’m not gay, but I am an ally to all on the LGBTQA+ spectrum and to celebrate the struggle and achievements of this vibrant community, I want to share my Top 7 favorite male-male romance series reads with you today! 😊

A Charm of Magpie series by K.J. Charles 

Historical Paranormal/Fantasy m/m romance at its best, this series follows Lord Crane, a nobleman in trouble, and Stephen Day, a magician in turmoil. The two are drawn together to solve a number of supernatural cases that could cost them both their relationship and their lives. Lucien and Stephen’s chemistry and connection sizzles off the page. Check them out here!



Whyborne and Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk

Another wonderful Historical Paranormal/Fantasy m/m romance series, this one featuring a more Lovecraftian feel. Taking place in Victorian-era Widdershins, Massachusetts, it follows reclusive scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne and private detective Griffin Flaherty as they battle fantastical otherworldly monsters and fall in love along the way. Click here to see more!



Agents Irish and Whiskey series by Layla Reyne

This one is contemporary romantic suspense and features lots of high-octane action to keep you on the edge of your seat! FBI agent Aidan “Irish” Talley and his new partner, agent Jameson “Whiskey” Walker, track down terrorists and slowly succumb to the undeniable, inevitable attraction between them. Read more here!


All’s Fair series by Josh Lanyon

I love all of Josh Lanyon’s books (not gonna lie), but this was the first series I read and you never forget your first, right? 😉 Anywho, this is another contemporary romantic suspense series that will keep you guessing as injured and sidelined FBI agent Elliot Mills is forced to partner with his ex-lover, agent Tucker Lance to find an obsessive killer who has his targets set on Elliot. Get more info here!


Society of Gentlemen series by K.J. Charles

Another series by K.J. Charles, these Historical romances set during Regency England are rich in detail and brimming with heat and passion as they follow a group of men through a time torn by war, poverty and social unrest. Sounds a bit familiar, eh? Find out more here!


Turner Series by Cat Sebastian

These loosely connected Historical romances are delightful romps through the Regency period filled with familiar tropes like opposites attract, hidden identity, and wounded warrior with a unique m/m twist! Get them here!


Sins of the City series by K.J. Charles

Yeah, this author hit my list THREE times because I LOVE me some K.J. Charles. Sins of the City is full of pulpy goodness, reminiscent of the Victorian-era penny dreadfuls. With a wonderfully diverse cast of main characters, these books take place in 1873 London and feature, in the author’s words, “…lots of plots, shenanigans, murder, mystery, fog, secrets, and scandals) What’s not to love about that? More information available here!


Okay. So, those are some of my favorite m/m reads. Hopefully, I’ve given you some new books to add to your TBR pile or enticed you to take a chance on a new type of romance that maybe you haven’t tried before. I promise you won’t be disappointed with any titles from these amazing authors! 🏳️‍🌈

Do you have any favorite m/m reads? Let me know below in the comments! 🤓 📚

Until next time, Happy Reading! ❤️

Traci 🙂


Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Treasure Hunt!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but my father is downsizing. He’s moving into a smaller place near my brother, about 3 hours from me. And I’ve been in charge of cleaning and going through what remains of his 74 years. Things he has to part with and things I’ve been sorting through for him and storing.

It’s been a whole process let me tell. It also meant going through and dealing with the remains of my mother’s items that were decorative.

But I found some unique stuff I’m thrilled to own now and will keep safe and a couple of photographs that amused me. The north is my jam, I love everything about the north, so a lot of these things are from there.

First up, my grandfather’s typewriter. It’s made of iron and heavy as I’ll get out.  My grandfather bought this new when he was 18. Now, the thing about my paternal grandfather is, he was born in 1885 and was 61 when my father was born. I never met him. By the time I reached the age of 7 in 1985 he would’ve been 100.


I now have his typewriter. One he bought and lugged all over the north while working on the railroad. This thing was bought before WWI , which my grandfather tried to serve in but he was too ill and they wouldn’t take him. He tried to get in on WWII, but he was too old then and they wouldn’t take him. Drat, but instead he worked to keep infrastructure in the north going by working the railroad. And, German POW’s were often taken north on the rails once they were sent to Canada.

Yeah, so this Underwood is, about 117 years old. Heavy and I can get it to work again and restore it. I’m Super excited about it. I’ve always been fascinated by this.

Another piece I found was this plate. My Dad’s brother worked in what is now known as Nunavut, but then it was still part of the Northwest Territories and this plate depicts St. Jude’s Church in Frobisher Bay. On April 1, 1999 Nunavut was created, thus severing the vast NWT in two, making 3 territories in the north.


Frobisher Bay became Iqaluit and this church St. Jude’s Anglican has the largest area of any Anglican diocese in the world as it covers the NWT, Nunavut, Nunavik and northern Quebec. Actually, the church depicted in this plate was lost to a fire in 2005 and a new igloo church stands in its place. Still, it’s pretty cool!

Which leads to this fella. Something else my uncle gifted to my parents when they were married in 1976. A seal carved by a Inuit artist, I think from Chesterfield Inlet. I would love to learn more about it.


I found a series of photographs my father took while the CN Tower in Toronto was being built. I can tell you, that the waterfront is much more filled and cluttered today.


And then this gem. Sigh. Me. I was about 2 months old, yes, I had teeth at month. My original derp face. LOL


So that’s just some of the stuff I’ve been finding. They really have no monetary value, but they’ve been part of my life and my parent’s life for years and bits and pieces of the history of Canada.

And we’ll slowly get all the work done as we get Dad settled in with my brother. I’m going to miss having him close by, but this is for the best with the chemo he’s on.

It gives him his best shot and I want Dad to stick around for a while longer.

I do write about the north when I get a chance and you can read my latest and my 25th book which was set in Yellowknife NWT right now!


Medical2  His secret: he’s a prince!

Her secret: she’s carrying his baby!

After ER doc Lev Vanin shared one unforgettable night with gorgeous Dr. Imogen Hayes, he never expected to see her again. He couldn’t tell Imogen he’s actually a prince! But when a revolution at home forces Lev into hiding, he ends up working in Imogen’s hospital and his secret is out! Plus, Lev’s life is about to be turned upside down once again…because Imogen’s pregnant with his heir!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

June New Releases

Happy June! Sorry this up later than usual and if there’s typos, it’s because of my dumb finger which is recovering from an accident.

Congrats to Julie Danvers on her debut!



 A Rival to Steal Her Heart by Annie Claydon

Is love the one challenge…

…they’ll face together?

Her rivalry with doctor Jamie Campbell-Clarke is fun and, most important, strictly professional! After the devastating demise of her brief marriage, that’s all plastic surgeon Anna Caulder can handle. But when Jamie’s own painful past arrives at her London clinic, Anna’s compelled to seek a deeper connection… Once in his arms, Anna knows that’s where she wants to stay—if only she can find the courage to share her heartbreaking secret.




From Hawaii to Forever by Julie Danvers 

Two things she never meant to fall for:

Hawaii…and him!

When her perfect life implodes, high-flying city doctor Kat Murphy plans the ultimate escape. In Hawaii, she finds sun, sea and sand on her doorstep—and delicious paramedic Jack Harper to rescue her from drowning! Her fascinatingly carefree new colleague is temptation personified… And when Kat can no longer resist, she has an enticing offer for the island’s most eligible bachelor: a fling without forever…




One Hot Night with Dr. Cardoza by Tina Beckett 

Can one steamy night…

…take them to paradise?

Physiotherapist Amy Woodell is going to use her time in Brazil to embrace her heritage. She might even let loose while she’s there! Who better to indulge in than her new colleague, sexy ex-footballer turned orthopedic surgeon Roque Cardoza… Only, once she uncovers the passionate man behind the determined bachelor, Amy knows one night—no matter how hot—is never going to be enough!




Reclaiming Her Army Doc Husband by Sue MacKay

He’s back on her doorstep…

And wants her back in his life.

Nurse Vicki has always supported her husband, Cole, even when he enlisted in the army, leaving her behind. But after going through the agonizing loss of their baby alone, she vows to pursue her own dreams. So when Cole returns wanting a second chance, Vicki finds herself waging war with her heart—especially when a disaster means joining forces and remembering just how good they are together…




Reunion with His Surgeon Princess by Karin Baine

She ran from his proposal…

…but fate isn’t through with them yet!

World-renowned transplant surgeon and single dad Seth Davenport will do everything to save his royal patient. Even if that means a reunion with his patient’s daughter—Princess Kaja Alderisi, the surgeon who once ran from him…after he’d offered her a diamond ring and his heart! But one look into Kaja’s captivating gaze and it’s clear that their past isn’t so willing to be left behind…




The Paramedic’s Unexpected Hero by Alison Roberts

Can this maverick midwife…

…be her knight—in shining leathers?

Thrown together with motorbike-riding, leather-wearing midwife Ari Lawson, cautious paramedic Kelly Reynolds is immediately out of her comfort zone. But when they find their paths keep crossing, Kelly discovers she was too quick to judge, because beneath his bad-boy exterior, he’s dedicated, kind—and irresistible! Being around him makes her finally feel safe—and, dare she say, loved for the first time?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Welcome, Julie Danvers

I’m thrilled to be welcoming our newest Medical Romance author today – welcome Julie Danvers!  Julie’s debut Medical Romance ‘From Hawaii to Forever’ is available from the 1st June (not long to wait!) and it’s the perfect read for a sun-soaked holiday in the comfort of your own home.  I’ve asked Julie the need-to-know questions, so I’ll leave you to get acquainted…

color wall headshotI discovered Medical Romance when:

I’ve always been interested in medical dramas, whether they were fast-paced emergency room stories or cozy family practice dramas. In college, I was obsessed with shows like ER and Everwood, two very different medical dramas that demonstrate just how versatile the genre is. Discovering Harlequin’s Medical Romance line was a happy accident for me. About a year ago, I decided to get serious about my writing, and I thought that I wanted to write a thriller. As I was researching how to write suspense stories, I came across the So You Think You Can Write website, and learned that Harlequin had put out a call for new Medical Romance authors. I decided to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did, because it’s opened up a whole new world of storytelling possibilities. I might still write that thriller someday, but Medical Romance offers plenty of opportunities for excitement and suspense.

I wrote my first story when:

When I was eight years old, I wrote a short story called The Christmas Cat. I remember that I had a green gel pen that I really enjoyed writing with, so much so that I wrote an entire six-page story with it. Sometimes all it takes to find the motivation to sit down and write is a great pen.

Where do you live:  

I’ve lived in Chicago for almost ten years. I love it. It’s a great city, and all my stuff is here, so I don’t think I’ll ever leave.

My best trait is:

I don’t give up easily, which is probably a very useful trait for a writer. I think writing is a lot like yoga. If there’s something you can’t do yet, you get further if you think, “how can I learn to do that,” rather than, “I can’t do that.”

My worst trait is:

I am not a very tidy person. I’ve heard a number of writers say that if you want to make time for your writing, you have to put housework on the back burner, and unfortunately I think that advice is all too easy for me to follow.

Five things on your bucket list: 

  1. Visit Ireland, New Zealand, Banff, and Yellowstone National Park.
  2. Write a gripping psychological thriller-romance that tops the bestseller lists.
  3. Eat a bagel from the Beigel Bake in Brick Lane in London. I have been to London three times, and each time, some obstacle has prevented me from getting to the Beigel Bake. Someday it will happen.
  4. Attend a Broadway production of Bring it On: The Musical (you never know, it could come out again).
  5. Explore The Met Cloisters in New York.


Julie’s website can be found at www.juliedanvers.wordpress.com.  Her debut Medical Romance ‘From Hawaii to Forever’ is available from 1st June.

y404Two things she never meant to fall for:

Hawaii…and him!

When her perfect life implodes, high-flying city doctor Kat Murphy plans the ultimate escape. In Hawaii, she finds sun, sea and sand on her doorstep—and delicious paramedic Jack Harper to rescue her from drowning! Her fascinatingly carefree new colleague is temptation personified… And when Kat can no longer resist, she has an enticing offer for the island’s most eligible bachelor: a fling without forever…

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

A Puppy is for life, not just for Quarantine

Ziggy-4-weeks-first-viewing2Meet Ziggy Pickle!  She’s a Cockapoo puppy and she’s about to be the love of my life.  Don’t tell my boyfriend.

Ziggy Pickle and her siblings entered the world on March 31st 2020.  She’s a real COVID-Cockapoo!  Cockapoos are the best.  They’re a sociable, friendly, cuddly curious breed, relatively easy to train (so we’re told) and best of all, they’re hypoallergenic.  They do not shed.  No nasty dog hair-covered cushions, or floors, or clothing here!

I know, I know, we’re getting a puppy in strange, unprecedented times.  Are we prepared?  Do we know a puppy is for life, not just for quarantine?

The truth is we’ve been planning this little addition to our household for a long time now.  Maybe almost half a year.  The timing is purely a coincidence and I’ve long been surrounded by puppy toys, and playing dog training videos on loop, and getting excited about things like likimats (a lickable silicone thing that’s meant to stop them biting) and scented dog shampoos.  Send help!

We go pick her up on June 6th, so I’m guessing by the time I next blog, things will have changed a lot around here.  Did I mention we are also moving house?

Nothing like shaking things up in a crisis!

I’m excited to have a little fur baby in my life, who will sit quietly at my side while I write my romance novels… sssssh, I know, I’m dreaming.  As anyone with a dog will tell you, they demand a lot of your attention and even more of your time.  Maybe I’ll get less writing done for a while, but oh, the stories she will inspire.  The long sunshiny walks we will take as I soak in mother nature’s glory with Ziggy at my side.  (Still dreaming, I’ve not been further than the shop in a while.)

Actually, the name Ziggy came from the last Harlequin novel I worked on.  I’ve moved in a different ‘medical’ direction and written about a vet this time.  He’s also a horse whisperer, but more on that soon, because more importantly my hero’s dog is a Border Collie called Ziggy.

We were trying to come up with a name for our own puppy, when I realised our perfect name had been staring me in the face for the last six weeks.

Any dog lovers out there?  Any training tips for me?  I’m a first time dog mama, so any guidance through this brave new world will be greatly appreciated!  Be warned, there are more puppy photos ahead!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels


Beware: This post is a not so humble brag…Or is it?????

Et voila!!! Behold the cover of my alter ego’s first paperback!

As some of you may know…I’ve branched out a bit in the writing terrain. Yes…there was a very dodgy spell when I thought “modern” poetry was the route to pursue. I was totally wrong about that. There was the country music lyrics phase (“Guitars, Guns and Girls” was the apex of creativity on that front) and, of course…there was the phase where I thought…I know! I love telling stories so much, it’d be fun to see how I went writing longer ones with sub plots and secondary characters. That’s the one that bore fruit. It turns out it is epically fun. And also massively distracting in the best possible way. There was the marshmallow countdown to ebook publication….

There were the very first reviews to get all misty eyed over…

There was the glamping research to do, the tent to sleep in, the marshmallows to toast and, of course, eat.

And then, high on a marshmallow sugar rush…I got to write another one!

For this book…

I rode my bicycle across the UK – namely, along Hadrian’s Wall. It was really, really, really hard. This book is out on eBook on June 11th as well (same date as the Glampers paperback release). AND THEN….this August in partnership with the glorious Annie Claydon, I am looking forward to the release of our Vets in Love duet set in sunny Cornwall.

I have two books coming out this Christmas. One a deliciously Scottish Medical romance and the other? It isn’t a medical romance, but I can’t tell you about it just yet. But I will. I promise.

I hope you’re all safe and well and finding ways to make lockdown a silver lining scenario. I am managing to tackle my To Read pile a bit more voraciously and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER have weeded the entire veg patch. Turns out listening to audio books helps me get through that. What sorts of things have you been doing to get through the ‘lockdown blues?’ Or maybe you’re happy. I hope you’re happy. Sending love. xoxoxoxoxoxo Annie O’

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Escape with a Romance! (Part 1)

We all know that romance offers an escape from the everyday.  Because no matter how good the everyday is, a little escape is great too!  So we asked our Medical Authors to recommend one book from their backlists.  We’ll be publishing more recommendations in the future, and to start we have Susan Carlisle and Amy Andrews.  Enjoy!

Amy Andrews

XmasMiracle CoverHer knight in shining leathers!

Trinity Walker has learned the hard way to stand on her own two feet for her sick son Oscar. But, when ex–army surgeon Reid Hamilton walks into her life and offers her a job and a home, she can’t refuse!

He might ruffle her feathers, but Trinity can’t help falling for this knight in motorbike leathers. Reid never expected this little family to bring such sparkle into his cynical life, but now he’ll do whatever it takes to give Trinity the love she deserves this Christmas!

Buy link – Amazon

Why recommend?

I was super thrilled that A Christmas Miracle was a finalist in the prestigious RITA award in 2018 – my first time finalling after many years of entering. I didn’t win but just being up there in Denver with all those other amazing books was such a buzz. Both Trinity and Reid were very real characters to me. Both so deserving of a HEA and it was my pleasure to give it to them!

Susan Carlisle

SheikFrom shy Cinderella…

To convenient princess!

For sensible Dr. Laurel Martin, heading up a new lab for royal doc Sheikh Tariq Al Marktum is the chance to conduct the study of a lifetime. But to protect Laurel from the scandal her presence in his palace will cause, Tariq has his own condition—a paper marriage! Swept into his desert kingdom, passion overtakes the convenient couple, but can Laurel find her place in Tariq’s world—and his heart?

Buy link – Amazon

Why recommend?

I recommend my book The Sheikh Doc’s Marriage Bargain. It’s a complete escape from the realities of real life. Who wouldn’t want to go to a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean with a super intelligent and handsome prince who lives in a palace? This is one of my favorite love stories and in it I also get to share information about living with hemophilia. There’s also horses and a night in a tent.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

In lockdown with the Medical Romance Editorial Team


It’s the Mills & Boon Medical Romance editorial team, here! We wanted to share with you, today, how we’ve been keeping busy, and what’s been keeping sane during lockdown. So, let’s dive in!

Sheila Hodgson, Senior Editor

Well it’s been two months of Lockdown and working from home for us here in London and the Mills & Boon Medical Romance editors are well into a new routine.  For me the morning starts with some relaxing stretching and a walk outside – really sets me up for the day.  Then the Medical Romance editors meet up online for our daily virtual meeting – yes, we have really embraced them! It’s a place to not only discuss the many great projects we have in hand, but also just to catch up with each other and keep our spirits up.  We all need that!

Right now, we are so glad to be working in the industry we are, creating fantasies, working with lovely authors and their romances, so full of love, and in our case heroes and heroines who are caring for others – and we so need those right now.  And of course, some of our authors also work in the medical profession, we always knew they were amazing but right now they are super heroes working on the frontline saving lives during this pandemic and also writing romances for us all to enjoy.  They are super busy and we can’t thank them enough for all they are doing, and all they are giving, in so many ways.

What’s abundantly clear in all this is that we are all in need of both escape and connection, and readers are turning to our romances more than ever knowing that they promise exactly that.  So, we are busy, busy, planning and working with our authors to make sure we all keep them coming – come what may!

I know, I, like many others, have missed out on a holiday due to the pandemic, my husband and I were so looking forward to escaping to some sunshine in Florida, but for now all we can do is dream!  But I am really enjoying escaping to foreign parts, and being reminded of all the wonderful places we’ve visited previously through movies, TV series and books that whisk me away.  I thought it might be the last thing I wanted to be reminded of the freedom that I currently can’t have, but I’m finding it’s the opposite, they are providing a great escape, and have me planning in my mind all the wonderful things that one day we will enjoy again.

So what have I been enjoying – well revisiting old movies like Out of Africa – oh that beautiful cinematography captures a sense of romance, freedom, space and the wonderful light in Africa.  It took me completely away for several hours, it felt like I was watching it with new eyes, a new experience.  Rick Stein has been whisking me away to his Secret France, again, and conjuring all the fabulously varied landscapes, culture, cuisines, sights, sounds and smells of a country I love.  He’s currently taking me to Mexico, which I haven’t visited before, and it’s bringing me alive and whetting my appetite for its vibrancy and colour.

A bit of a laugh is a great relief too, and the other night I found a movie from 2012 called Gambit that I hadn’t seen.  What a great cast, Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci and Tom Courtenay.  It’s not a romance but it is a very funny caper of an art expert (played by Colin Firth) employed to advise his mean and undermining super wealthy boss (Alan Rickman) who schemes to get his own back with the help of  a bronco riding gal from the States (Cameron Diaz) and a very gentlemanly art forger (Tom Courtenay).  Hilarious, just what the doctor ordered right now!

And books, well, our Medical authors are offering some fabulous stories that will whisk you away to wonderfully inspiring places as their medical heroes and heroines find romance in warm, sunny parts of the world.  This month Ann McIntosh and Charlotte Hawkes will whisk you away to steamy South America with the first two stories in their Summer in Sao Paulo trilogy, Awakened by Her Brooding Brazilian and Falling for the Single Dad surgeon, to be concluded next month by Tina Beckett’s One Hot Night with Dr Cardoza.  Traci Douglass and Julie Danvers will both, separately, take you off to a Pacific Island State with Hot Hawaiian Fling, this month, and From Hawaii to Forever, in June. Great romantic escapes each and every one. Hope you enjoy them – we all certainly did.

Finally, other things that are getting me through Lockdown – nice food,  my husband, friends and family, cycling and the odd glass of wine (just occasionally!)

Victoria Britton, Commissioning Editor

Over the last 8 weeks of lockdown, when finding I have a few golden hours off from my editor/mummy/wife duties, I have found some smashing programmes to lose myself in… the first to be gobbled up was Season 2 of New Amsterdam. I bloody love that show! Such a fabulous, poignant mix of medical drama, romance, politics and social issues – it’s the perfect tonic for a day of juggling, well, everything! Then popped up Normal People on iPlayer. I. Mean. WOW! Such an emotional rollercoaster… I’ve never read the book, but the series was powerful for sure. Next on my list is series 4 of Working Mums… if you are one, and haven’t watched it, do! It’s hilarious and horrifyingly familiar all at the same time. Needless to say, whatever I’m watching, a G&T, a bag of ‘sharing’ crisps and a cat curled up next to me, are the perfect companions.

Hannah Rossiter, Editorial Assistant

It’s no secret, to my family and friends, that I’m a bit of a Scandophile. I love, in particular, a good Scandi-Noir. As soon as I jumped on the Borgen bandwagon there was, truly, no turning back… So, I’ve been watching, during lockdown, all the Scandi-Noir I can! I’ve just finished watching Wisting, which was excellent – it’s set in Norway, and is incredibly gripping! – and I’ve got The Truth Will Out – a popular Swedish TV series – lined up next. I’ve also been reading – and watching – The Ruby Red trilogy, by Kerstin Gier. A set of fantasy novels, about a time-travelling heroine, it’s the perfect series to escape into – think the German equivalent of The Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare! I’ve been watching the films, with the help of subtitles, but my mission, by the end of lock down, is to be able to read the series, in German… wish me luck! My once-OK German is, to say the least, a little rusty… Which is where Duolingo comes in! Its been a great way to brush up my German skills – though I think I’ll be forever rubbish at verb conjugations, and that’s OK.


That’s it, from us! But, we’d love to hear from you, Love is the Best Medicine readers – tell us what you’re loving, at the moment!

With love,

The Mills & Boon Medical Team

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

And the Stories Keep on Coming

In these strange times, I have been luckier than many. Mr M and I live in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand so being under lock down wasn’t as difficult for us as it was for those in towns and cities. The quiet has been unbelievable even when it is reasonably quiet out here, to the point sometimes I thought an earthquake was coming. Not so good for my heart rate. But we still have the superb view from our deck and the beach only a hundred metres away, hills on three sides to walk around and a wonderful postie who has delivered all manner of items to Sounds residents over the past seven weeks.

For me, the best deliveries were the boxes of my latest book out, RECLAIMING HER ARMY DOC HUSBAND.


Reclaimng Her army Doc Husband

I’m also lucky with being an author because I’ve been able to carry on writing. I finished one book and am busy outlining the next.

So how did you manage with lock down? Good or not so easy? It’s certainly been an abrupt learning curve for everyone.

Take care and look after yourselves and your loved ones. Sue xx

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

To Bloom or Not to Bloom, part 2

Back in January, we had some unseasonably warm weather in my part of the world. We had a lengthy thaw, and my tulip tree decided to put out some buds. Bad choice. The poor thing was set straight a few weeks later when things turned icy.

Fast forward to May. So the rule here is to wait to plant until after Mother’s Day. But the weather turned warm again two weeks before then, so I decided to chance it. Well, just like my tulip tree, that was a bad choice. I planted some veggies in a raised bed and then heard we were going to get a deep freeze. Not just a light frost, but a frigid blast. So I scrambled and put together a row cover with PVC pipes and greenhouse plastic. The freeze came and those plants… well the tomatoes and peppers didn’t fare well at all. They were done. So were some of the flowers I’d planted in my front bed. My husband, who’s from this part of the world, didn’t say “I told you so,” to his credit. Maybe he feared for his life.

But I’ve regrouped and replanted (after Mother’s Day, this time), and Spring has finally decided that it’s okay to appear, for which I’m thankful. After thirteen years of living here, I’m still not quite used to long winters, but I have come to appreciate Spring. Especially the tulips, in several colors, which come back year after year.

How about you? Any hard and fast rules about planting in your part of the world? Have you ever blown it, like I did?